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  1. It's obvious what he should have done from a humane and moral standpoint but even from his selfish standpoint I just don't understand why you wouldn't error on the side of caution with this? So you order too many and it hurts the economy some, people could easily forget and forgive that. Instead you didn't and 1000s of people will likely die because of it which is something that people won't forget or forgive.
  2. Once they get the quick result tests in mass supply you wouldn't have to worry about that. Just test everybody before the game, if anybody has it then they are quarantined.
  3. I haven't seen today's results from other states but as of now that puts Michigan behind only NY and NJ for number of cases. Just insane.
  4. I watched it and it held my attention but in the end I really didn't like any of the people aside from a couple. I don't like the fact of breeding them and them killing them after they reached a certain age but I don't know if there was any definitive proof of that. If they raise them and take care of them and give them the best life they can I'm totally against only for the reason that if people come to places like this and see the majestic beasts up close and learn about them it could potentially help the ones out in the wild. But I totally understand if people don't buy that reasoning though.
  5. As of now it looks like Avila did a terrible job of projecting the talent but if you go by what they were at the time I think he did real well in the JV trade. Perez was a top 40ish guy, Cameron top 100 and Rogers just outside that. I think that's a good haul for a pitcher who was perceived as being on the decline with a bloated contract.
  6. Obviously not happy with the results thus far but I don't think it's fair to judge him until we know for sure guys like Daz, Jake, Perez Willi and Wentz are finished products.
  7. I watched the whole thing and there were only a couple characters that I felt any sympathy for (the person that lost their arm and his campaign manager) the rest were either bad people or shady at best.
  8. I'm still under the belief as long as you keep your distance and constantly wash/sanitize your hands and don't touch your face you should be safe.
  9. Make the hitters have to use table legs ala Norm Cash.
  10. Mcshay has us staying put and taking Okudah and Caesar Ruiz(presumably to play guard not center) in the 2nd round. Id be completely underwhelmed if this were to happen. I like Okudah but I'd rather trade back and pick up extra draft capital and as far as Ruiz goes I have no desire to use an early 2nd rounder on a guard. This team needs more playmakers on both sides of the ball.
  11. I didn't realize Matt Ryan had 10K more than Stafford considering he only got in the league 1 year before him.
  12. If the Lions trade back I wouldn't be opposed to them taking a Jeudy or Lamb even though it's a deep WR draft.
  13. I was waiting for it to be 70 and sunny since there weren't going to be any games today but it looks like it's going to be another crummy day just like seemingly most opening days here are.
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