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  1. I have some what years do you need and i'll see if i can find it. stored away recently out of the card thing.
  2. The tigers will be carrried on wfqx fox 33 on thursday. they will be carrying other games this year as well.
  3. It's not hdtv that broadcasters are required to have only digital and only when their viewing area has 85% of people capable of receiving digital signal. 2007 was a year given though. sorry to be a downer
  4. rodney peete is now available:silly:
  5. Traverse city granted expansion team for next year to be called the north stars. Former enforcers coach will be coach/gm
  6. Does any body know what stations are carrying local games outside of detroit
  7. Traverse city is trying to get an NAHL team for next year to play at centre ice arena since the CEHL and Enforcers folded, and a group trying to bring the IHA had a person with a criminal history and the arena refused to make a deal.
  8. anybody know what stations are carrying local pistons outside of detroit area?
  9. yes the spirit are in the ohl I moved north just after they started so I follow them through the internet.
  10. Does anybody here follow the ohl? if so whos your team?
  11. If you would like I would be willing to sell/give you some cards from the 80's-90's just let me know what your looking for.
  12. alot of high schools played this thursday because of labor day weekend
  13. fox 33 in cadillac/ traverse city is carrying it llive
  14. When did Lakeland become part of Michigan did I miss somthing?
  15. saginaw spirit OHL campjust opened this week. home opener sept 21 with mickey redmond and ken daniels announcing the game on WNEM tv 5.
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