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  1. Kinsler needs to be smarter than that. Swinging at a ball over his head.
  2. I would have loved to see Ian on the All Star team, but Cano and Altuve are having great years too. Altuve should actually be starting over Cano. Since the game is meaningful, the absolute best players should be out there, Jeter is not the best SS. It's comical that "every team needs a rep.", this isn't little league.
  3. Scully also broadcasts alone. He is one of the greats.
  4. That wasn't my point. My point was that all major league baseball players need to hustle all the time. Is it too much to ask of these guys to play hard and hustle for a few hours a day? Fielder busts his butt down the line all the time.
  5. I was just on one of the other Tiger boards (Tigers.com) and some guy/gal posted that Delmon Young was an unsung hero today because he beat out his potential double play ball which kept the inning alive. Said Delmon was really hustling down the line. Made me throw up in my mouth a little, isn't that what these paid baseball players are suppose to do? To call Young an unsung hero for beating out a DP is ludicrous. I guess some fans don't set their expectations too high.
  6. Interesting article. Just so you know, the Mayan Calendar already ended.
  7. Delmon is the stupidest player on the planet. He doesn't possess any type of plate discipline or awareness. He just goes up there hacking and praying he can make contact. His one positive is that he is physically capable of knocking the crap out of the ball. I just wonder if Young even tries to improve his game or if he is just plain too lazy to even try. Easily my least favorite Tiger.
  8. Why is Lloyd still here? Oh yeah, Leyland's buddy. Obviously even Tiger management doesn't think Lloyd is doing a very good job anymore.
  9. I'll take one of those solo HR's from Fielder now.
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