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  1. FTR, a small stack is around 100 or so, I have a lot of Pittsburgh and Texas.
  2. I have a small stack of Detroit cards Tigers and Lions. They vary from Ex, no frayed corners, white, almost perfect ...to thrashed. More better than worse. I can't afford to have them graded, and as it stand I am in need of quick cash. I'd be willing to cut a deal, but I'm not naive. KC, I tried to price high, its not ebay where people compete with eachother. I'm looking at a shop, but they only want detroit. I'd rather sell to collectors and give them a good deal, while making more money than with a trader. If I sell it a shop I get less money and it's passed on to someone that might not know what its worth. These were my dads cards. Theres sentimental value there. Kinda like a good pet, I want them to go to a good home. Is that weird? Anyways, if youre interested the number is 586-843-8333. About two shoeboxes of baseball, football and racer cards. Looking to sell, we can cut a deal.
  3. So, I found a big box of baseball/football/racer cards in my grandmas basement, theyre in good condition, but I dont really want any of 'em, so I'm trying craigslist. So far, I only have five ads up, thats five out of a thousand or so. I need to move these cards...whats the best way to go about it? I'm willing to negotiate on prices, but I need buyers first, lol. Here's what I have listed for Detroit so far. "Original 1968 Ed Mathews Topps #58 Detroit Tigers" "Original 1968 Norm Cash Topps #256 - Detroit Tigers" other teams: "Original 1968 Mark Belagner Topps #118 - Baltimore Orioles " "Original 1966 Bob Veal - Topps #425 Pittsburgh Pirates " "Original 1967 George Smith Topps #444 Boston Red Sox" Any Advise? Thank you. -Mandy
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