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  1. And Grand Rapids just voted for decriminalization. This is a landmark election year for rational drug policies.
  2. It's really the only logical way to use a bullpen. Play the matchups, stick with the hot hand, and be flexible. Unless you have prime Rivera, the idea of a dedicated closer is just silly.
  3. Welcome to our little world!


  4. Watching the video with Leyland and Cabrera after the triple crown was locked-up makes it impossible for me to want him fired. He's a father figure for maybe the best player in the game, and that's worth a lot. Say what you will about ol' smokes, but his players would jump under a bus for him.
  5. I just think that, when it comes down to it, the only thing you can do is look at the numbers. Players from every era have benefited from competitive advantages, whether it's drugs, playing against a smaller talent pool, or whatever. The one thing I don't think you can argue with is that Bonds dominated his era in a way we've only seen from maybe 2 or 3 players in the history of the game, and I feel he should be ranked accordingly.
  6. Well, Granderson and (Edwin) Jackson haven't been terrible either, so it's not nearly as much of a steal as the Cabrera trade, but it has worked out about as well as the Tigers could have possibly imagined. I was cautiously optimistic when it happened, and I'm absolutely thrilled about it today. Probably DD's "smartest" move, in my book.
  7. Justin deserves it hands down. If Felix gets it, I would find that acceptable, if not justifiable. Anyone else would just be a joke.
  8. Currently first in average and RBIs. Three behind in home runs. Gonna be tough, but he's got a real shot.
  9. Apparently Marco Rubio refused the nomination. I wonder if it's to preserve his chances at a run in 2016.
  10. Keep in mind that part of the reason the White Sox schedule is easier, statistically, than the Tigers' is that the two teams will be playing each other quite a bit, and, right now, the Tigers have the worse record. This automatically raises the strength-of-schedule for the Tigers, and lowers it for the Sox.
  11. 21-0. We destroy Minnesota so thoroughly, we get an extra win out of it.
  12. Eh, not someone I was looking at with this pick, but Broyles is a big-time talent, and it looks like the injury is behind him. Nothing wrong with adding another playmaker.
  13. It might not have been discussed in the forum much, but I definitely remember a number of reports that the Lions were looking into Titus very seriously. I was not surprised at all that they grabbed him.
  14. I've heard that Jenkins is off the board for the Lions. I'm really hoping for Konz, Glenn or Curry.
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