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  1. BTW Ken Jennings is going to be the interim host for the time being.
  2. For those saying that the Lions are years away from competing I just want to say that the current Dolphins are proof how quickly things can change in this league with the right coaching. Week 4 last year people were suggesting that the Dolphins could be the worst team of all time, particularly after they traded Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick. They looked TERRIBLE. But the coaching staff coached up the guys they had and they finished strong last year, added a few guys in the offseason and are 6-4 this year, right in the playoff mix despite not getting great QB. That's what great coaching can do for you.
  3. It is so weird how SNL made a bit out of these two 25 years ago which kinda intertwined them and they both end up dying within a week of each other. Crazy.
  4. Hows the non qbs that we passed on like Simmons, Brown etc.looking? I'd imagine much better than Okudah but have any really stood out yet?
  5. The Hornets are also waiving and stretching Batum to sign Hayward so it's not just 120 for Hayward it's also the dead money from Batum. First picking Adam Morrison in the top 5, then took Frank Kamisky instead of the giant offer from the Celtics to trade up and now is essentially paying 39 million a year(when factoring in the Batum stretch) for Gordon Hayward. Jordan is determined to find him a great white player for his team or die trying.
  6. Maybe I'm giving Weaver too much credit but he definitely strikes me as a person that is looking 2 or 3 steps ahead on every decision he makes. I have faith that there is a method to the perceived madness other than just throwing money at guys cause we're going to suck for 2-3 years anyway so what difference does it make.
  7. Btw how did Detroit get this much space? Last I read supposedly only had like 10 or 12 million in space.
  8. I seriously don't get it, there has to be some corresponding move(s) coming. Either that or Gores kidnapped Weaver and is doing all this himself.
  9. FWIW Hollinger and his projection systems pegged Plumlee to get between 5 or 6 million a year so going by that its about a 2-3 million a year overpay. Not great but not some major albatross either.
  10. I do think Plumlee is going to help Hayes' development. He sets great picks and in general is a good pick and roll big. Also a solid passer. Not worth what they gave him but he does provide value that may not show up just looking at the box score.
  11. Collecting centers is the new market inefficiency.
  12. https://theathletic.com/2210150/2020/11/20/roberto-campos-tigers-prospect-rebuild/ Behind a paywall but yet another Campos article today. Nothing groundbreaking or anything just a little bit more on his backstory.
  13. https://amp.detroitnews.com/amp/6342335002?__twitter_impression=true Proof that Campos does indeed exist, I was starting to have my doubts.
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