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  1. Brogdon out 6-8 weeks for Milwaukee. With Toronto right on their tails there is a decent chance that they get passed for the 1 seed. So with that said assuming that happens and Philly holds on to the 3 seed would we better off dropping to 7 and facing a likely Brogdonless Milwaukee team? Either matchup sucks and we would probably be looking at a 10% chance at best of winning either one but I just dread that Philly team with a healthy Embiid. What do you guys think?
  2. To me I still think our biggest need is a true playmaker on offense. I just don't think we have a single guy that strikes fear in any opponent or can take it to the house at any point. Hopefully Kerryon and/or Kenny G become that guy but one way or another I think we're going to need somebody to fill that void.
  3. I didn't like when a couple weeks ago Emily set up a go fund me account cause she needed a new laptop. Idk that just seemed unprofessional to me.
  4. Fulmer has to get his stuff straightened out so I'm fine with however long it takes for that to happen. I don't think it does anybody any favors for him to continue to get shelled in Spring training and likely the regular season. It's obviously way too early to give up on him but not pulling the trigger on a trade for him a couple years may end up being Avila's biggest blunder.
  5. Giants sign Tate for 4yr 37 million with 23 guaranteed. Bold strategy trading OBJ then going out and spending that kinda money on a 30 year old receiver.
  6. I would not be against drafting a Stafford replacement but to me I just don't think this years class is the one to do it in. Murray intrigues me and he def has Superstar potential but he will likely be gone way before us so it doesn't matter. I'd rather roll the dice with Stafford one more year. If he repeats his performance of last year we are likely going to be picking early again anyway and next year should be a much stronger QB class.
  7. Good news that he touched 93, seems to be getting stronger each outing. If he can get to the point where he is sitting at 93 I'll start to have more faith in him.
  8. Any word on roughly how much space we have left? Do we have enough for a guy like Ingram?
  9. Yeah unless Nick really breaks out this year I think he'd be hard pressed to find a team that would committ 50-60 million to him so he would probably love for the Tigers to offer an extension.
  10. Drummond is likely to finish in the top 10 in rebounds, blocks, steals, defensive rating, defensive WS, box plus/minus, PER and has a chance at top 10 in overall win shares. He has his flaws no doubt but those are some impressive stats. Plus it's still hard to believe how young Drummond is. Him and Embiid are only 6 months apart, that is just crazy to me.
  11. You also have to take into account by playing Cabrera at first it frees up the DH spot for somebody like Stewart, so you have to ask yourself does Cabrera's defense hurt you more than Stewart's?
  12. Lavine has been playing on another level. Minnesota has to be kicking themselves for giving up him and Markakken.
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