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  1. For the 249823948th time, he can still be eligible for the playoffs.
  2. That's his sister. His whole family "likes" my fan page of him, LOL.
  3. "Castellanos was hit by a pitch in the first inning. Nevin said the extent of the injury wasn’t known, and it will be examined further today." Read more at Worth
  4. He'll probably be a September call-up, but I doubt he will play too much. I bet the Tigers want that #1 seed.
  5. Nick's batting .315+ in his last 11 games with an OBP above .400. I'm not too worried.
  6. Yes, he was removed because he was hit on the wrist or hand. He was shaken up, took some time with Nevin and the trainers, and finally removed from the game a couple of innings later. I am at the game.
  7. Probably would cost us Castellanos.
  8. Well one option, Crawford, would cost a TON. I was thinking more Javier Lopez, replacement for Coke.
  9. Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 2m Sources: #Tigers, #SFGiants have continued trade dialogue even after Detroit’s acquisition of Jose Veras. @FOXSports1
  10. What's your point? All of these relievers except Coke/Schlereth (even then we got Scherzer and Jackson so they were basically throw-ins) were trades that cost us nothing or minor league FA signings.
  11. Well, ALBQ, Reed, Putkonen, Downs, Coke.. 3/5 will still likely be in the bullpen... How about Gregerson/Russell/Thatcher? I can't imagine the last two taking much.
  12. "Talked to #Tigers GM Dombrowski who sees Veras as likely lone move b4 deadline, sticking with Benoit to close, Veras mix with Smyly in 7-8" Hope it really isn't their only move...
  13. He was 74 on BA, that's the list that matters the most.
  14. Didn't Garcia slip into the top 100 prospects for BA this season, and Delmonico didn't? I heard he's a top 200 prospect, not a top 100. Garcia + Jake Thompson + Collins/Fields/Crosby/Travis for Gregerson and Street
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