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  1. Too bad we can't DFA Rayburn in favor of a cigar store indian.
  2. Texas? Really? Seems to me they're in free-fall (by their standards). I don't see Dempster as the rotation salvation. I think we should be worried about the Angels, personally. Ofcourse, before we worry about the Angels, I think we need to be worried about ourselves.
  3. Maybe we paid too much for Sanchez & Infante. Maybe we didn't. No one knows yet, though, do they? The jury will be out on this until we see what Turner becomes. I, myself, would rather have put a package together for Prado during last off-season. RH bat, high OPS, can play 2B, 3B and OF.
  4. 5:14pm: Tigers president and GM Dave Dombrowski told reporters, including MLB.com's Jason Beck, that the Tigers didn't discuss Soriano with the Cubs (Twitter link). "Not once. ... We did speak with the Cubs, but we did not speak about Soriano," Dombrowski said.
  5. Yeah, Victorino and Pence have been great this year. We're 1.5 back and Sanchez has made 1 start. Infante is a clear upgrade at 2B. Sure, it would be nice to add a RH corner OF bat or DH. The DH problem will be solved next year. Again, what were we gonna give upo and to acquire who? If Young and others continue to suck into August then perhaps we become desperate and try to acquire Soriano. But, make no mistake, we can certainly win the division with what we've got.....and as everyone always tells me...once you're in it's a crapshoot. So, there's a lot of over-reaction here from the anti-DD contingent.
  6. Morosi says "talks dead but Cubs & Tigers may re-visit in August. Soriano, due to contract, will clear waivers...and they can make a deal then if Tigers are so inclined."
  7. You know, I was thinking about Martin Prado last night. We gave up Turner, Brantly, and Flynn for Sanchez & Infante. We tried to swap Young for Prado (ha ha) and the Braves shockingly said no. The thing is, if we had offered a better package for Prado he could have solved the 2B and RH bat with a great OPS against lefties problem all in one deal. Not only that, but he could also have played LF against lefties with Santiago platooning at 2B on those occasions. I think Sanchez and Infante will clearly help the team, but again, Sanchez s a rental and we overpaid. Just saying.
  8. If I'm not mistaken he's actually signed through 2014, but at ridiculous numbers. His contract is atrocious. That's a big problem. He's owed $18,000,000 for 2013 and another $18,000,000 for 2014.
  9. Soriano .274 .324 .504 .828 19 homers, 61 RBI's, 22BB, 89 SO
  10. Tigers Seeking Middle-Of-The-Order Hitter: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com 10:57am: The Tigers have considered Alfonso Soriano, but don't think he's a great fit, Knobler reports (on Twitter). They asked about Scott Hairston, but the Mets wanted one of the Tigers' top five prospects in return. 10:24am: The Tigers are seeking a middle-of-the-order hitter in the wake of discouraging news on Victor Martinez's recovery from knee surgery, writes Danny Knobler of CBS Sports. Martinez is said to be 50-50 to return this year, so the Tigers are "looking hard" for another bat. I wouldn't do a top 5 propect for Hairston and our top 5 prospects, other than Castellanos, aren't even that good.
  11. I realize teams are not constructed with superstars at every position but I remain concerned about the corner OF and DH spots in the line-up. Boesch is too streaky. Delmon is simply bad. Berry is a great role player but not an every day player and Raburn/Kelly is horrible. That leaves Dirks who remains unproven regardless of how hot he was early in the year. He's also an injury risk. We could perhaps take our chances with Boesch but I'd really like to see an upgrade in LF. It won't be a necessity to winning the Central but it would be damn nice to have when the competition becomes tough playoff time. Rogo was right in his blog. The problem is, who do you go after? Cuddyer, Hart?, Victorino? Certainly not Soriano or Francouer. Quentin is out. Willingham is way too expensive. Pence would be too. I'd like to see them make a run at Victorino, I suppose. Does DD have one more deadline deal up his sleeve? Trading Turner for Infante and a "rental" clearly demonstrates they are "in it to win it now." Given that, do they think they're set or do they BELIEVE they need a little bit more?
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