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  1. Denny McLain usually is associated with auctioneer, Randall Paul. I am assuming he is running this auction, if not, ignore. Randall ran the Ernie Harwell auction in Detroit and other auctions here. His valuable stuff is mostly garbage. He sold Ty Cobb, Ruth, Mantle autographs (you name it). that were not authentic. My understanding is that the buyer of the Cobb ball (which the ball the signature was on was later determined to be manufactured in the 1970s!) is in a lawsuit to get his money back. The sad thing is, it is legal as you are required to take items home upon purchase, avoiding him from mailing items across state lines. The COAs that came with these are usually from Chris Morales or Donald Frangiapani-if you don't know who these guys are, google them. They are banned from every legit auction house, including eBay. So people now peddle these items in local auctions and try and sell to uneducated buyers. Ok, will get off my soapbox now, the event in Detroit was a tremendous success and I hope this is equally successful.
  2. Date and tickets have been announced for GR: "The Great Event 1968 Tigers V. 1984 Tigers" Tickets, Grand Rapids - Eventbrite On a side note, if you go-don't bid on any of the "priceless" autographs they have.
  3. By far, the toughest member of the 1968 tigers to obtain. Jim Stinson (probably the gold standard in Relic Baseball Autograph dealers) has a signed contract for sale of his at a reasonable offer for whomever is interested. He is at jim@stinsonsports.com I know I had 2 comments on my Christian autograph from those looking to obtain one, so I though I would pass along this information.
  4. On eBay over 10 years ago, PSA certified, if that means anything. Jim Stinson had one this year for $150, it went quickly.
  5. Focus mostly on BBHOF (Have 200 of 300): Some Detroit related pieces Complete signed piece of every player and coach to see action in the 1968 Season, including the elusive Bob Christian (D. 1974 at age 28). Everyone in team picture was signed IP, including Earl Wilson, who signed around 2 months before his death at his office in Southfield: In terms of Tigers BBHOF, rare Check (not Cobb, estimated 7-10K Cobb checks in market) another favorite Detroit BB HOF (not Tigers):
  6. Never, I always think it is assumed (I know I didn't ask for my ball). That is really great that DC gave you another ball and auto ticket. I have to say I was real disappointed with Fielder.
  7. Hey, I got that for the bargain basement price of $129! Plus, I rather have that then the chicken scratch he gives at the ballpark, which you can get for the price of a ticket with little effort.
  8. So I went to Prince's first signing yesterday and I see he is giving the same crap autograph (IMHO) that he is giving at games-PF and a dash. For the price he was charging, I didn't want any of that. So I ask him if he could please sign his full name "Prince Semien Fielder" and his number. He says "Do you want me signature or my autograph?" I said, I would like your full name please. He says "OK?!" Here is what I got (he would not add his number to his signature, only his autograph)
  9. A couple of notes from my last visit in 2010 not yet mentioned: -Parking by the hall is at a premium, so if you want to park near the hall, get there early. -I don't recommend buying baseball memorabilia there unless it something unique to Cooperstown, as everything I saw was (grossly) overpriced. -Stayed at the Hampton Inn Oneota, which was not too far, cheap and they had a package with Free tickets to the Hall, not sure if still offer.
  10. January 26 @ Comerica Park. Rumor was some players were going to start charging for autographs, going to charity-we will see TigerFest back after one-year hiatus; Comerica Park event is Jan. 26 | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com
  11. While Miguel is (was?) a good IP signer, his sitdown autograph is nicer than his IP autograph. As for JV, my understanding is that he hates signing autographs and dreaded the DC signings. I doubt we will see him at a sit down any time in the near future.
  12. Miguel is doing another DC appearance. To no surprise, his prices have gone up. Upcoming Autograph Signings While the prices are high, there are not many stars of his stature that even do pubic signings.
  13. I didn't know Willie Horton was in the Hall of Fame
  14. Got my Magglio Autograph back today-sent in April.
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