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  1. Turnbuckle

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    That was a very good read. Thanks for posting. Sounds like Pittsburgh is kind of lacking in the pitching analytics department.
  2. Turnbuckle

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    And that's not including Keuchel. Man, the Astros are just a well put together team all around. It'd almost be annoying if they weren't so dang fun to watch. Their Verlander acquisition and how he's performing as good as ever their has me planted in their bandwagon. I was already lowkey on their bandwagon when they hired Kevin Goldstein. I bet they even have better food their than CoPa (not that this would be too difficult)
  3. Uninstall, reinstall. That's what I just had to do. Kept crashing, now it's working just fine.
  4. Turnbuckle

    Project the 2018 Tigers

    They'll have a worse record through July 31st than a year ago, but it'll be hard to do worse than the 17-41 they achieved to wrap to the season. I think they'll pull it off. I'm guessing they'll go 55-106. They won't even bother to play game 162
  5. Turnbuckle

    Al Avila on analytics...

    I don't think it was an excuse, but rather an acknowledgment. Also - I'm now imagining an alternate reality where Trump is a baseball manager and Gardenhire is president. Possibly an improvement in both cases. Hard to do worse than either in the current realtiy.
  6. Turnbuckle

    Al Avila on analytics...

    Preach. But you know what makes me want to really vomit? That I wish we were the Twins right now. Makes me sick to my stomach.
  7. Turnbuckle

    Bold Predictions

    I'll always be a fan of the Tigers fan, but I'm as tuned out as I've ever been coming into a new season. This will probably be my first year not going to Comerica in a long time. I went to two games last year. The first one was on July 30th with Verlander starting against the Astros. We won 13-1 and I remember feeling some relief that we kept Verlander amidst the rest of the rebuild. JV and Fulmer being something to build around. The second was an 11-1 loss against the Indians on September 3rd. Just a few days after trading Verlander, and projected starter Michael Fulmer replaced by Chadwick Bell due to injury. That was the hardest game I ever had to sit through. The Tigers weren't just bad, they were boring. I love baseball, but the Tigers were just boring. I was/am completely deflated as a fan of the team. I feel this even more strongly with Ron Gardenhire at the helm and looking at top 100 prospect lists nearly devoid of any Tiger. There is literally nothing for me to be excited for with this team at the moment and the management/ownership have done nothing to make me actually hopeful for their vision of the future. This ain't like the Astros or Cubs of a few years ago; it's more like the Red Wings of the last several. So, again, my boldest prediction is the team proves me wrong on several accounts. My son is turning 3 in May; I'd like to take him to his first Tigers game around his 5th birthday in 2020 and give him a glimpse of a team that we'll be watching in the playoffs before I turn 40 (I'll be 36 in July) It ain't looking pretty atm.
  8. Turnbuckle

    Al Avila on analytics...

    Ditto. Like, this is 1:1 how I feel. I've never been less excited for opening day than I am now.
  9. Turnbuckle

    Bold Predictions

    I'm just so thoroughly uninterested in the Tigers atm that the boldest prediction I could make is: They manage to put together a team and a system that, by this time next year, I'll be excited for the Tigers future. I've never been this apathetic about the team before.
  10. As bad as he was the first 3/5 of the season, he still finds himself in the AL top 10 in ERA STRIKEOUTS WHIP WINS I hope he starts and finishes strong next year. Another top 3 Cy Young finish would help seal his HOF bid. So would a world series ring. Why not both?
  11. No matter the result, it'll hurt more than Scherzer's 20k game against us. Verlander looked very good last night. I'm fully on the Astros bandwagon. Oh, Boyd did an ok job too. Maybe he'll put it all together for our pennant push in 2020
  12. And good for first on the Tigers.
  13. Turnbuckle

    JD Traded to Arizona

    And at the time of the trade, Ray wasn't even a top 100 prospect. At least that's what I've gathered reading some old articles about that deal. Houston gave up on Martinez. We gave up on Ray. Hindsight is a heck of a thing.
  14. Turnbuckle

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    I'm not opposed to trading Fulmer. I wonder if we'd be selling high or low, though. If we traded him before the July 31st deadline we would have gotten more for him than we'd get now. The nerve issue and poor August has got to put a bit of concern on his surefire ace status. Also, Perez may be our highest ranked prospect, but not necessarily the highest ceiling prospect of our starting pitchers. Before Fulmer was called up by the tigers I think he was expected to develop into a #3 starter. That seems like a generic, safe outlook used often.
  15. Turnbuckle

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    And now that there's 30 teams compared to the 16 and 20 back then the odds of a team going without a championship in a person's lifetime is much higher. Sure, more teams make the playoffs now but there's still only one champ per year. I was born in 1982. There's a very good chance I won't get to experience the Tigers winning in my lifetime. 1984 was nice, but I didn't know what baseball was when I was two. ...... On a better note: my two year old son woke up this morning and the first thing he did was say "papa, hat? Papa, hat!" Then he got out of bed and found his Mama's Tigers hat and put it on. That was a first. Unprompted. And it was just what I needed. I want the team to be good while he's first getting into baseball. The trajectory now makes that look very likely. I get nervous the tigers won't win it all in lifetime. But I know I'll have more seasons I get to enjoy, just like the title-less tigers of the Verlander era. Titles are great, but I enjoy the journey more than the destination. Maybe the next era will give us both? All I know is that if Verlander is playing against us, I'm gonna bring my boy so he can see him and I can talk wistfully about his good old days. The baseball circle of life. I've had a lot of tears since midnight. But I'm feeling that post-cry euphoria. Looking forward to the future. But miss Verlander and that era deeply, already.