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  1. Quinn needs to go. Are we in any better shape than we were when he got here? I don't think so.
  2. Jim Edmonds only lasting a year on the ballot is the worst thing ever. I don't know if any player is more underrated than him. I think most people remember him for being a premium defender, but what if I told you his career wOBA is .385, only 10 points less than Miguel Cabrera? Ken Griffey Jr. played the same position and same era as Edmonds, Griffey was got in first ballot despite Edmonds having a better wOBA, OPS+, RC+, FAR superior defensive numbers and more 6 win seasons than him.
  3. Me too, only an episode in but I'm liking it. Has a real "making a murderer" feel to it.
  4. I had a guy yesterday pull up next to me with his entire windshield still frozen except for a little peephole he scraped through. That's the worst!
  5. A little off topic but a buddy of mine just showed me this link that had the highest consensus pre draft grades among prospects since 2002. There have been only 5 prospects in that time to get a "transcendent star" grade, 2 of them were Lions picks in Calvin and Suh. The other 3 were Luck, Peppers and Joe Thomas. Also among the top 40 prospects since then 4 of them were Lions pick, Calvin, Suh, Roy Williams and Charles Rogers. Stafford came in at number 92 which was the 9th rated QB.
  6. For those already throwing in the towel and thinking about tanking the rest of the year, looking at the standings it seems like we will be hard pressed to do any better than the 6th pick even if we were to lose out cause I don't see any of those 0 or 1 win teams winning 3 more games.
  7. If only we kept Connor Cook.
  8. Trey Flowers is on pace for 8 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, top 15 in total tackles among edge guys and has been far and away our best run defender(and one of the better ones at his position in the league) according to the metrics. Were we hoping for more? Sure, but he's been getting better as the season has gone on so by the end of the year his numbers may end up being right about what we hoped for. Him being this giant disaster has been an overrated narrative imo.
  9. Ohio State says they expect a 4 game ban for potential number 1 pick Chase Young. If that happens maybe we'll be able to keep it within 3 TDs this year.
  10. Sekeou with 10pts in 14 minutes in his Drive debut including 2/3 from beyond the arc.
  11. There was an article on ESPN during the season going in depth about the Trout pick and everything that went into it. I can't remember the reason but there was a method to their madness on why they took him at 25 instead of 24.
  12. Players sign where the moneys at, they really don't care about the destination, particularly in baseball where there aren't endorsements like there are in basketball.(where it could benefit playing in a larger market) These guys are essentially playing everyday for 6 months and in the offseason they can live where ever they want. Blake Griffin did an interview during the offseason(it wasn't a local person so it wasn't him just blowing smoke) and he mentioned how much he liked playing in Detroit cause during the season all he wants to do is practice, play and watch TV without distractions which the suburbs of Detroit provide. Plus as Biggs can attest to Metro Detroit isn't a bad place to live if you have a ton of money.
  13. Unless they're chasing a ring players almost always go where they feel they can make the most money. A place like Detroit would be attractive on a short term deal cause you know barring injury you're going to be playing every day.
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