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  1. https://bustedcoverage.com/2018/03/14/danry-vasquez-video-domestic-violence-girlfriend-baseball/
  2. I just think the whole issue is dumb.. people have not been standing for the anthem for years, players skip the white house all the time.. why all of a sudden its a big deal... seems its just more fuel to the fire... divide and conquer is all i see happening.. and its working
  3. So you think the tigers should have fired Chet Lemon and Lou Whitaker back in the day? They never came out for the anthem since both were jehovah's witnesses, they stayed in the dugout the whole time. That was like 20+ years ago.. and no one every mentions them doing it. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2016/08/29/lou-whitaker-chet-lemon-anthem/89530302/
  4. http://det.247sports.com/Bolt/Lions-trade-Kyle-Van-Noy-to-New-England-Patriots-48508299 I can't find it anywhere else, seems weird with all the injuries they have to trade a guy for a pick. Another wasted 2nd round pick
  5. No I don't believe so, this was a team autograph event that they hold once a year.. last year when we went they did't know until the people showed up who was going to be there for the regluar sunday autograph sessions
  6. This month was pretty good for me, Met Zumaya at the WhiteCaps game and had him sign my Restore the Roar book, Jersey and a photo I had with him. Yesterday hit Toledo MudHens for their team autograph session and cleaned up, Got a photo of Steven Moya, 2 Photos of Blaine Hardy, 2 Photos of Dixon Machado, 2 Photos of Buck Farmer, and 2 Photos of Dean Green (All the Photos are ones I took at games and get printed out) Then On a photo of Comerica Park I had the following sign it: Ruben Alaniz Chad Bell Drake Britton Matt Crouse Preston Guilmet Myles Jaye Joe Jimenez Logan Kensing Bobby Parnell Warwick Saupold Miguel Gonzales John Hicks Drew Longley Argenis Diaz Dean Green JaCoby Jones Casey McGehee Jeff McVaney Jordany Valdespin
  7. There is the 1st run, and the bases are still loaded
  8. If he allows Wilson to lose this game without taking him out, he should be fired on the spot
  9. When you bat a little over 100 and make crappy plays like that you do not have any right to be pissed when they boo you
  10. What is it? Is it like fantasy? I am interested just need some more info.
  11. I kind feel bad for the fat kid so with my pick I take Bruce Rondon
  12. Verlander was the 1st person, Tyler Collins was the 2nd, Salty was the 3rd and Romine was last
  13. Worst Tigerfest ever. They have no idea how to organize this event. Spent the whole time in lines and ended up with 4 people after getting there at 7:30 this morning. Got in early and even the 1st person was 25 mins late. Out of the 4 lines 1st - 25 mins no player, 2nd 40 mins no player, 3rd hour and a half no player, and last one 30 mins no player. How can you have any period of time where the tables are empty when you have 40+ guys and only 5 tables. Every table I hit has 1 player at it. By 12:30 they were already closing lines due to having too many people in them. Sad how bad they have ruined an event that I once loved to go to. I don't know if I can talk myself into ever going again, or at this point even renewing my tickets due to how they just do not care about the people who support them. I do not care who I get to sign stuff, I just want it to go back to at least having someone sign at all times. Also the fact that they have minor league players by themselves is asinine.
  14. sometimes the new guy get out of it due to having plans already.. Kinsler i guess just doesn't care to meet the people who pay his salary.
  15. Kinsler is always on the winter caravan but never at tigerfest. It's crazy how he can be in the city the day before but not make it.
  16. The line can get really long, could take you a good 45 mins if you do not get in the line early to even get in the doors after they open. The lines inside will be worse the later you get in. Good chance that if you get in 45 to a hour after doors most of the line will already have too many people in them for them to allow anyone else to line up. TigerFest has gotten worse every year in terms of lines, now instead of having 6-7 spots all spread out they have 3 sections that share 1 main line and split at the door. Last year it took us almost 2 hrs sometimes to get back into the room after getting an autograph. Previous years they would be 2-3 people signing at a time, last year almost all lines had 1 person and a few has 2. I used to get close to 20 autographs with early entry passes, last year I got 8.
  17. I am going like normal and have my early entry passes for being a season ticket holder
  18. Found this playing on ebay, not sure if anyone here would be interested. Since it is not tagged with Tigers might be under the radar Cecil Fielder Signed Big Stick Model Rawlings Baseball Bat Black | eBay
  19. RIP, you had some great photos, and helped me make my decision to take my own photos and get them signed.
  20. Had a great night in Toledo last night Thad Weber - 3 photos I took of him warming up when he was in Detroit a few years ago Angel Nesbitt - 2 photos I took of him warming up this year Steven Moya - A photo I took of him before a game last year Jeff Ferrell - A photo of Him and myself from tiger photo day this year Daniel Fields - A photo I took during tigerfest The rest I got on a photo of Comerica Park I took Dean Green Mike Maroth Trayvon Robinson Jefry Marte Corey Jones Dixon Machado Warwick Saupold Tim Melville Joe Mantiply
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