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  1. DBacks are shopping Tracy. Seems like a nice fit, solid lefty bat coming into his peak years. Inge moves to a utility man. I think this upgrade is worth moving some young arms.
  2. Man -- i was thinking the same thing What a d**k. If you can't get up for the World Series then don't bother showing up. I was waiting for him to go blame his subsequent strikeout on Duncan too..... What a jerk!
  3. Thank god Sean Casey's back {yeah} Those other Tigers don't know how to hack {yeah} He's making up for the offense we lack {yeah} Putting the World Series back on track {yeah} (Take us to GAME 6) Common Sean, Go 'head keep rakin' Hit 'em to the track, Go 'head keep rakin' MVP Keep them quiet in Missouri Let me see that you're swingin' it Look at those rips Make me smile - hit the ball a mile Thank god Sean Casey's back {yeah} Maggs and Placido just ain't hitting jack {yeah} Even my boy Pugde looks like he's on crack {yeah} Especially after he took one in the sack {yeah} (Take us to Game 7) Common Sean, Go 'head keep rakin' Hit 'em to the track, Go 'head keep rakin' MVP Keep them quiet in Missouri Let me see that you're swingin' it Look at those rips Make me smile - hit the ball a mile
  4. If I made millions of dollars playing baseball I don't think I'd worry much about what tune they played for 5 seconds while I walked on the field.....I don't think the players care much either. That's what marketing departments are for.....
  5. I just don't understand how Leyland "got us here" but the players are the reason we are backsliding -- when did the switch over of responsibility occur?
  6. Today Casey wins us the game --- I can see it in this guys eyes, he's gonna be the spark that ignites this team back to early season form. It starts tonight with a loaded lineup -- Tigers 8-1, Casey 3-4 with a dinger. Starts tonight and won't end til October....you can book that.
  7. Every team needs their "professional hitters", the problem was that we were trying to build our team around them. The fact that we are in position to get a professional hitter for nothing is a huge step forward. This is a great move. Besides the fact that Casey is an all-around better player, he has the veteran leadership and attitude that can only benefit the team. Shelton is untested and not ready for a playoff run. Not really sure how anyone can be against this move....
  8. I think the class is much better, but so is the team so looking at the team from a different perspective makes it look a lot less impressive. A couple years ago a guy like Marquis or Lilly could step in and make an immediate impact -- with our current team they would be servicable back-end arms that probably wouldn't be worth paying significant money for. I like the idea of bringing in Floyd, if possible -- he's raking right now. Depends on the price. The good thing is that now we don't have to drop our pants at any offer -- a little control has swung back into our court. **Marquis would be intriguing at the right price to add depth to the rotation -- nobody is a must have though.
  9. I'm having a discussion w/ some friends -- can anyone confirm who runs the concessions @ Comerica and if they are unionized or not. Thanks, cEHp
  10. Inge needs to go to the bench -- We should make a move for Hillenbrand once the Jays fall out of contention -- which should be soon
  11. Does anyone know if Darrensbourg threw at any time prior to the few pitches that were seen by the public? There are numerous areas within the Comerica park facilities that players can throw and take warm ups out of the view of the public. Perhaps Darrensbourg had already loosened up and took a few throws prior to getting the actual call. As long as the bullpen has weak pitchers Tramm can't win. He takes a beating when he leaves guys in too long (Spurling who had been dynamite before he took his lumps) and a beating when his hook is too quick (Dingman who had been dynamite until today). There is a saying for that isn't there?
  12. Every player who is not a major leaguer is a prospect. If most prospects don't succeed then most players in the major leagues are unsuccessful..... I like the trade, if Fransworth is viewed as such a great closer then why is he being blocked by the great Chris Reitsma?? He wasn't coming back here so we got another hard throwing middle releiver who will play here for a few years and a fringe prospect -- I don't see what the hububb is about. I think that the Tigers project Colon as a starter and will slowly transition him to this role which would make this trade very solid.
  13. How do you know that one of the things they discussed during the negotiations was that he would be transitioned to 3rd to prolong his career. 2nd base is a rough area for a player that is getting older. Or maybe they just realize that Polanco is a great guy and will do anything he is asked, which is why they inked him for so long.
  14. If you want to argue this -- I'll give it to you. You have a point. Arguing that Tramm doesn't know his players stats or that he does no research on the matter based on one post-game quote is ludicrous.
  15. How have 3 people completely missed the fact that noone knows whether Alan Trammell truly didn't know what Brandon had been doing for the past month.
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