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  1. John Hiller Sunday September 15th 11AM-1PM Redford Card Show, 27345 Schoolcraft Rd, Redford, MI $15 any item, $10 trading card, $10 inscription
  2. I couldn't agree more. Between the price and the scribble collecting current players for me is a waste. I could understand the scribble when it was free graph at the ballpark but if you are paying the prices being charged today you should get something that can be read. Add to that the fact that when I was in MC Sports for Black Friday I saw that they are charging $25 for an OMLB. I stick with the old-timers. You can read their handwriting and most actually seem to enjoy signing for fans.
  3. Just heard that Carl Willis cancelled for the June 7th Redford show. John Wockenfuss will be signing that day instead from 11AM to 1 PM. $10 any item $7 dollars a card.
  4. Picked up a flyer for the next Redford Show on June 7th. 1984 Tiger Carl Willis from 11AM-1PM cards $7 , $10 all other items.
  5. Received an email today for a card show Next Sunday, January 18th, at the Brighton VFW, 10590 Grand River Blvd., with Mickey Stanley signing from 11AM-1PM, $15 for any item. Athlete Connection (Mark Dehem) responsible for bringing in Mickey.
  6. According to Signings Hotline the January 4th Redford Show has Willie Horton from 11-1. Jim Price at Taylortown on the 3rd and Dan Petry on the 4th. Don't know times.
  7. Not sure how to respond. First, one of the employees came out and announced prior to the signing started that we could go through the line a second time. He just asked that we let anyone who had not been through line be allowed to go first, which was done. When I went through the 3rd time I was in front of 5 people who had all been through line multiple times. If I have caused offense I apologize.
  8. Been meaning to post that the Al Kaline signing at Serra Buick last Saturday was not nearly as crowded as past years. Was able to go through line 3 times.
  9. Getting Denny to not include his 31-6 inscription might cost $5.
  10. Did anyone try for Cabrera at Valueland? Just curious what the response was like.
  11. Tickets were limited to 250 and those were handed out at 7:30 AM and went quickly. I suspect 50 or so people were turned away. Signing was scheduled to start at 10 AM but when I walked in at 9:30 they had already started. One nice added thing is that the store had people willing to use your camera and take your picture with Al who took the time to stand and pose with people.
  12. I attended Al's appearance at Ollie's in Fllint today. His signature was as classic as ever. Much different than the past couple I have receive through the mail.
  13. So you wre the one who beat me out. CONGRATULATIONS!
  14. I think what is being referred to regarding Bob Gibson prices is that there is a dealer that offers private signings for Bob and Lou Brock at very reasonable prices. There are often restrictions to these signings, ie. just cards, lkimit to 100 total, etc. It's a great deal if: 1. you don't want to meet him in person, 2. are willing to mail your item, 3. are willing to wait 4. have an item that meets the restrictions. There are times when I want something signed in a specific way ie. pen, location, etc. and I want to be able to look someone in the eye, shake their hand and say thank you, and some of my items are to valuable or too difficult to mail. For that I am willing to pay a bit of a premium. I'm glad DC Sports is giving me that opportunity.
  15. I would love to see a Verlander, Hernandez, McLain signing. And if they could have the Rawling Cy Young baseballs available it would be even better. Les Cain and Denny Ribant. I know Denny signs through the mail but I have too many team signed things I don't want to risk for a mailing. Along with the other 1968 Cardinals I would like to see Tim McCarver. He's in a lot of the photos of Tiger hitters from the series. He just did a show in St. Louis the $49.00 fee was a bit steep. I agree with the Kenny Rogers request. I have a Gold Glove baaseball waiting for him. Miguel Cabrera would be nice. Perhaps for charity.
  16. Speaking of 1968 Tigers, how about Denny Ribant with Les Cain.
  17. They have updated the link with his usual charge of $15 for ball or flat and $20 for a premium. But if you can wait. Denny is scheduled to be at Lee High School on February 25th. There is no time or price listed yet but the last 2 years they were charging only $5. I went last year and the line was long with lots of people having lots of items.
  18. When I have purchased an advance ticket I picked it up at the show from the person selling the tickets. It works great if there is a big crowd and they have different lines based on ticket number, i.e. 1-50, 50-100, etc.
  19. Mark sent me an email stating the Tom Matchick and Frefd lasher would be at the November 13th show. He didn't give the times or prices. If anyone has that info I would be interested.
  20. Did they give times and prices for the "Gator"? I believe I read somewhere that Hiller would be there from 11-1 and would cost $10 for any item.
  21. Would you happen to know the prices for the Garbey, O'Neal & Hiller signings?
  22. I managed to get Ryan Perry for free at Cabella's in Dundee last year. Signed three items and posed for pictures for free. Don't know if that will happen again this year.
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