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  1. Sorry, misleading post. Wasn't suggesting this coaching staff was definitely wrong and needed moving on. May very well be that a combination of Cooter as OC, with Caldwell is a winning combination for Stafford.
  2. The Colts may be terrible, but Stafford was ballin all day today. NFL has 31/39, 340 yards and 3Tds, thats a pass completion % of 70+. As mentioned, loved seeing him calling out Ebron and Jones on that last drive. Amazed its taken so long for an OC to run some no huddle - Stafford has always been great at two minute drills, and for me is a natural feel kind of QB, that needs to play at tempo and be allowed to find rythym. If we can give him a non terrible D, and the O line comes good then we might have a decent season this year, and could be very good going forward. I know Stafford has his warts and has had his problems, but I honestly feel if he gets the correct coaching staff around him and a solidly built roster going forward, he will continue to mature as a QB. He's durable, tough, has the big arm, has experience now, and if the mental aspect can continue to be honed then he can develop yet further.
  3. Waldman and Bloom on our new RB from the Rookie Scout Portfolio https://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2015/11/20/rsp-film-room-no-64-huskies-rb-dwayne-washington-wsigmund-bloom/
  4. FWIW, Jay Lee our WR UDFA was fairly highly ranked by Zierlein... ANALYSIS Strengths Has height/weight/speed combination that has NFL evaluators intrigued. Rare arm length (33 inches) for the position and uses it to his advantage. Has ability to reach throws that may fall just out of reach with some receivers and was able to adjust and snare an occasional low throw. Silky smooth in his movements with good footwork into and out of his breaks. Easy strider off the line of scrimmage and is able to chomp up cornerback cushion before they know what's happening. Hits second gear and presents an open vertical target. Has ability to gain yards in space after the catch and is physical in his finish. Relied upon to be blocker in screen game and has ability to control his block on perimeter. Weaknesses Ran limited number of routes in Baylor offense that looks to isolate defensive backs in space. Production might be skewed by scheme. Routes tend to be flat and rounded. Needs to prove he can win with separation underneath and with his in and out breaking routes. Inconsistent hands due to technique. Uses unorthodox hand placement and catches ball near his body leading to high drop rate. Wasn't forced to deal with press coverage much in wide-­open Big 12. Scouts question his confidence and whether he has swagger needed to reach his potential. Draft Projection Rounds 4 or 5 Bottom Line Angular, fifth-­year senior working with the height/­weight/­speed triangle that evaluators look for. Lees senior tape flashed NFL potential as an outside receiver and he has the vertical traits to match. His ability as a run blocker may push him up a few boards, but whispers about his lack of confidence combined with his penchant for dropping throws will have evaluators watching him closely at the Senior Bowl.
  5. I'm one of those that believes we are adequately set at WR for just now but it would have been nice to pick something up late. Ill use Peake as an example. From what I'd heard/seen, without the injuries Peake could have been 3rd-4th round talent and fairly high up on the WR rankings. His injuries dropped him down. This is the type of chance we could have taken with multiple picks in round 6. Might not work out due to injury but potentially a very good addition to our WR core for cheap if it worked out well ( instead of day going with a Broyles chance in round 2 like in the past ). Braverman was another who looks like a steal and maybe Lawler as well. As I say, loved our early to mid round going building up trenches and adding grisly types just felt a little more speculative upside could maybe have been chosen later on. Some good players seemed to be kicking about in Wright, Houston-Carson, Faniaka, Weatherly Jatavis Brown a bit earlier Would the long snapper and Ruddock have been drafted ? Is the long snapper clearly and definitively the best college snapper in the league ? Questions I don't know answers to. liked the late RB add, very raw but with a great combo of speed and size. That's the kind of pick I like late ! Overall, more of a pontification than a complaint.
  6. Kind of overall agree with 84lives. Great top end down to middle part of the draft then from round 5 downwards I was disappointed.
  7. Can't believe Peake is still out there. Scooby Wright as well or is my brain just fried ?
  8. Bears are killing this draft apart from round 1
  9. Liked Jatavis Brown and DJ White over Williams maybe
  10. Killebrew love it ! The guy I wanted
  11. Our next pick is only 15 odd away. Still plenty of names I like on there. Plenty of picks to trade up with if needed and/or be able to hopefully pick some nice sleepers. Looks like Quinn wants to build that power running game. Like it. Don't try make Stafford do too much. Almost woundnt mind Howard RB if he's still about
  12. Did Billings and Cook go out together and go on a killing spree last night ?
  13. Glasgow to the Lions. Like it ! And I'm from Glasgow and living here. Might have to get a new jersey
  14. Don't know much about him man. Waldman put me on to Bercovici and I did a little watching of what I could. Waldman on Bercovici
  15. Not for me right now. Think we can take a developmental QB later on. I like Bercovici. Want it to see us upgrade the D further here .. Billings, Ridgway, Tapper, Wright, Killibrew Judon, Blair, Brown maybe all possible for us.
  16. Billings still out there. Like Jatavis Brown as well. Intelligent exemplary locker room guy, meant to be an absolute wiz on special teams, and would add to our LB rotation. Might be better in 4th though.
  17. Hard to say who might be in play for us Wright, Judon, Killebrew, Fackrell, Tapper,
  18. It's at least fair to note that last years new rules meant that more kicks were being missed than ever before. Maybe time to adjust value of kickers slightly ? Having said that needing to move up in round 2 seems like a bit of a stretch
  19. If we'd gone 1st. Robinson 2nd. Decker people wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. That's how I know I like that 2nd pick. Adds a bit of pizazz to the solid but slightly dry 1st round pick.
  20. Hope a really nice safety, DE, CB or OLB can fall to us in 3rd. Keep building that D I say !!
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