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  1. Or his hometown of Ottawa. One thing is certain - Julien will have many, many suitors.
  2. I have said for months the Bruins home record would doom them - 17-17-6 My fear is if Boston misses playoffs they will fire Julien and Montreal will pounce.
  3. NBC is doing Philly/Pitt at 3 PM on Sat - Bruins and Wings games will be local TV
  4. I hope your post game show isn't as nutty as ours
  5. Hopefully when the dust settles Detroit and Boston both make it and Philly goes golfing. Saturday afternoon will be 'fun'.
  6. Cam Neely just said on Boston TV it appears Detroit wants it more than us (Bruins)
  7. Funny you mention those 2 clips - this is our GDT that I started this morning http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=2059527
  8. Wings beat either Boston or Rangers in regulation you are in. Boston can only catch you with 2 Bruins wins in regulation and 2 Wings loses in regulation - but if Boston wins 2 and you beat NYR in a shootout then the Bruins clinch.
  9. As a Bruins fan I fully expect you to clinch tonight. Hope it is a good game. I am a MOD on the Bruins board on HF and our fans are not happy campers.
  10. Jack over the top - never Boston is very nervous tonight as we know the Red Wings are not really a #8 seed. Here is a factoid of note - Claude Julien has NEVER won a game at Joe Louis Arena as a coach. This series however smells like a full 7.
  11. Give Bruins announcer Jack Edwards props - he knew greatness as soon as it happened
  12. I apologize for the Herald front pages and deleted the post. It was not meant to offend.
  13. If Tigers and Red Sox played 100 games the result would be 51-49 for somebody. The improbable Red Sox soar into World Series - Sports - The Boston Globe
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