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  1. Hey all, I just picked up a game used Mud Hens jersey from 2001 but cannot find a numerical roster. Anyone know of a good resource for such a thing? I can find numerous listings by name but no luck for anything with numbers. Thanks for the help. Russ
  2. I feel very fortunate to have been able to add what I consider some pretty cool pieces over the years. As a Michigander that hasn't lived in Michigan since 1995 I've missed having access to local shows. Here are a few from my collection.... http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh546/russyurk/IMG_2358.jpg' alt='IMG_2358.jpg'>
  3. Yea, I think you're right, now that I think about it Bergman seems right. Sorry for the bad info.
  4. Hey guys, made it to my first ever Redford show today and got McLain on my 68 team photo. I forgot to grab a flyer but if I recall correctly December will have Leo Marentette and John Grubb. I'm sure of Leo since a few had to ask Mark who he was.
  5. Can anyone confirm the Denny McLain signing in Redford that was mentioned a few weeks back? The website still has the September flyer when you click on the November date. I picked up a nearly complete 68 autographed team photo at the National and it is only missing Denny. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have a roster from the final game at Tiger Stadium when each player donned a different number honoring a former Tiger great ? Thanks.
  7. Marc will e-mail a list to those on his list when he has something new and after a certain amount of time the leftovers typically end up on MLB Auctions. The 2006 jerseys up right now were that way, he had a decent list and the auction has what didn't sell. Marc can be reached at marc.himelstein@detroittigers.com.
  8. Marc also sent out his price list for the grenn St. Patty's jerseys and I have to say that his prices were realistic for a change. I think he might finally be seeing that his MLB auctions are a barometer of what the market value is and not the outrageous prices he typically asks.
  9. Kdoogie - very cool thanks for submitting. It's kind of cool to see one of your items highlighted like that.
  10. I guess I'm on the other side, I'd be more than happy to pay in advance to know I'd be able to get specifically who I want. Like or not, autographs became a business about 30 years ago so demand will always be crazy when you offer them for free. (I've never sold an autograph in my life however) I'm all for a kids-only free line to help cultivate the next generation of fans and collectors but I typically don’t have the time to devote a whole day to stand in a line with the slim chance of success. I normally bring my family to a TigerFest type event and I’d rather spend the day with them, interacting and creating those memories than standing in line. That's just me...
  11. Well, I‘m relatively new to this board so my GU pickups have been posted to the GUU forum for the past few years. I just picked up Damion Easley’s TATC jersey from 1999. Pictures of the Tigers wearing these are very few and far between, if anyone has some (even without Easley), I’d love to see them.
  12. The last few Sun-Times Shows I've hit I stayed at the Hyatt next door and they had a special shwo rate. $89/night with free breakfast buffet and free parking. It's a great deal.
  13. No way I'm driving up from Indianpolis for that mess. Too bad.....
  14. I've never been to Sportsfest, what's the format of the event? Memorabilia show, fan festival or just an autograph show? Thanks!
  15. I feel very fortunate to have gotten this card myself. I got Norm Cash at a mall show in Flint shortly after I went to my first card show, circa 1985 I think. I got Kaline at one of the numerous appearances he's had over the past 25 years. It's one of the highlights of my collection for sure.
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