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  1. 3 minutes ago, Mr.TaterSalad said:

    So we acquired an average pitching prospect and a 24 year old utility player still in Triple A ball?

    What more would you expect? Heck, that 24-year old utility player in AAA ball has twice as many HRs as anyone else in the entire Tiger organization. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Tenacious D said:

    was Demeritte available via the Rule V?

    He is putting up incredible numbers in AAA, though.  I assume he gets called up.  Wentz is a former 1st rounder, who is scuffling a bit at AA.

    Yeah, Demeritte has some power (20 HRs at AAA) and walks a lot, Has throughout his minor league career. Probably lacks other skills, like defense. He's almost 25. But I bet they call him up

  3. 1 minute ago, Tim Mitchell said:

    One of those first round picks that really can't play. Kinda like Mike Ivie.

    Frankly, though, this is the type of return  I would expect for Greene. Fangraphs ranks him 16th in the Braves organization. And his 23 HRs would lead the entire Tiger organization. 

  4. Just now, Hongbit said:

    That’s the piece they are missing badly.  Greene also has one more year so he’s not a half season rental.  

    Although he's a perfect fit for the Tigers organization: a walk rate of 6.1%. He must have decent speed, because his BABIPs have consistently been above .350 (unlike Paredes, whose BABIP are usually under .300), 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Hongbit said:

    If it’s Waters that would be a huge win for Al. 

    I second that. A 150 wRC+ as a 20-year old in AA? And he was good at A and A+ last year. I can't imagine the Braves would give up a commodity like this for a relief pitcher.

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  6. Just now, chasfh said:

    Every tweet I am seeing is saying Shane Greene has gone to the Braves and not a single one has said who the Tigers are getting back. 

    Its going to be cash, isn’t it? ?

    This is usually the way it goes with MLB player for minor leaguer(s) trades. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Mr. Bigglesworth said:

    I think from 1901-1950 the Tigers either had the best overall record or was just behind the Yankees.  Part of that was NY was not good until some fat slob named Ruth? (IIRC) showed up in 1920.

    I believe the Tigers had the second most wins among AL franchises at the end of the 80s.  From 1901-1995, the Tigers lost 90 games or more just 8 times. Granted the AL only played 154 games through 1960. So looking at winning percentage, the Tigers posted a .444 or worse (90 losses in 162 games is a winning percentage of .444) just 13 times. . Since 1996 they have lost 90 games 10 times and counting. Assuming 90 losses this year, that will be 11 90-loss seasons in 24 years. For almost a century the Tigers fielded fairly competitive teams, if not great ones. The last two decades have  been a lot of feast or famine. Give me the more balanced curve of the first 100 years. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Oblong said:

    and then he'll get fired when the prospects aren't actually as good as we were told, then we'll get a guy someone else who will pick up the few remnants and a big FA signing or two and lead us to the promised land.

    Ralph Houk to Les Moss to Sparky Anderson?










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  9. 3 hours ago, Yoda said:

    The problem is, he hasn't done that. And that doesn't sound like much, but it's near doubling his total. He walks about half as much as he needs to, at a minimum, to be useful. You can't be productive in the majors with a horrific walk rate. Almost nobody does, and he isn't "elite" enough to get by on that. His 102 wRC+ in AAA isn't likely to amount to much at the ML level. 

    He's a guy who could come up and provide a hot couple weeks or something, but that's about it. He's just another Avila guy who hacks at everything he sees. 

    Eddie Rosario has 5% walk rate for the Twins but adds value by hitting 25ish HRs a year. If Reyes' recent power surge is real and he can hit around 25 HRs in MLB the Tigers could live with his subpar BB rate. 

  10. 14 hours ago, Gehringer_2 said:

    Daz over 300 in his last 10, Reyes still raking, Rogers starting to pick it up (260 in his last 10). I want these three to force their way to Det by the ASB.

    Add Castro to this list.

  11. 45 minutes ago, Lei Pong said:

    Funkhouser gets lit at the AAA level...all the other good arms but Manning and Faedo are hurt.   F Shakespeare and his winter..this is the summer of our discontent.

    Rebuilds stink. Rebuilds built around pitching stink even more. 

  12. 11 minutes ago, chasfh said:

    Niko's value to a contender is as a versatile bench player/spot starter and pinch hitter for the pitcher. He's a starter only for second division teams. If it were just him in a trade, we wouldn't net any prospect who would help us in the future, so I think we'd be trading him just to get rid of him. He might net the best yield as a throw in if we send Boyd or Greene to the NL.

    Niko would have been a nice guy have on the 2011-2014 Tigers. 

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  13. 17 minutes ago, irvink said:

    I give them a lot more credit than that, re : their rankings. A lot depends on what happens the next month, but if Mize does not get back on the mound/healthy in that time, he probably drops a bit. And if Paredes does not find his power in the next month, he will surely move down the list, if not off it entirely.

    How many 20 year olds in AA ball have a 29/31 BB/K ratio? Plus his BABIP is .286. With a 120 wRC+ I think he probably deserves a spot among the top 100 regardless. And he has hit two HRs in his last three games. Maybe he's not the next Miggy, but I still think the guy will hit well above average in MLB. 

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  14. 19 hours ago, Gehringer_2 said:

    yeah - that was a fun group. For some reason the '79 Pirates and '81 Dodgers stand out to me as NL WS teams that got more than the usual amount of coverage or at least that I noticed - I suppose most likely just because the Tigers had so receded from view over most of that period, though those years were hardly the worst.

    Interesting about the Tigers then. From 1978-1983 the Tigers finished with 80+ wins (92 in 1983) every year.  But other than 1981 they never threatened to make the playoffs. But if the current divisions were in place then the Tigers would have been in contention for the Division titles in 1979 and 80, Wild Card Spots in 78 and 82, and would have made the playoffs as a Wild Card team in 1983. What would be our memories of those teams/years now? It wouldn't be considered a Golden era by any means, but fans would have remembered them as far more competitive and interesting years. 

  15. 55 minutes ago, Walewander said:

    You mean little league stuff, Ron?

    I don't care if they don't run out pop ups. That's not the problem. The problem is too many pop ups and easy ground ball outs. And that's not really the problem. The problem is that for two plus years and running guys who excessively pop up and ground out meekly were all part of the plan. Even when the Tigers stunk during the late 90s and early aughts they were at least trying to remain competitive. An intentional and ruthless attempt to stink (ok tanking) may have ultimately worked for the Astros. But they had little competition at the bottom then. As others have noted, the field is a lot more crowded now with teams committing hara kari  in hopes of rising again bigger and better than ever. If the Tigers had a wit of sense they would consider maybe zigging now that everyone else seems to be zagging. Lose as many games as possible this year, but then become more aggressive in the free agent or trade market next year. Start to restore some credibility to the big league club, while everyone else is racing to the bottom. 

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  16. 32 minutes ago, 1776 said:

    Good question. What I’m about to say has already been said many times but bears repeating. I knew, as did everyone else, the Tigers weren’t good enough to be a threat this year. Not enough raw talent. The issue I have with this team is that they are so sloppy and terribly deficient in fundamentals. Gardy repeatedly touted the necessity of sound fundamentals. They’re getting worse by the game it seems. This is a clown show. It’s one thing to get beat by a better team but to give games and chances away due to incompetence is inexcusable. It’s like these guys have checked out. 

    When the Tigers were good they made plenty of mistakes, especially on the basepaths. Fans carped about it all the time. If this year's Tigers committed fewer boneheaded mistakes they might have one maybe two more wins. Big deal. What I can't stand is the severe lack of talent, which we all knew was going to be the case. Currently I watch to see if Miggy can regain his stroke and add to his career hitting totals and to see if Candelario, Stewart,  Norris, and Turnbull are long term answers. JaCoby Jones recent hot streak is also intriguing. Boyd starts are worth watching.  Everyone else are placeholders or worse. I don't care about wins and losses at this point. Better they lose really. 

  17. 5 minutes ago, Yoda said:

    I assume they think he's more talented/has higher upside. I don't want a list that only goes by age and numbers. 

    I agree, for the most part. But shouldn't the #3 (I placed him one spot higher than FanGraphs actually ranked him) prospect sport more than just potential to justify such a lofty ranking? I'd like to see a period of dominance before assigning such a ranking. Lewis's profile lacks that. He seems more like a guy who should be ranked 25 or so. If he profiled as an elite defender that would be one thing. But reviews on his defense are somewhat mixed. And I still don't think Lewis and Paredes should be 100 spots apart. 

  18. 8 hours ago, RandyMarsh said:

    Fangraphs updated their prospect rankings.  Mize is 10th(2nd SP), Manning 40th and Greene 85th.   Cameron and Parades just missed the top 100 at 103 and 107 respectively.  

    Royce Lewis is #2? He's 20 at A+. His RC+ is 107. Paredes is 20 at AA with a RC+ of 114. Lewis is #2 and Paredes is #107. Paredes's ISO has been a disappointment this year, I admit. He's hitting more GBs than FBs this year, a new and unsettling trend. But his body of actual work, at the plate, has been superior to Lewis's, especially when you factor in age/level. And it's not as if Lewis is an elite defender. He's more athletic than Paredes, with better overall tools.. But I don't see how these two prospects are ranked 100 spots apart. I thought scouting, especially at places like FanGraphs, had ditched the "he looks better in his underwear" method years ago. 

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