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  1. What I find funny in this thread is that people can say he sucks even with a small sample size. But the second someone defends him its look at his sample size. Huh? Can't have it both ways people (guess you can but doesn't make sense). Unfortunately with work I haven't gotten to see him play very much. But how many crappy non MLB players who suck can go 5-5 in the majors? Guess from reading the first page of this thread anyone can cause this guy is god awful.
  2. Huge news on Arnett. Hard to forget all the good that BJ did for us but these kids coming in will make it easier to take.
  3. I would love to see him come back to the Tigers. I always felt he would make a nice closer with his two pitches. Most closers only have two pitches anyways and his one was just a sick out pitch.
  4. I thought trolls were frowned upon on here? If so why is the OP still here then?
  5. I love this pick as well. Mayock is talking about him being more of a 3-4 LB and ST monster. The part I really love is the 36 reps at 225.
  6. I love this pick. Nate won't be around much longer so they need someone to take his place when he is gone. And Young seemed to be more of a down field receiver last year and not your typical slot guy. And I know we needed CB help and all but excuse me for not wanting to take a chance on a guy from Vanderbilt or Montana. Maybe they have just as much talent as someone who went to an Bama but I don't personally like taking chances on guys I don't really know in the 2nd round.
  7. Don't know if any of you guys have tried Magic Hat Encore. Its an IPA and tastes like drinking a grapefruit. It is obviously a little bitter (but from what I understand most IPA are).
  8. Wow SI is still around. Man I can hardly believe it. They keep writing stuff like this and they will all be collecting unemployment.
  9. Well they can withhold there sources but if they do so they face jail time until they give up the source.
  10. Well couple of things here. They have to back ground the sources and if they just run any story that some average Joe tells them then yeah they could be sued for that. Then you need proof of what this person told you if he turns out to be legit. They may have found that he was legit but then where is the proof? I know its a new story and maybe things will come out but if they had it now they would run it now. Basically all in all I just see this as a time for the media and people in general to pile on to the Saints cause its an easy time to do so. If this was something that was working so well then why did they suck *** as a football team back then? And why not still be doing this then? Why stop after Katrina? Hell people don't just believe everything that you read. I mean I could say I saw Loomis having sex with underage girls while doing piles of coke. Does that make it true because I said it? Maybe if I go to ESPN and they background check me out they will believe me. Then as for what Sonics is saying in his title. Guess the Packers were cheating as well when they were walking up and down the field on us as well. Nah couldn't be that are D looked like crap it had to be the other teams were cheating.
  11. Man o man this would be a hard one. Four guys that really come to mind Cobb, Kaline, Sheffield and Gibson. Man that would quite a dinner
  12. Every manager makes strange moves we just don't see them because we don't watch every other teams games every single night. Overall he is a top 10 manager not the best but he is a lot better then most of the guys out there. Plus here's the magic question for all the Leyland bashers who replaces him? And understand other top guys like Maddon are under contract and younger guys haven't proven jack yet. Another add on point to all of this. Most people in the media and fans think Joe Maddon is the best manager around. Well he batted his best hitter lead off last year when he was struggling (Longoria). If Leyland did that kind of thing people here would be screaming bloody murder.
  13. Well yeah I wish he would do well as well. But seeing as how he sucks and won't do well I'd rather him not be on this team hurting us. Same with a guy like Inge I dislike him maybe more then anyone on here. But if he can do well then fine I'll cheer for him. But if he sucks and is hurting the team then yeah I'm going to hope he fails so that they will can his ***.
  14. I hate seeing the Tigers lose but how sweet it was to see in the box score the shelling Schlereth took. I looked at it as being if taking a lose means we can get rid of him I'm willing to see that happen.
  15. Very true who really cares we're winning and most of the guys are doing just fine. We're not going to have an AS at every position so its just something we have to deal with.
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