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  1. I like it! He is too good to fail. I would prefer a few less years but I am glad he will retire a tiger. I think he will end up one of the best hitters ever when all is said and done.
  2. Boston took Quentin Berry of their 40 man roster and he became a free agent. Not the best hitter but the boy can run and his enthusiasm spread throughout the bench.
  3. I was hoping this would happen. Phil seemed to pitch better when we were ahead/behind by at least 3 but Jim didn't use him much there. Coke has been struggling all season but JL kept putting him in when the game is tied or a team is within a run or two. At least not now JL cant lose us any more games by mismanaging a struggling pitcher. I do hope Coke figures it out. His stuff really isn't bad but he leaves to many pitches over the plate. I good stay in Toledo with a pitching coach with a new perspective could be just what he needs to work some stuff out.
  4. Quintin has become a favorite tiger of mine just because of his attitude and enthusiasm. Now that Dirks is back it has become what I feared. JL has always prioritized the long ball over anything else(defense, speed, average) so he is playing Boesch while Berry sits. I was hoping for a Dirks/Berry/Jackson outfield with Young and Boesch mostly DH but it just dont look like that will happen. Is my Love for watching Berry play and my dislike for JL/Boesch causing me to not see a bigger picture? I know Berry is not a great hitter but he can find a way on base. Who would you folks like to see mostly out there?
  5. I like him! I only wish he had 2nd base experience. He could fill in our needs for both speed and a 2nd basemen.
  6. Raburn has an option left. Send him down until he starts hitting. If it takes 2 more months to heat him up, then so be it, we can bring him up then. Until then, he is just an easy out and a below average defender. It is a shame that JL is really high on Raburn. Because of that, I dont see him going anywhere this year.
  7. Every day I watch the tigers and every day I get upset. It is getting to the point that I no longer want to watch the tigers. I disagree with a lot of calls managers make and I am ok with that but I have a hard time swallowing seeing Raburn on the field every day. Even when JL brings in his defensive team he keeps in Raburn and I just dont understand. Raburn cant hit a ball and his defense is so bad it is hard to watch. I read an article on motown that JL wants to more production out of the 2 spot so he is going to play Dirks there(which makes sense) and he wants to put Raburn there on Wednesday(WHAT?) So in the mind of JL you take a guy hitting over 200 and replace him with a guy hitting over 100 to get more production out of the 2 spot? Tigers offense is very cold right now and you will have a hard time finding anyone colder than Raburn. What does JL see in this guy? I just dont understand and I am hoping someone out there can explain it to me. I seen him say in an interview when asked about Raburn saying something along the lines of he cant take out Raburn he is too important to the offense.(sigh) I love my tigers and I hate the way I have a hard time watching them now. I dont see JL ever getting fired so I am hoping somewhere out there people can explain to me why he does this kind of crap. JL does a lot that upsets me but it is his persistance that Raburn be in the line up every night that really bugs me the most. Someone please explain to me how I am wrong so I can enjoy my tigers again.
  8. Ok 2-2 in the 9th and what does JL do? Pinch hits for kelly with Inge and replaces Young with Raburn. Way to bring in your hitters that cant hit a t-ball when you need a run to win the game. YOU SUCK LEYLAND!
  9. I have always said the tigers have had enough talent to win inspite of JL and I still stand by that. I dont understand the moves he makes. Every single game he does at least one thing that makes my head spin. And I would love for one day for someone on the inside to tell me what the heck Raburn has on JL that keeps that guy playing 2nd base? He has Santiago, Worth, hell I would even take Inge over Raburn at least he is good defensively.(Both of them cant hit) I also notice he likes to sit the hot bat. When someone has a great night I notice JL likes to sit him. Sure, he always has what appears to be a good reason like so and so is pitching and he would rather have a lefty or something along that line but too many times I have seen people like Peralta have a 3 hit day only to get a game off the very next game. Drives me nuts! Someone needs to explain to Jim it is the fans who pay his salary. He gets so irritated when he is questioned about his lineup or why he did or did not yank a pitcher. Fans like to understand why their team does certain things and he needs to learn to answer to his fans and not treat us like ignorant bystanders who dont have the mental capacity to understand his questionable decisions. I just hope he retires after this year because I dont see him getting fired with all the talent the tigers have that keeps him looking like a better coach then he is.
  10. I would wait and see how he does this season myself!
  11. I would be happy with Boesch and Jackson.
  12. I am not a huge Jackson fan but I would bring him back. He is still young and did great in the outfield up until the playoffs. I would not in any way shape or form lead off with him. I have no idea what Lelande was thinking but then I disagree alot with JL's decisions.
  13. I think we are 1 good starter, a good reliever, and a few bats away from a world series victory. I would like to see a new 3rd basemen with some speed and another outfielder with some speed. I could live with Santiago and the kid who hit over 300 in AAA Rhymes swapping at 2nd. Rhymes has some speed and bunting abilities that the tigers really need.
  14. I forgot Lelande and Dembrowski Lelande D Team wins depsite crazy lineups and bad decision making. Players do seem to like him so I wont give him an E. Dembrowski A- Not bad Dave, Not bad...
  15. Verlander A Great year! Fister A Great pick up Procello C- Not what I was hoping he would do this year. Sherzer C+ Average year and had alot of run support to get them wins. Penny D- Awefull Benoit B+ Started slow but did great most the year. Valverde A- Did great saving games but not so well in non save opportunities. Perry D- Awefull Amazing Al B Solid when healthy Coke C+ Not so good as a starter but decent reliever. Schlereth B Decent reliever. Below C Not so good but he is young. Cabrera A Love this guy! Avila B+ Great catcher but fizzled out a bit since september. Maybe just burnout. Peralta A- Great hitter and great defender. Not so good in playoffs. Martinez B Great hitter but hit into alot of double plays and is very slow. Inge D+ Good defense and bad hitting. Young C+ Average hitter but not so good at defense. Almost seems like lack of effort getting to balls. Betemit C+ Average hitter and below average defender. Raburn D Bad hitter half the year and bad defender. Boesch B+ Good hitter and ok as a defender. Jackson C+ Way too many strikeouts. Defense was great until playoffs. Ordonez C+ Still an ok hitter but is getting slow in his old age and more injury prone. Kelly C+ Good versatility but below average hitting capabilities. Guillen D Injuries are part of his every day life now. He should retire with Ordonez before they are crippled. Santiago B- Great defender with ok hitting.
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