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  1. The Tigers have become like the old Connie Mack A's, just without the historically great teams Mack would occasionally produce.
  2. The Tigers are 10% (by OPS+) worse and have scored 3/4 of a run fewer per game than the next worst offense in the AL. What more proof do they need that something isn't working?
  3. You don't have to squint too much to see a future starting rotation that is good enough to launch a team into contention. As for the rest of the roster, well...
  4. I was just venting. I get no one cares about the Tigers All-Time winning percentage. I always liked, however, that the Tigers were consistently competitive. Not many long stretches of really bad baseball. Oh well.
  5. I don't know where to put this, but Franmil Reyes of the Indians has 36 HRs and a WAR of 0. Nothing illustrates the cheapening of the home run more than this. Granted he's a DH and doesn't walk much. But 36 HRs used to cover up a lot of sins.
  6. Jack Morris and Craig Monroe can't stop slobbering all over Harold Castro. I hope that's not reflective of how the front office views things. I'm afraid it is though.
  7. Since 1989 the Tigers have lost ~8% off of their All-Time winning percentage. Through their first 88 years the Tigers had the second best AL winning percentage. Now they are only 160 games over .500 and trail the Indians by 8 percentage points. Detroit is 239 games under .500 since 1989. The Tigers three seasons of 109 losses or more match the total number of 109 loss seasons from the rest of the league during this time. The run from 2006-2016 was scintillating, although none of those teams won 100 games or were really ever the best team in baseball, sort of like the franchise's identity for its first 88 years. Competitive, with a few great teams and a smaller number of awful ones. Over the last three decade, however, the Tigers have shown more aptitude at being awful than great.
  8. Since June 1 the Tigers have won back-to-back games twice. Add a 3-game win streak in May and that's it for consecutive wins over the last 4.5 months. A truly wretched year. Disturbing that I even pay attention.
  9. Some guy on another site posted an interesting fact about Paredes. In his entire minor league career he has had a total of 2 plate appearances against pitchers the same age or younger than him. So, he's used to facing pitchers much older than him. That doesn't guarantee a thing. At least he is someone with potential to be above average at the plate.
  10. Cynical because I highly doubt Paredes will repeat AA next year, and I bet you don't really believe that either. And if he puts up another 133RC+ at Toledo, as he did at Erie, I don't think the Tigers would have him repeat AAA in 2021. I get the service time stuff, but by 2021 I believe Avila will have to field a team with a future that looks as bright as the White Sox have right now. Paredes would be part of that.
  11. I always enjoy your takes. But this just too cynical. I understand you have less than zero faith in Avila, but Al is going to need to show something before 2020 to keep his job. Paredes is one of the few chips he has to make that happen.,
  12. Paredes should be in Detroit playing somewhere in the infield next year. His Zips projection for 2020 is 1.8 WAR. I doubt many, if any, of the infielders you mentioned will match that. I'd especially like to see Paredes over Lugo next year.
  13. "As Mark Anderson tweeted, marginal pieces for a marginal player." This quote, referring to the Simon-Suarez trade, made me laugh. At least Mark was half right.
  14. I think it was Omar Vizquel. To go from 119 losses to a WS appearance in three years you need a few breaks. This was a huge one.
  15. Thanks for posting this article. Interesting. Would definitely enhance the value of good defense.
  16. Scherzer is probably Hall of Fame bound as well, although his standing among Tigers fans is different from Verlander's.
  17. Honestly, what did they expect? Ride the guy out for a few months.
  18. Phillies fans are confident he will get in next year. Growing up I just remember him as a guy who clashed with everyone, and moving from team to team as a result. What I didn't know then was the abuse he took in Philadelphia as the first black Phillie. Ridiculous stuff. He wore a batting helmet in the field, and the media and fans gave him grief for it. The reason he wore it, supposedly, was to protect him from all the crap fans in Philadelphia threw at him during games.
  19. Paredes very quietly having a solid year. He's improved each month, finishing with an .829 OPS in July, First two days of August he's 6 for 8 with a walk and double. 46/47 BB/Ks in 428 plate appearances. 128 wRC+. The only knock this year is obviously the pedestrian number of HRs, 8. Among the top 100 Eastern League hitters he's the second youngest one. The other guy, who is 19, has a .594 OPS. Paredes's OPS ranks him 25th (9th currently, if you compare him to guys who are still in the EL). . Everyone above him is at least 2 years older, except for one guy who is 21. He's not Vlad Jr or Acuna, but he certainly appears on track to be an above average MLB hitter. I've also read some recent accounts that said he isn't the quite the stiff in the field that many suggested during the offseason.
  20. From 2014 thru 2015, Law was steadfast that JD Martinez was about to revert to form. Any day now...
  21. Why wouldn't they call him up? The circumstances are perfect for a look-see right now.
  22. On another site some guy who was at the game thought Mize was fine, mostly unlucky on balls in play. Another, who watched on TV, thought Mize looked bad and gave up too much hard contact, although this guy admits he is not a big fan of Mize (because his fastball is too hittable).
  23. Demeritte is exactly the kind of guy who a rebuilding team should call up immediately. Give me one good reason why he shouldn't go straight to the Tigers?
  24. The thing I like about Demeritte is his walk rate has always been above 10% and his K rate has been coming down. It now sits around 25%, not great but he's been improving. He's also consistently hit for power. They really should call him up.
  25. Waters would have been a dream. Alas, reality intervenes.
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