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  1. All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!
  2. I wouldnt have them start sitting on pitches to drive until they can prove they can actually recognize pitches. This team has let more fastballs down the middle go by and swung at more down and away sliders than i can quantify
  3. Well, you have to ignore Don Kellys tenure as a pitcher, but sure.
  4. I find myself momentarily surprised that i instantly take the side of the athlete over the reputable newspaper... But then i realize its 2019 and its not surprising anymore.
  5. I dont know why we at least wouldnt have explored the option of keeping him and signing him to a cheap deal next year and see if he can find his control during the offseason. If he returns to form, that could at least net us another Demeritte
  6. Can you do this to Whit Merrifield or Nelson Cruz next time we play them?
  7. I dont mind playing the Pirates every year...but i definitely dont consider it a rivalry.
  8. This is why you dont make them play different positions all the time
  9. Life was better when the Belle Tire girl was the focus of our attention.
  10. The problem i have with the schedule being earlier is that its just gonna take that many more games for all of the latino players bats to warm up ?
  11. So, how bout those deadline trades? What a whirlwind, amiright?
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