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  1. Even though I honestly don’t care for Goff at all this haul is pretty darn impressive. Goff could be moved for additional draft capital either now or after 2021.
  2. Correct. It can however be agreed upon though and released to media.
  3. Hey best case scenario we might be setup for a few 3rd round picks.
  4. Patricia got 5 years so not really surprised by the 6 year deal. Probably options after 3-4 years we will never hear about.
  5. Honestly if you can net a first for Stafford you move him and start from scratch.
  6. Just to reiterate: Ellsbury Contract Is A Guidepost For Shin-Soo Choo: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com
  7. Choo is said to be looking for a 7 year deal in the same range that Ellsbury got so I think that would definitely take the Tigers off the board on signing him.
  8. Joe Nathan terms: $9M in '14, $10M in '15, $10M option in '16 w/ $1M buyout.. $20M total guaranteed
  9. I will agree it's a horrible contract lol. Honestly if he was putting up the 30/30 numbers I could see it but hey at least it got us outta the Prince deal and gives us some flexibility this off-season to really improve the team so
  10. You can rest assured there will be more moves to improve the offense this offseason.
  11. Honestly though I think it's a moot point as the previous 4 years will determine whether the options is picked up or not (honestly I think it's unlikely) but everything I have seen people say everyone keeps saying it's a 10M team option not a 12M that can't become guaranteed at any point.
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