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  1. Only been to one game in Clearwater but I was impressed with the facility there.
  2. Ellis Island is good deal for sure, slots aren't too tight either. Quality craft beer. There is a breakfast place you might really like called Blueberry Hill on East Flamingo, about two miles from Bally's. Greasy spoon on steroids, top 5 pure breakfast I've ever had, huge menu. I try to go about every third trip. I can really eat, but can't finish a breakfast there unless I've missed a meal or two. The cafe at Aria is supposed to be a top notch breakfast place and it is 24/7. Red Velvet pancakes always sound good to me. I went there at an off hour my one time there and didn't get waited on for the 12 minutes I was seated--so I left. Others I have talked to swear by this place. Eggslut at Cosmo is supposed to be the new killer breakfast place on The Strip if you like breakfast sandwiches. If you feel like making a walk down to Linq, Hash House-a-Go-Go makes an epic breakfast. There is also one in Rio. I go to the one in Orlando whenever I can and get this: Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Benedict I can't finish it, and I hated myself for trying once.
  3. I hope you get to go, as I know how important it is to have some real R&R with the wife apart from the kids. Most of the good cheap places to eat in Vegas are off The Strip, unfortunately. Now that they make you pay to park at MGM/Caesars/Wynn properties renting a car can be a bit of a drag. But there are still genuine values to be had, and in Vegas you take what the House gives. I remember my first trip, I went with a buddy. Our last meal consisted of a Fatburger (disgusting!) and a 40oz of Old English 800. Don't get me wrong, those were fun times, but . . . LOL.
  4. Purdue hasn't faced a real defense all year, and Michigan hasn't faced a real offense. DPJ will step up into Black's spot this week, Martin and Collins are fighting it out for the right to crack the rotation. Martin is an Avant clone, Collins is a skinny Funchess. I love Michigan's chances, and I just need a "Book It" from Biggs to ice this thing.
  5. In a perfect world, Greene moves back into the rotation and stays healthy. Kinda like in a perfect world Norris moves back into the rotation and stays healthy. My two favorite arms on the team, serious stuff between them. Together, that could be a crazy righty/lefty combo out of the pen--on a team with playoff aspirations.
  6. I really like their perimeter defense with the exception of Beard and Melo. It seems like they are still one guy away even with that trade.
  7. Are they better than 5:1 to beat GSW with him?
  8. Good stuff from Timmy.
  9. Great take.
  10. As far as Ebates goes, they give you a small rebate for linking to a vendor through their site. I use it for everything I can from eBay and Amazon to Priceline and getting photo canvases printed. They pay me quarterly through PayPal, although I think they can mail you a check if you want.
  11. The first week of December is a great time to go IMO, especially if you don't care about the weather because it likely won't crack 60 degrees during the day. It shouldn't be crazy crowded, but busy enough on the weekends to supply ample people watching material. If it were me going with the wife, and we wanted to eat well while still being conscious of a $500 ceiling (and without leaving The Strip): Assuming you get in to Vegas in time for dinner on Friday night, it's a tough choice: --There isn't much in the way of quick food in Bellagio. In Aria, there are a couple of choices--with Five50 Pizza ($7 per big slice) being the main one. Coming from the Detroit area, it will be above-average pizza for you. For me here in SFL, that pizza would be the best Pizza south of Jacksonville/Tallahassee. Grabbing a burger at Holsteins in Cosmo (~$18 per burger) would get my vote, as the tram takes you right there (after a bit of a walk to get to the station, but not terrible). Bellagio, Aria, and Wicked Spoon (Cosmo) Buffet on a Friday is pricey, and it will run you $90 and up for two. It pains me to say this, but Bellagio's buffet had slipped in quality the last time i was there for lunch in '13. It used to be so good, and it had fallen into the just good category for me. At $45 per head pre-tax, I'm not sure I just hand them my money in good faith for dinner unless I was in a position where it was my only play. --Saturday morning and you want to wow the wife--take her to Giada's across the street at The Cromwell (formerly Bill's Gambling Hall). The place is beautiful and there's a coupon on Travelzoo that I've linked for you: $39 for $60 of food, anytime at Giada. That place is perfect for Saturday Brunch, and the discount is nice. Take the footbridge over to Bally's, and then over to Flamingo/Cromwell. Super easy travel. --Chances are that you won't need to eat until Dinner, and that because you are still on EST, you will be hungry early. This puts you in perfect position to take advantage of Social Hour at Cosmopolitan. Momofuku's starts at 3pm and there are three or four places that ends their specials at 7pm. For under $100 you can eat your way around the world in style--for $140 you can drink like a champion while doing it. The restaurants on the 3rd floor are all in the same area, so it's stupid convenient. Take the tram there and back from Aria or bellagio. --Sunday Brunch for me and mine is an event in Vegas. Honestly, it's the only meal I care about. With the money you've saved by following my plan, you are under budget enough to eat brunch at Lago ($130ish with unlimited alcohol upgrade for two) in Bellagio. That place has no brunch equal, in my very humble opinion, in all of Las Vegas. I snapped off a few pics when I was there in '15, and man the place is gorgeous. But here is the only shot you need to see: Ask for a window seat, and get there when they open. Oh, and get the unlimited alcohol upgrade($25?). I don't even like Bloody Mary and I really loved the two (three?) I had. The bellini and mimosa was also great. You bet I was feeling good. The Brunch coupon I sent you a link for at Caesars Palace buffet is also a great option, and of course that is just a short walk across the footbridge next door. Don't feel like a buffet? Eat brunch at Mesa Grill ($50 sans alcohol) and scratch your tex-mex itch Bobby Flay style.
  12. He may very well, as he comes from prominent family--his father and grandfather are/were somebodies.
  13. This was a fantastic article, although it is still really tough to feel as sorry for Howard as the writer wants you to.
  14. I remember hearing that Boesch really felt he benefitted from training with fellow West Coast Baseball School alum Ryan Braun during the off-season. It seems like Boesch was never the same (at the plate or in the field) after Braun tested positive for PEDs in Dec of 2011. There very well may not be a correlation between the two, but Boesch sure was bad after 2011.
  15. As you know, JBK, the only thing that gets me more excited about a Vegas trip is someone else's Vegas trip. I'll do whatever I can to help. You can eat like a king for $500 if you are OK not eating at Bellagio. I do have a few questions: --What month/week were you planning on heading out to Vegas? Room prices can fluctuate wildly depending on the convention schedule alone. --What are your expectations for meals on your trip in terms of level of food, food preferences and willingness to go to another property to eat? As you know, there are no cheap meals at Bellagio. However, Bally's across the street has built up the area in front of the casino quite a bit with more affordable casual food. Bally's food court isn't fancy, but if you are looking for the quick Subway/McD's/Starbucks/Sbarro for breakfast or lunch--it's right there. A few random Vegas-related things: --You just missed a huge Frontier Air sale where you could have bought RT tix for you and the wife for less than $200 out the door. They are running a different sale for their club members now, but it isn't nearly as good in comparison--roughly the same as the cost to fly Spirit. Southwest Air is way too expensive right now even with some BS sale they have going. It looks like one of those package deals is going to have to work. --Since you are probably going to do a package deal, do yourself a huge favor and sign up for Ebates. If you do sign up, you will save on packages from Priceline and Orbitz. Right now, Priceline is up to 10%, Orbitz 7%, Travelocity 7% and Expedia up to 10%. --Groupon can be your best friend in Las Vegas. It has saved me hundreds in LV alone over the past several years, and also introduced me to places I would have never gone. Just by doing a five minute check just now, I discovered a Wine Festival at Red Rock and "Wine Experience" at the Thomas and Mack Center (UNLV, a manageable Uber ride from The Strip). More practically, I also found a 55% off Sunday brunch at Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace. Two for $88 is a major deal for that incredible spread. Here's another one--$30 for $50 of food at Hexx, located in front of Paris facing the Bellagio Fountains. --Make sure you search for discount Lyft and Uber codes before you go. I snagged a $25 Uber voucher before a trip last year and it was great to have it. --If you want to do a show, go to a Tickets 4 Tonight booth that morning or afternoon to check availability. You really can save up to 50%. You can save on certain restaurants as well, worth a look. --No matter if you are staying at Aria or Bellagio, you will be right next to Cosmopolitan. The only reason why I don't spend more time at Cosmo is because it isn't an MGM or Caesars property. The slots there have netted me more than anywhere else on the strip over the past five years, and it isn't even close. They have an aggressive players club program that give money right back to you, although it obviously isn't going to make up for dumping several $K. --The restaurants at Cosmo are fantastic, and they are very affordable if you hit happy hour. There is a pizza place on the 3rd floor near the pool tables unofficially called "Secret Pizza" Their white pizza is fantastic, and the slices are big. It makes for a great late-night snack or an affordable meal. The line can go out the door, but it moves fast. I've eaten at STK and Scarpetta for happy hour and both were very good. Small portions of high-end food, discounted alcohol and in a great setting. There is a breakfast place there called Eggslut that some of my buddies are raving about. Somehow I haven't eaten at Holsteins, but they seem to be the consensus best burger in Las Vegas--Alcohol milkshakes as well. Momofuku was just featured on HBO's Ballers, and it is one of many outstanding restaurants in Cosmo. Although Cosmo is one of many hotels featuring restaurants have happy hour (the call it Social Hour), nobody does it better. Here is a link to when they do it there, listed restaurant-by-restaurant. I hope this helps.