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  1. On the whole, guys who take a while to bloom tend to decline earlier and harder, if I'm remembering my Bill James correctly.
  2. I'll bet the teams that lead the league in total number of LOB are also the teams that score the most runs.
  3. I thought the human rain delay was Mike Hargrove.
  4. Henning had his faults and pet peeves. But he warmed up to analytics long before anyone else in Detroit who wrote about the Tigers. Tom Gage covered the Tigers into the 2010s, and at the time of his retirement he was still fixated on batting average and RBI.
  5. I still think it's BS that Paredes couldn't break most prospect top 100 lists. He's always been one of the two youngest position players in his league and hit everywhere, showing very good control of the strike zone. So he's a bit chunky and not Omar Vizquel with the glove. But he isn't Christin Stewart or Daniel Vogelbach either.
  6. The Tigers have six regulars who currently have an OPS plus of 100 or above (Candelario, Romine, Jones, Reyes, Schoop, and Paredes). Plus, two semi- regulars (both Castros). That's almost mediocre.
  7. In the how the game has changed department: Shocker led the league in S/W ratio twice in his career. In 1922 he had a 2.61 S/W ratio and in 1923 2.22. Verlander led the AL the last two years with a 7.84 and 7.14.
  8. Urban Shocker pitched for the Browns from 1918-1924, posting 38 WAR. He bookended his career with the Yankees. His career stats are definitely borderline Hall of Fame. 124 ERA + (better than Juan Marichal,, Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, and others) and 54 career WAR.
  9. Civil (3rd Round), Bieber (4th Round), and Plesac (12th round) all from the Indians 2016 draft. That's remarkable. The Indians lose Kluber and Bauer and replace them with a completely homegrown rotation that is just as good.
  10. There's no question Mize would be up if this were 2006-2014 and DD were in charge.
  11. I think we are saying the same thing. I believe if you limited capacity to 1/3 you could allow fans. Restrooms would need to be very well ventilated and usage limited somewhat (no more than x number at a time).
  12. Sitting next to the same people for 3 hours in a stadium likely carries more risk than standing next to the first baseman for 5 minutes. Playground risk is probably mostly due to surface transmission. How many cases have been traced to crowded beaches? That infamous photo of revelers hanging out at some pool in Missouri over Memorial Day weekend did not lead to a breakout.
  13. Interesting that no players tested positive. Additional proof that transmission outdoors is considerably more difficult than indoors.
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