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  1. You clearly haven't gotten the memo. You're white, which means you live a life of luxury, with no worries. Every institution is tailored just for you. Embrace your white privilege!
  2. Hilary cares. She cares about me. She's got my back. She knows what's best. I lay down, close my eyes, and put my trust in her. Trust. Hilary. One of us.
  3. Don't launch into some feminist hand-wringing. It matters how male candidates look, too. Remember Nixon's 5 o'clock shadow while debating Kennedy?
  4. I agree he has exploited the worst of the political system, but instead of shrugging off his supporters as a bunch of racists, I think it's wiser to look at the deeper reasons for his popularity. I think it's a combination of people sick of mealy mouthed politicians and our sick Kardashian culture. People have been conditioned to gravitate toward those making the most noise. I also think anyone who disparages all Trump supporters as closet Klansmen are being demagogues themselves. And this is coming from someone who can't stand Donald Trump, either personally or politically.
  5. Just had my first prolonged range session yesterday, going through 200 rounds. Damn, my hands are sore! That LC9s is a nice piece, and its small size was a big part of its appeal. But its size also means it has a bit of a recoil! My hands are cramped today, and I've got a small blister on my trigger finger. Next up: cleaning my gun for the first time. I hope I'm not boring or annoying people with my novice excitement for what are probably mundane things to experienced shooters, but I think this whole thing is pretty cool, and I wish I hadn't waited so long to become a firearm owner! There's so much to learn, and I'm taking the awesome responsibility that comes with this very, very seriously. Every time I pick up my gun, I check the chamber. It's a habit I want to get into.
  6. I'm finding that the very people accusing Trump of being a demagogue are engaging in demagoguery themselves, saying things like "anyone who supports Trump is a racist," or "if you support that creep, unfriend me now." While I think Trump is an idiot who would be dangerous as President, I think it's a mistake to ignore the reasons why he's getting so much support. It's also a mistake to write off anyone who supports him as a xenophobic racist.
  7. Thanks, I've seen people on other forums recommend that brand, too. On one hand I want to learn how to pop those cartridges in there, so I'm considering toughing it out. Maybe I should take up thumb wresting to build up my strength! Or I could just buy a loader!!
  8. One thing I'm finding out as a new gun owner: damn, it's hard loading those mags! I think I'm going to get a loader...that last cartridge is a *****!
  9. First telecast of the year and I have to listen to Michael Kaye???
  10. I'm a novice, but the proper answer seems to be: just get 'em both!
  11. Most likely people didn't feel like yet another racial scold.
  12. Went to the range today and shot the LC9s. It felt nice. I'm gonna go with that one. The price is right, just about every reputable website gives it a thumbs up, both the experts and people in the various forums, and then I put it through the ultimate test, shooting it. Thanks for your suggestions!
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