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  1. Anyone get anything worthwhile there?
  2. Starting to think Leyland is right. Team is far too passive and listless. Kind of think this Prince Fielder needs to show up in the locker room...
  3. I do remember when Sheffield got here that he either personally or someone on his behalf asked Trammell if it was ok if he wore #3. Trammell gave his approval.
  4. Ugh, I'm have to say Lynn Henning makes a point on Twitter about Inge probably wanting to spend a few more days with this sons. I totally would understand that. It's not like he hasn't been busting his *** all winter working out (Barwis).
  5. God I hope someone makes these shirts... Quote of the Day: “Si, Motherf****r” | HardballTalk
  6. Do we have photographers on site ready to upload more photos yet?
  7. Does the scripted Tigers logo at the top look odd to anyone else? It's not the same one they traditionally use. Kind of looks like the Indians scripted logo...
  8. I think allot of it had to do with Carlos Guillen being worse at first than at third in 2008...
  9. Cecil actually got Prince to hit left-handed exclusively because he hit the slider better from that side...
  10. We have to keep Young around at least until Cespedes is ready...
  11. He was already tendered a contract. He is still very useful. I don't think there is anything wrong with having some depth on the team...
  12. Am I wrong to think we're still going to go after another DH type on a 1 year deal? Still think we could use another veteran in case of further injuries and such...
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