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  1. Hey Rob... Good to hear from you. I'm doing well. I wonder if they screwed up, like the Opening Day code in '01? My email was sent @ 11:38 last night, offering a max of 20 tix between 10am & 9pm today. And it specified 'Registered Users'. Whatever, I was very happy with what I received. Both times I tried to call today resulted in a hold... I'll try again shortly.
  2. Anyone else receive an email from the Tigers offering an opportunity to buy tickets today? I did, and was able to purchase infield boxes much closer to the field than the ones I usually get for the Thursday afternoon games we like to attend. At first I suspected a scam. But if it is, it's the best that I've ever seen. My tix printed out per usual, look legit, and my CC was charged using the same merchant name that has always appeared for ball game tix. Just wondering, 'cause I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
  3. Yeah, Rob.... That was like being in another universe... at the World Series, watching the Tigers. Even at the tender age of 55, that was a bucket list operation for me. My favorite part was watching my wife come down the steps with a beer in each hand during BP, and Albert bouncing one off of the steps about ten feet in front of her that nearly took her head off on the carom. That was a good day, even with the loss. Hi Biff... Still pushing that LP?
  4. Hey Kids! Just dropping in to say hello and wish you all a Happy Opening Day. Hope that you're all hale & hearty, and doing your level best to stay out of trouble. And if my memory serves, that's a tall order for some of you. Take care, and join me in raising a glass to a dynamite 2016 season! Go Tigers!
  5. I like the way you dance after you've had your pants pulled down. Are you really so stupid as to suggest that there are places in the USA that equal the level of poverty, squalor and ignorance that's found in Gaza? If so, please point them out. I'd suggest that you begin your search in Missouri; that seems to be where the real trash resides.
  6. How about 'There's nothin' better than a Cemtex vest at a wedding'? Or 'Is that a Katyusha in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?'. Those are big hits with the Hamas cretins, from what I hear.
  7. You missed the boat, didn't you? Please tell me how you somehow believe that the plight of Sudanese immigrants connects with the tendency of of some on this board to argue that the problems in Gaza generated by the bloodthirsty louts in Hamas all boil down to the color of their skin? This is another golden opportunity to use the word 'Ludicrous', but I'll reserve it for later. I'm bound to be given another shot by the Hamas defenders.
  8. He was desperate. He needed to compare the Gaza to someplace in the USA, so he used the Bible Belt. Of course that's ludicrous. But he would have offended too many people had he used Detroit, which has much more in common with the third world than any city in the Bible Belt. And evidently he's never been to Pine Ridge or Browning. But those Bible pounders? They're always a great bogeyman to most knee-jerk libs, so why not blurt it out? But here's what I wonder- Where is the 'shades of brown' demarcation line between the Jews and Palestinians that allows him to play his race card? Are we in need of a sample sheet ala Sherwin Williams denoting the various shades? What if we have a Light Umber Palestinian, then someone trots in a Burnt Sienna Jew and fouls up the whole thing? And do tans count, or are we going to need to keep our sample citizens out of the sun for six weeks until we run 'TheCouga's Middle East Browness Test'? This could get dicey....
  9. My favorite part of the movie... The best that the Palestinians are able to do is to build crude weapons by stuffing iron pipe with propellant and explosive, then firing it in the general direction of Israel. The Israeli's build Iron Dome. And for those of you in the dog whistle gallery, the Israeli's are brown, too. They're just one hell of a lot more intelligent, ambitious, and prosperous than their Arab neighbors. That seems to irk the Arabs.
  10. Yeah, they're not savages, are they? Nothing like due process... If I were the Israeli's I'd chase 'em all off into Egypt, then build an enormous wall to keep them there. I'd bulldoze the rats nest that they'd previously inhabited, then build some huge hotels complete with casinos and lovely sugar-sand beaches on the Med. Maybe get Disney or Six Flags interested.... Open a Super Wal-Mart....
  11. Don't bother him with such trivial differences; he's too busy running the 'Towel Head' gambit. Btw JBK, those 24 Palestinians died after 150 rockets were launched out of Gaza and the IDF took out the sites. And today once again, Israel has said 'Stop shooting, and so will we'. But Hamas wants to negotiate, thinking that they're holding some cards, when they in fact have nothing. It's hard to call that stance anything but stupid.
  12. Then I'm really hoping that they now live here instead of there. But I don't need to talk to them. Because from what I just witnessed on CNN, someone is firing rockets out of Gaza and into Israel at an alarming rate. Unless CNN has decided to flex their CGI muscles and fabricated the whole thing.... yeah, that's it... another Zionist plot created by the global Jew-owned media. Just like those stories of Hamas rocketeers firing their weapons from schoolyards... evil lies, every one...
  13. Bingo. Hamas is the duly elected government of Gaza. Their chartered goal upon inception was the the "Replacement of Israel and the Palestinian Territories with an Islamic Palestinian state." That goal hasn't changed much. It's hard to sympathize with a people whose elected representatives routinely start actions that bring down the massive firepower of the IDF upon their heads. Perhaps they need to hold new elections.
  14. My favorite has always been the self-lobotomized Stefanie Woods. Although she's been quiet of late, the initial appearance of Stef and her pal in the Hall of Idiots is hard to beat. Don't miss the followups at the bottom of the frame. Local Bimbo Makes Good!
  15. Too bad for Hamas and the rest of the Palestinians that they're always going to be bitter, ignorant have-nots. Everyone who could afford to has left the Gaza and West Bank. The rest stew in their own juices, building rockets to launch at Israel and suicide vests to strap on their kids. They've accomplished nothing as a people since the 1948 other than to evolve into international pariahs. Sadly, they're too stupid to leave Israel alone as requested, and they're going to die like flies until they figure that out. I won't be holding my breath waiting for that day of enlightenment to come.
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