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  1. Info on both Guys.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Ignasiak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Lane
  2. anything for 2015?. I know this is a little late to ask
  3. I e-mailed a couple of stores and I got the same response.... this comes from corperate and will be announced in the "Meijer local ads" and "Meijer Community web page" .... heres the link to the community page --> Meijer Community Events | Store Events | Meijer.com
  4. I was looking yesterday online and could not find anything either. I was coming in here to post the same question.
  5. If your interested in Ohio State players just go here ---> Buckeye Signings - Autograph Signings by Ohio State University Athletes, Past and Present rather than posting under this thread (Tigers Thread here)
  6. March 28-30-Fusco Auctions Ohio Sports Collectors Convention Ohio Sports Collectors Convention Strongsville Holiday Inn Select 15471 Royalton Rd. Strongsville, OH 44136 Denny McLain 11:00-4:00 Sat. the 29th 11:00-3:00 Sun the 30th $17 autograph any item, includes one inscription $10 additional inscriptions Also, other guest: Eddie George Sat. the 29th 1:00-3:00 Earle Bruce 11:00-1:00 Sat. the 29th Join us at the Strongsville Holiday Inn on March 28-30 as we host the autograph pavilion at the Ohio Sports Collectors Convention hosted by Fusco Auctions. We will have a variety of guests throughout the weekend. Stay tuned as we add more. Contact Chris@4thandGoal.net TheOSUstore.com 4thandGoal.net
  7. He broke his arm in a car crash.... his pizza was falling off the back seat and he tried to catch it. News story here ---> Detroit Lions WR Nate Burleson breaks arm in car crash - ESPN
  8. Frank Howard 10/6/13 11:00am to 1:00pm Free – W/Paid Admission $5.00 Inscription $10.00 – Anything Signed White Plains Show Westchester County Center 198 Central Avenue White Plains, NY October Autograph Guests « Ny Shows Ny Shows
  9. Mark Salas 11/16/13 1pm to 3pm $20.00 Any Item MINNEAPOLIS SPORTS COLLECTIBLE CONVENTION NOVEMBER 15 & 16, 2013 EARLE BROWN HERITAGE CENTER 6155 EARLE BRWON DRIVE BROOKLYN CENTER, MN. 55430 Friday - Nov. 15th - 8pm to 10pm Saturday - Nov. 16th - 9am to 9pm http://www.sportsnewsshows.com/
  10. Just so that everyone is aware this is a signing that Al Kaline does every year. A person in line said something about this being the 8th or 18th annual event with Al Kaline and this dealership.
  11. I looked back for my post announcement of the Serra Buick / Kaline free signing but it is not there. I see my post for the Ollies / Kaline free signing and my post to follow up the day after (quoted) above. I swore I posted the Serra / Kaline signing here sometime after the 8/13/13 post. I am sorry if my post did not go through or I that I forgot to post on this forum site, as I post on two other forums. I always post announcements for the free signings like Ollies, Meijers, Menards, Krogers, Giant Eagle, Fifth Third Fied (very rare)......
  12. I stated "free to the Public" meaning John Doe does not pay per autograph. Of course Kaline gets paid by the dealership in this case, but it is still "free to the public". The signing was limited as to what was signed.... NO BATS, NO JERSEYS, AND 1 AUTOGRAPH PER PERSON. Kaline does care as Kaline or his agent specified NO BATS, NO JERSEYS, AND 1 AUTOGRAPH PER PERSON… because he is making an appearance and he still wants to make more and more profitable appearances the rest of his life. If John Doe comes and gets 5 bats signed, and so does everyone else, then no one will pay his asking price to get a bat signed at “pay per autograph signings”. People were asking “will he sign more than one item” and the dealership workers answered “one person and please do not get back in line so that everyone that comes out can have an autograph”. I went to a “free to the Public” autograph signing at Meijer last year for Willie Hernandez. I showed up 1 hour into the signing and heard people talking that this has been there 5th time through the line. The line at this time was 50 people long and I told these people that I was cutting in front of them seeing as they already got his autograph and that I have not. Bold? Yes it was bold of me but they did not argue as I also said that I am not the only person in line behind them that has not got an autograph. They kindly stepped out of line. My whole point is rules are rules and when people don’t follow rules and don’t respect wishes of others than everyone pays for greedy peoples actions. This is true in all facets of life. I am not going to post anymore on this topic as I voiced my point and I am not looking to argue with anyone. I agree to disagree.
  13. They said 1 autograph per person..... what did you not understand? Don't be greedy at free signings! Kaline has just recently just done 2 "free to the public" signings and people like you will make him go back to charging for each autograph he gives.
  14. To bad I saw this day before. I am glad I was at least able to post the info for the Kaline signing on here. Really would have liked to go and get my Tiger Stadium Seatback signed, but would have had to take off work. Sounds like it was a great free signing. Congrats to those of you who attended.
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