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  1. #8 Ohio State vs Michigan - 11/25/17

    Thanks for the thesis statement on civility+broad and sweeping language.
  2. #8 Ohio State vs Michigan - 11/25/17

    I appreciate the reminder that I'm spending time here when I could be doing anything else with my time. I thank you for that. Taking a couple weeks off was fantastic. There are a few posters here I keep up with apart from these forums, so eventually I came back. We all make mistakes, and one of my recent mistakes was thinking the Michigan threads could simmer down to a cordial level. As for Michigan this year, their lack of a playmaker to step up in Black's absence has really hurt the offense. Speight going down in Purdue, on an obvious penalty that wasn't called, was too much for the team to absorb--maybe just for the fact that Harbaugh insisted on playing JOK instead of Peters. Great teams have guys to step up and fill these voids, along with coaches who aren't afraid to burn redshirts to try and win football games. Maybe all of that comes together next year--who knows? The starting lineup of this year's Michigan team in game-one was a tough team, and a team that wins more football games than this one. But that's not how football is measured out, obviously. If you think all of Michigan's games have been called fairly since OSU last year, then fantastic--I know your POV and we don't need to discuss it past this. If how you want to be a fan consists of making fun of other fans of the same team you root for (if you even do?), then have a great time. Do your thing. Those broad and sweeping statements are never in short supply.
  3. NBA Info - November 2017

    Ball's shot mechanics are so painful to watch. It's good that he's got so many tools to help diminish it.
  4. #8 Ohio State vs Michigan - 11/25/17

    Watch some film on the OSU secondary since Urban got there. The holding is incredible and rarely called.
  5. #8 Ohio State vs Michigan - 11/25/17

    OSU has been holding Michigan receivers for years, with no calls. It will be interested to see if the flags start flying on Michigan's secondary while OSU gets to play Thompson Twins on DPJ and Gentry all day.
  6. Game 17: Cavs @ Pistons

    Keep on playing 40 MIN in NOV, LBJ Edit: IIRC, I said this was the last year of his prime. And yeah, keep on playing through twisted ankles and piling up minutes early in the year to get those Cavs back over .500. I'll still be here in March.
  7. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    After seeing FSU go out of their way to protect Winston years back, nothing shocks me now. Years later he's still being accused of abusing women. He sure learned his lesson.
  8. Game 16: Pistons @ Wolves

    The crowds Vegas drew, and how much the NBA was able to command for tickets, sealed Orlando's fate. I figured I was safe trying to go to a non-Lakers game there this summer--bit the place was packed.
  9. Hollywood attempts to change history

    I just pulled a copy of this image into photoshop on CS5 and was able to pull some detail out of these so-called "opaque" shadows. The image could be a cut-and-paste, I guess, but I don't see the sloppy cloning this professional photographer is mentioning. Chris Sampson adds that the image is shot at 4528mm (400, 500 and 600mm prime lenses are standard issue for professional photographers who roam NFL sidelines--can you imagine how big a 4500+mm lens would be and how far the photographer would have to be from the subject?), when the EXIF says 32mm (probably a 24-70 f2.8 zoom lens) with a 4MP Nikon D2H.
  10. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    Jimmer is underpaid over there for sure. Isn't he playing in their 2nd toughest league? I'm interested to see if Jamaal Franklin comes back to the States as well. Edit: What if you played close to Macau?
  11. Game 15: Pistons @ Pacers

    If you're Jimmer, and you're treated like basketball royalty in China--why leave unless it is for a boatload of money?