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  1. He's has an upcoming signing. This is through SCN: We will be having another rare signing in person with former infielder Julio Gonzalez. Julio played for: Houston Astros (1977-80) St Louis Cardinals (1981-82) Detroit Tigers (1983) Fee: baseball cards and small flats $10 per other items $20
  2. I was there as well! We must have been in line together - I was the first person in line for Lou while the line for Ozzy was right next to us. It was my first time at induction weekend - an incredible experience. Did you see Darrell Evans and McLain signing?
  3. Chad Bell from spring training in 7 days. First ST success.
  4. JaCoby Jones must be catching up on mail; today I received several signed cards sent to him at various times recently.
  5. Not a TTM, but I was happy to finish this card at the DC Sports Tram signing last weekend (via mail).
  6. Yeah! Received Tyler Collins and Kyle Ryan this past Saturday. Both were mailed on June 13.
  7. Not exactly a TTM return, but it is an autographed card that I've been looking to get for a long time and I finally got one. Very excited about this one! Who knows, maybe it was a real TTM when Mr. Gehringer used to sign for free TTM in the 80's and early 90's...
  8. Manny is right here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Manny-Manuel-Montejo-Autographed-Signed-3-5x5-Photo-Detroit-Tigers-PSA-DNA-/352058806849?hash=item51f8571241:g:VcsAAOSwY3BZGijm There has also been a couple of signed index cards by him on ebay recently. Anybody know the story on why Art James refuses to sign?
  9. Love the No lights sign - that is very cool!
  10. Living in Florida, I can't add any info on how the Tigers are signing at Comerica. How'd everyone do with Spring Training TTM? I did just OK: Dustin Molleken Justin Miller Fernando Rodney (Padres camp) Tyler Collins Brad Ausmus BTW, I'm trying to find Upton and Fransisco Rodriguez autos on Tigers cards. If you have one for sale or trade please let me know. Jim
  11. Does anyone have Jordan Field's contact info? I received my signed Cabrera card in the mail on Saturday from the Foundation - completely smudged...
  12. What a coincidence, I just got Bryan Kelly free TTM las week, so he is signing!
  13. No I did not. I also included a money order donation for $20. Madden is definitely tough these days. I'm glad I was able to find a signed card. Still looking for a signed 1983 Topps Update # 63T Aurelio Lopez.
  14. We must be close in age because my brother and I also got Fidrych at Tiger Stadium. My biggest thrill was getting Hank Aaron on July 4, 1975. My extremely patient dad agreed with my plan and had us at the park as soon as the gates opened. I followed Hank everywhere during batting practice and while he was in the outfield. Then he came over and signed a few autos. I got his auto in PENCIL, in the scorecard next to Ron LeFlore's auto - I was only 10.... Still my favorite auto of all time.
  15. How many years back are going on your project? How many do you have in total? I recently crossed the 1,000 different Tiger autos. Still many to go, and a lot of scarce ones...
  16. Well I mailed a card to Madden with a donation last week, and a few days later came across a signed card from a Tiger collector on ebay. I now have a signed card from every Tiger who played in the 1980's! Only need the 83 Lopez to have every Topps card from the 80's signed.
  17. Bryan - Thanks for the heads up on Madden! I'm down to two cards needed: 1983 Topps Update # 63T Aurelio Lopez and Morris Madden. I picked up a PSA/DNA Sanchez a couple of months ago. Jim
  18. Four Tram cards back today from AFAC. Also, Norris is now signing for $10 thru AFAC - got the returned letter today.
  19. 2016 Topps Pro Debut Tiger prospect Spencer Turnbull came in the mail today via the White Caps - turnaround time only 16 days.
  20. Is anyone going to get Zumaya at the July 8th White Caps game? I need him on a Ginter card. Let me know if you can help me out - thanks! Jim
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