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  1. SeattleMike

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Because Ks were not the Tigers biggest offensive issue last year. It was severe lack of power. Hey, reducing strikeouts is fine. But as an organizational philosophy? I suppose it's fine as long as it's not at the expense of developing and adding more players who can hit for power.
  2. SeattleMike

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    That Suarez trade really annoyed me at the time. Suarez was one of the few position prospects in the Tigers system who had hit at every level. So he comes up at 22 and posts an 85 OPS+ and everyone gives up on him, including DD. At the time of the trade no one liked the return but few seemed bothered by losing Suarez.
  3. SeattleMike

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    No alternative really at this point. But I could do without the 60s mindset regarding strikeouts. That article may have been the most deflating thing I've read about the Tigers this year.
  4. SeattleMike

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Rogers had a pretty solid 2017 at A and A+ (.817 OPS, 18 HRs) and after an horrific April and May in 2018 at AA he posted a .1004 OPS in June, .784 in July, and .857 in August. This stretch included 14 HRs and a 10% walk rate. I don't know what happened to him in the Spring--and I understand scouts have always questioned his bat--but he has shown some ability so far to hit and with power. With his elite level defensive skills if he can post a 95-100 OPS+ that is something the Tigers can work with.
  5. SeattleMike

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm always pleased when the guys who are marginal talents survive in the league long enough to make a few million. Maybe Boyd doesn't fall into this category, because he's been decent since becoming a professional. I'm thinking more of a guy like Marcus Thames or, looking ahead, Niko Goodrum. Thames was 31 before he made any real money. He didn't really settle into a MLB career until he was 27. How many times did he hear from friends, a spouse, another family member that he should give up, get serious about his life, and so on. Anyway, kudos to Matthew Boyd.
  6. SeattleMike

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I'm hoping Paredes goes all Cabrera (Miggy didn't really blossom until his age 20 season at AA) and forces his way onto the MLB roster by mid season. That would be reason enough to tune in on a regular basis. If Cabrera could regain his health and stroke and Candelario and Stewart showed more promise that would be even more reason to pay attention. I almost completely unplugged from the Tigers this past season, something I don't think I've ever done. But once Cabrera went down and Candy started slumping I couldn't bring myself to watch a lineup in which James McCann occasionally hit cleanup and a Jose Iglesias at-bat brought relief instead of dread--and not because Iglesias suddenly starting hitting like Trammell.
  7. SeattleMike

    9/30 @3:10 Detroit Tigers vs Milwaukee Brewers

    Only time in history 5 AL teams lose 95 or more games. Four teams with even 90 losses doesn’t happen that often. Suppose we’ll see more seasons going forward with such extreme gaps between the best and worst.
  8. SeattleMike

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    In a recent chat McDaniel said he views Clemens as a platoon bat, for what that is worth.
  9. And in 1987 Matt Nokes, if anyone remembers him. He had 32 HRs and a 133 OPS+. Never came close to these numbers again.
  10. SeattleMike

    8/29 @2:15 Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals

    Why is Paredes still talked about as a fringe top 100 prospect. 19-year old infielders who do what he has done this year are usually top 20ish prospects. What gives?
  11. SeattleMike

    6/29 @7:07 Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jays

    Of course they used to alternate the No 1 pick between leagues. So until recently (last 10 years or so) it was not possible to draft first in consecutive years. In fact, the 2003 Tigers did not have the No 1 pick in 2004.
  12. SeattleMike

    After 72 games

    Luis Pujols anyone?
  13. SeattleMike

    5/17 @10:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    Watching Verlander dominate last night and JD Martinez go on one of his HR tears triggered lots of emotions. In hopes of feeling better I did a quick scan of the Tigers top minor league prospects. That was a mistake. Other than Stewart, who Microline dismissed last year as a guy who can't hit fastballs over 95mph or something like that, no one is dazzling. Manning walks too many. Feado strikeout rate is fine but not top of rotation good. Burrows, nothing special. Cameron, who many thought had turned a corner last year, is sitting at a .730 OPS. Paredes has a .399 OPS for the month of May (after a fantastic April). Gerber has been terrible. Likewise Jake Rogers, who has a .465 OPS. Lugo, if you want to call him a top prospect, is hovering around a .650 OPS without any walks. I understand that the system's number one prospect (Perez) has been hurt. But that just goes with the territory with pitchers. Overall it's a fairly grim picture, in terms of actual production, to this point in the season. The "well they aren't as bad as I thought they be" reaction to the MLB team has masked the underwhelming results so far in the minors of the guys who are supposed to be part of the next contending team. Oh well, back to watching the Tigers menagerie of journeymen play .450 baseball and get patted on the back for it.
  14. SeattleMike

    4/27 @7:05 Detroit Tigers vs Baltimore Orioles

    And Baltimore is 13.5 out. Ouch.