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  1. I know it doesn't mean much, but I heard an interview a few weeks ago on cbs sports radio with him. Like Tomlinson he seems like a very high character and very smart guy. Add in with amazing talent and I think we got two REALLY good players. Still worried about our Dline but I am happy so far with our draft
  2. The last few days I've been really following twitter under the simple search of Detroit Lions. And good God some people are stupid. Talking about how the Lion are going to be horrible because they haven't signed anyone yet etc... It cracks me up. A couple years ago the Buccaneers spent a bunch of money in the first two days on big name free agents. Now I don't even know if any of them are still on the team. Same with the Dolphins a couple years ago. Would I have liked a guy like Browner, or Odrick, or Iupati? Sure but I would rather get value for talent later. And omg all the people saying we need to sign guys like Harvin, or Trent Richardson do these people watch any football other than Lions games? Oh and one last thing before Suh agreed on a deal I read a tweet from a colts fan saying and I quote "I hope we sign Suh, our offensive line is horrible and he will help out a lot"
  3. Omg Mayhew let Jed Collins go, Fire the entire front office! Wait isn't this what we have been doing?
  4. Really wanted Phillip Gaines CB from Rice with this pick.
  5. I actually like the pick, maybe not at 10. I had Lewan slated higher but Ebron can be a beast in this offense.
  6. I like Dri Archer, and Jordan Mathews but probably not in the 2nd round. I really hope the Alabama Tackle is available when we pick
  7. He picked #85? Isn't that number retired?
  8. It wont ever happen but a man can dream and after seeing Clowney on his pro day. Imagine Ansah, Suh, Fairely, and Clowney. Aaron Rogers, and Jay Cutler would literally wet themselves on game day.
  9. Willie Young signs with Bears. Thats a shame. I really Liked Willie Young. But now he is a Bear I hope he I hate him and hope he never records another sack.
  10. Up until today i had been screaming it has to be a defensive back mainly a corner. But i am 100% sold on Mike Evans now. That kid is a beast. He is a mismatch for ANY #2 corner in the nfl. Its a better version of what Chicago and Atlanta has going on with 2 big, fast, great catching receivers. With them Fauria, and Reggie Bush I'm pretty sure Matthew would break all the passing records.
  11. Putting Pettigrew and Slay on that list isnt fair. Pettigrew is one of the best Blocking tight ends in the league and has helped our offense a lot. And Slay still can be a good corner he is very young and raw. I wouldn't fire Mayhew at all
  12. Since its obvious that Swartz is going to be fired. What is your wish list for a new coach? Mine is small. Gruden, nuff said but doubtful, David Shaw from Stanford, Rex Ryan, he gets more out of his players than he should, Charlie Strong from Louisville, just have a feeling be is gunna be the next big college coach to make it in the NFL. Thoughts?
  13. Best player available at that spot, unless there is an Alabama player that fills a need! A third round Alabama player is still going to be better than any third round player from another school. Thats my thought. So basicly take a Bama player with every pick.
  14. Jonesy

    Lomas Brown

    Did anyone else listen to The SVP show on ESPN radio today and hear Lomas tell the story about purposly not blocking for Scott Mitchell in a game Against the Packers? If not I suggest you go look up the interview at espn. It might be the funniest thing ive ever heard.
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