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  1. Ref: Turnbull, it must have been an error of sorts. He is back on the WM roster.
  2. Any idea where Spencer Turnbull went. No longer on WM Roster, can't find him on the other Tiger organization rosters either?
  3. When do the Minor League rosters get finalized?
  4. When I got to the door people would not take tickets so I jumped them and got a ticket for Romine. When I tried that exact thing I was accused of "line cutting". As I stood and asked for clarification from the staff about 5 or 6 people did the same thing and they said "we can't catch them all, you were just the unlucky one". They really need to change things to make it more efficient.
  5. Interesting that the story about the Georgia RB being suspended for allegedly getting paid for autographs just came out. It looks like a Dealer is the source of information about the potential NCAA violation.
  6. Hiring kids, now that is an angle I had not heard of. Not sure what to say about that.
  7. I write this not to create controversy, but maybe as a point of discussion amongst autograph collectors. I tend to get autographs for my own personal collection, or to help another collector, which means I usually bring one card for each player to sign. I may bring more than one if I have different cards of the player, but I do not present pages of the same card and ask the player(s) to sign them all. I have had conversations with a former major league player, a current minor league player and a current college football player about signing autographs. All three acknowledge that signing autographs is part of being an athlete, but also expressed some frustration signing for people they know or believe to be dealers. The former major leaguer said, with regard to signing several of the same card for one person, "After all, how many of my signed Topps Rookie cards does one person keep in a book or show in his man cave?" The minor leaguer stated that he continues to sign what people present to him because he does not want to get a reputation of being rude or not fan friendly. He added that it is frustrating when the same dealer/seller comes back game-after-game asking him to sign many of the same items he has asked him to sign before. He also said he and other players have searched auction websites to confirm their suspicions about certain individuals. The college football player stated that he prefers to only sign for kids. He said it is too hard to figure out who is a dealer and who isn't, so he tries to avoid adult autograph seekers as much as possible. My conversation with this player started when one individual walked away after he asked the player to sign multiple copies of the same photo. I heard him say to another player that he wondered how much "he" (the dealer) was making off all of the things he had signed for him. So, what direction is the hobby heading? Is obtaining autographs going to become more difficult for collectors because the dealers/sellers are causing athletes avoid adults or think twice about signing? I understand the dealers/sellers are making a livelihood or a little extra money, but will the athletes eventually stop signing at the parks and fields? I doubt they will stop all together, but I think they athletes are going to get more selective who they sign for. Thoughts?
  8. Gerber headed to WM because Zambrano being placed on the DL.
  9. According to Twitter OF Mike Gerber to the Whitecaps from Connecticut. He is not listed on the Whitecaps roster yet...
  10. Hello, I am in search of: Justin Verlander Erie Seawolves OYO Figure. Made in 2013. Erie Seawolves 2014 20th Anniversary OYO Figure. This was a giveaway in May of this year. If you have one or both that you would like to sell or trade for a Ben Verlander Whitecaps OYO, please let me know. Thanks, Dave C.
  11. I was in Erie for the first time on Tuesday night. As I was waiting for some of the players to walk from the Clubhouse to the dugout, Mr. Dave Dombrowski came walking by. Rumors were floating about a potential trade with the Phillies because the Erie was playing Reading. Moya on the short list?
  12. I am wondering how everyone else stores their autographed baseball cards. I currently use top loaders, but I am exploring other options to try and better organize my collection. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Harold Castro signed his Whitecaps 2014 Card for me. He went to Lakeland before the cards set came out, so TTM was my only option. Turn around was about 10 days.
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