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  1. I'm going to stick to w2k!!!!1111
  2. vm's are eurotrash ***** cars anyway. nobody should be buying that crap.
  3. there is a video but it's not clear where it was shot. Republican debate: Fact-checking the candidates - CNNPolitics.com
  4. grown ups don't fight people in the bar because they're rooting for the other team
  5. really you won't go back because people rooted against michigan? that's weak bro. -2 man cards.
  6. wow you're pretty sour about the game huh?
  7. hmm I would suspect there was some issue that wasn't diagnosed. That's too bad though.
  8. That will work, it's hp's version of a surface 3 pro. The starting up issue is the same on any device. The devices with solid state drives boot significantly faster from total shutdown than older devices. You can set any laptop or whatever to just go to sleep/hibernate instead of ever shutting off.
  9. uofm fan is pretty sour about it
  10. I know about his wife quitting his job, any private plan will still have to abide by obamacare rules so what's the difference except that he's throwing money away? This is his only real option and a non issue.
  11. Does he have any other options?
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