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  1. First of all , thanks tiger337 for at least being civil. All I've ever said, which is exactly what JBK has said is this: Delmon; in fact, does suck. but it does not equate the hate he gets... That's it...I'll be the first one to admit I'm more of a casual baseball fan, and that English is my second language...I don't claim and have never pretended to be any kind of baseball guru...But all I've ever said is that I don't totally despise Delmon Young...and that his production is about where I thought it would be...how that is so controversial or worthy of being called names over such a stance, I don't know...and God forbid I said his BA is decent...well...clearly that makes me a ****ing idiot...I'm not related to the guy, I have no special affinity for him...can't even really say I'm a fan of his...but the absolute venom he seems to get here...it's over the top, IMO If that makes me too stupid to post here, so be it...Maybe you can explain what I said that is so ridiculous...Because I'm not understanding that either...
  2. *LOL* Support WHAT?!?! Any one with a friggin pair of eyes can see he's not a great player...You need to look that up????...no one here has ever said he is...But if looking up stats makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a sense of superority over us mere mortals who don't live for baseball stats, go right ahead... My office manger likes Verlander because she's convinced he's hung like a horse and would be a beast in the sack, but I haven't asked her to support her opinions with stats...But perhaps you can investigate that for her to make sure that it's a well supported claim...
  3. Where did anyone ever say that Delmon Young wasn't a horrible player? You can post every stat that's out there, I'll still think he's a terrible player that has the occasional timely hit...which is what he always has been and is doing pretty much what I expected him to do. I still won't despise him.
  4. If only that were the case, but it isnt. I've been saying the same thing time and again,(Delmon sucks, but the hate he gets is a bit over the top), but then I get told I'm "dumb", "stupid" an "idiot",must be a "terrible worker" and a "terrible person" because I "support" Delmon. (From a board where personal insults are supposedly frowned upon) *Quotes were used because those were the words used* I personally don't have the time or care enough to look up every single stat on every single player. For those that do, knock yourselves out. In most cases, it doesn't prove anything anyway.
  5. I'm firmly pro-choice, (not pro abortion), but I have to say, I really don't get the "except in cases of rape or incest". If you think abortion is murder, does it really matter how the child was conceived? Also, how do you prove "rape"? Is it considered only a stranger in a dark alley with a gun? Does date rape, statuatory rape, marital rape, etc, count? Who makes the call? Law enforcement, an OB/GYN or ???
  6. Mickey Stanley, Frank Tanana, Pat Sheridan, Bill Freehan ( I think), and if you want to count Tom Brookens, Craig Monroe and Rod Allen.
  7. I see ya, DC...It doesn't matter what the issue is, anyone who hasn't lived it, no matter how open minded or educated, doesn't have as much insight...If you've never lost a child, no matter how much you can imagine how difficult it is...you don't get it like hueytaxi does...You don't get the challgenges of having a special needs child like Oblong does...It doesn't mean you can't be sympathetic or try to understand or try and educate yourself on the subject, but like it or not, no one can totally get it or understand it in the same way that the people who actually live it day in and day out...and no one here can totally understand being a minority in the US if you're not one...I'm not getting why some here are so desperate to paint themselves as discriminated against or so informed on the subject...
  8. What could be happier than two people being in love and spending their life together?
  9. Ah, not exactly...we think of Livonia as the *big city* on the East side......to be honest, I think the only person of color in our small town is an exchange student at the high school...but kids today don't judge everything by the town that they live in...It's all about what they see on the computer and the tv...
  10. I remember a few Januarys ago my little girl coming up to me and asking about what Martin Luther King Day was all about...I tried my best to explain that he was a civil rights leader and fought for equality for African Americans/Blacks...The puzzled look on her face was something I won't forget...it was totally incomprehnsible to her that that black people were ever discriminated against...she almost thought I was kidding when I explained segregation to her...It really struck me how far we've really come in a relatively short time historically speaking... I'm thinking she's going to be telling her little ones that it used to be illegal for gay people to marry and they'll have that same shocked look on their little faces...
  11. My feeling is what someone says at their own home is kind of their own business. I'm man enough to admit I've used racial slurs in my life and I would bet that nearly everyone else here has used some sort of offensive word or another at one time in their life. Is it really worth ruining a guy's career over because he's a lousy neighbor? If you want to complain about the noise he makes, that's one thing. But I think the videotaping thing and reporting it is an overreaction.
  12. Huey, thanks for sharing your story. I've tried to respond via PM, but having technical difficulties. For lack of a better description, the reply screen is gray, not white and I'll be damned if I can figure it out! I'm usually not this technically impaired.
  13. I was about to post in support of Six Flags and echo many of the sentiments here that if they really wanted a job, they'd cut their hair. Upon seeing the actual pictures of these women though, I had a major change of heart. Neither of them have hair that can be considered "wild" or inappropriate. They both appear well groomed and I would not consider them to look unprofessional in any way, especially for an amusement park. The one woman worked at the park the previous season with the same hairstyle. After seeing them and knowing the other information, it's difficult not to see it as discriminatory.
  14. Am I the only one that doesn't hate Delmon Young? They got him last year for nothing, he provided a spark. He's batting in the .270 range this year which is about what should be expected from him. His defense has always been suspect, so that's not a surprise. I really don't get all the Delmon venom.
  15. Who backs up Cabrera at 3rd without Kelly there now? Santiago? Can he play 3rd? Or does Peralta go to third in an emergency and Ramon plays short?
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