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  1. Andrew Miller is the one lefty I assume.
  2. You know what they say about 20-game losers: you have to be a pretty good pitcher if they keep sending you out there despite the mounting losses. Analytics before the analytic revolution.
  3. I thought the knock against Paredes was that he was anything but a grinder and gave much less than 100%.
  4. Maybe I have the facts wrong, but he always seemed to imply that he had credentials as a scout. He was a spirited debater, to say the least. And brusque.
  5. Garvey this close to the Hall of Fame? Where would it end. Boog Powell (134 OPS+) and Norm Cash (139 OPS +) for starters have a stronger claim, especially Cash and his 52 WAR.
  6. If the Tigers had the Verlander and Sanchez of 2019 in 2014 they probably would have won a few more games in the regular season and perhaps performed better in the post-season. Verlander had his worst season in 2014 (worst ERA in the AL of any starter with more than 100 innings) and Sanchez was hurt on and off.
  7. Are you saying these reporters are Christians? No group is a more steadfast member of the Perpetually Offended Posse of the Indignation Industry than them. Back to baseball.
  8. These arbitration numbers are laughably low, just further proof of the lack of talent on the major league roster. I didn't total up the numbers of every other team, but a quick glance suggests the Tigers aren't getting much from players in their prime (as if that's news to us).
  9. You'll probably be able to walk up the day of the game and buy tickets ?
  10. I think it's way too early to write off Parker Meadows. He had nearly a 10% walk rate and 20% K rate as a 19 year old in A ball. Not a bad foundation. The others I agree on.
  11. The Tigers have become like the old Connie Mack A's, just without the historically great teams Mack would occasionally produce.
  12. The Tigers are 10% (by OPS+) worse and have scored 3/4 of a run fewer per game than the next worst offense in the AL. What more proof do they need that something isn't working?
  13. You don't have to squint too much to see a future starting rotation that is good enough to launch a team into contention. As for the rest of the roster, well...
  14. I was just venting. I get no one cares about the Tigers All-Time winning percentage. I always liked, however, that the Tigers were consistently competitive. Not many long stretches of really bad baseball. Oh well.
  15. I don't know where to put this, but Franmil Reyes of the Indians has 36 HRs and a WAR of 0. Nothing illustrates the cheapening of the home run more than this. Granted he's a DH and doesn't walk much. But 36 HRs used to cover up a lot of sins.
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