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  1. Anyone local care to join us to honor Billee, here is your chance.
  2. Hey Biff, you got a gravity issue ? This is my last purchase, Dearmond with a Bigsby
  3. BaseballBruce and I were talking about how we all came to meet in person, other than the Suite game. Bruce put together a meeting at the Berkley Front shortly after I had lost my friend Red. We both would like to know who was actually there. Here is the first page of the book he assembled, brings tear to my eyes 12 years later.
  4. We have lost another dear friend and founding member, Eastside Billee has left us. I feel blessed to have told him I loved him last week, he was a great guy and dear friend. Per his request there will be no service. Please keep his family in your prayers.
  5. Eastside Billee has been in the hospital since new years and is in a real fight. I know he would do it for me, so am doing it for him. Please pray for my/our dear friend to get the **** out of the hospital, and get back to playing some Rock & Roll. Thanks in advance, Terry aka G.Reaper
  6. I am so sorry to hear this, I have not been on here much as of late. Be proud that she saved lives, that is all one can ask of our short life on this rock. May God bless her and your family, and all that have been given a second chance by your actions. Much love, Terry
  7. Anyone interested in meeting to toast our dear friend Roger in the near future ?
  8. I have not been on this site in a while, but the passing of Roger made it imperative to regain my account. Thanks to Scott for making it happen. I now have access to the seemingly endless reply from Roger. I am amazed at the first one I pulled up: Love you Brother Your participation makes living on here special. I would love to spend a couple afternoons getting to know you. Roger This will now not happen on the planet Earth, but I pray to God it will happen one day. Love you too brother
  9. Sorry for arriving late to the game, had to have MWG do some work on my account to be able to post. Having met Roger on this board and not in person is a regret I will carry to my grave. That being said, I did however cement a friendship with Roger via this board and the miracle of the phone. We spoke of cars, guns and of course the Tigers. I sent him a Tiger stadium seat back and a beverage holder for his ManCave. He responded with a Bobble head of the Skipper. I spoke with him last s he had just entered the hospital, joking to have fun with the nurses. I had no clue at the time as the severity of his condition. I must also mention his wife, the Lovely Robie, whom without her help, could not have surprised Roger with the Tiger Stadium bootie. I have made many friends via this board, some long distance and some in person, all in the name of Tiger baseball. For all of you who called Roger aka HueyTaxi a friend, we are all better people for it. I will miss our talks, but I am thankful for the times we spent. RIP my friend, "We only part to meet again" God Bless
  10. Happy Birthday my Friend, I shall toast you when I get home, for now I salute you
  11. I have canoed the Pine many, many times. When I get home I will look thru my stuff and get back to you. The front in not that important unless there are blocked parts of the river, trees and stuff. Most experienced is always in the back. We normally would go from Peterson bridge to low bridge, that has a portage and a few rapids, not for the faint of heart. I would also recommend to not get aluminum with a keel, too easy to tip over on rocks. Go fiberglass, which by now most places should have. Also waterproof bags for wallets and stuff is imperative, and not sandwich bags. Also tie everything in the canoe you don't not want to loose. Michigan Canoe and Kayak Rentals | Pine River Paddlesports Walker Bridge Canoe Livery on the Pine River
  12. a ballistics match to the weapon taken from the home and the bullets fragments recovered from the vehicles.
  13. I am eye balling every car on the road. I really hope I witness this idiot one day, I could use $100,000 That would buy me lots of bullets, which I hope to unload a few on the this punk.
  14. has been a 9mm handgun. He is so far shooting from a moving vehicle, which is not an easy thing to do. The shooting this morning is in my backyard, I take 23 & 96 every day. I hope I see this punk shoot at someone, he will be going down with extreme prejudice.
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