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  1. Bieber is going to pick the Tigers apart. Hopefully they can atleast make him work a bit so he's gone by the 7th.
  2. Have they said whether they are going to keep the same format as this year where the top 2 teams in the division automatically make it?
  3. Great indepth breakdown of Candelario's breakout this season and why it looks like it could be real.
  4. I don't hate it but with baseball being so much more random than other sports you are much more likely that one of those bottom playoff teams will actually make some noise in the playoffs so you run the risk of a .500 level team winning it all or atleast making a deep run. I mean in baseball a last place team can sweep a first place team at any point in the season and nobody bats an eye but if that were to happen in other sports it would be a big deal.
  5. Eric Haase definitely enjoys camping and fishing in his spare time. Probably was a boy scout his entire youth and doesn't need matches or a lighter to start a fire.
  6. I noticed it was his Birthday when I searched for him so I thought maybe that was the reason he was brought up to begin with.
  7. How did Gaylord Perry get brought up? Just wondering cause I googled him to see if he forgot any teams on that jersey he is wearing and come to find out today is actually his 82nd birthday. Crazy that out of all days he got brought up it would be on his birthday.
  8. Quinn definitely is just as much if not more deserving of getting fired than Patricia. Patricia sucks no doubt and his stubbornness to continue to run that same scheme is ridiculous but in his defense Quinn hasn't exactly been giving him a bunch of talent. Quinn's been here 5 years now and he's drafted or acquired 1 Pro Bowl level player and that's Golloday. Yes he's drafted some solid guys like Ragnow, Decker and some others but in 5 years if you only draft 1 pro bowl level player and only a few other solid starters you are losing ground to everybody in the league.
  9. Not sure if they are completely done shooting or not but for what it's worth I'm a WWE fan and they "wrote her off TV" last week in wrestling. In wrestling that means that a wrestler gets a major beat down on the show so that their "injury" from the beatdown can explain them not being on TV for awhile. Usually they do that when a wrestler needs time off or is doing other projects.
  10. I was always biased towards Indians fans based off experiences I had with them when I was a kid/teen when they used to come in droves to Tigers Stadium cause they couldn't get tickets at Jacobs Field. I was about 15 or 16 at the time but my brothers were a few years younger and were basically just kids yet they despite that they would mock us for cheering for the Tigers. My Step Dad had to be restrained several times from getting physical due to how rude they were to us.
  11. Yeah I think many of us(myself included) jumped the gun about him becoming a great hitter based off how he finished with the Cubs last year and the hot start to the year this year. Also has anybody seen JD Martinez's line this year? Brutal! Batting .205 with a .638 OPS.
  12. Among players with 100PAs or more only 14 have a worse average exit velocity than Jose, he also only has 1 "barrel" for the whole season. He is 4th in baseball in "flare/burner" rate which explains the high average. Those balls are classified as having high launch angles but low exit velocities, basically your traditional bloop single.
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