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  1. Edwin Jackson must've already cycled his way through all the MLB teams and is now making his rounds for a 2nd time.
  2. Considering the Tigers have tried him at multiple positions, used him at DH plenty, wanted to have him try 1B and are actively looking to trade him instead of give him an extension I think they are fully aware of his defensive problems.
  3. What's crazy is that really outside of GSW none of those top 5 teams have a realistic shot of winning the championship and even including them is a stretch. Portland is probably going to be a 4th seed at best, same with Miami.
  4. ESPN has the Lions as the 6th most improved team, unfortunately they have the Packers as the 5th though.
  5. SD could be a good match for him, Petco is next to last in terms of HR difficulty and 4 out of the 5 NL West parks are bottom 3rd in that category so that could help Boyd's gopher balls.
  6. Barring some sorta miracle like Cabrera returning to his prime form I just don't see anyway we don't end up win the number 1 pick.
  7. I think his delivery is a little Kershawesque.
  8. It's stuff like this that proves that our writers are the class of the MLB.
  9. The Beatles have nothing on that fab four.
  10. Hopefully this one gets postponed so we don't have to witness the Indians inevitably shell Boyd and lessen his value.
  11. Pistons claimed Christian Wood off waivers. I really like this move, I think he has a lot of promise.
  12. Like others have said I think the rebuild officially got on its way with the Verlander trade with that said I do think if Mr. I didn't get involved that it would have started with the deadline deals of 2015. I think Avila was committed to rebuilding from the start and if he had his way we wouldn't have signed Zimm, Upton and went for it in 2016 and 17. On top of not signing those players I think more of our guys would have been dealt sooner namely Kinsler and JD. Not sure about Verlander cause if I recall people were really down on his contract between 15-16 so he might not have gotten much(even less than what we ended up getting) so he may not have been traded then.
  13. It's probably in the Tigers best interest to keep losing to the Indians, not only for #tankathon2019 but to keep the Indians in the playoff race. If they fallout of it they will likely look to be sellers including putting guys like Bauer on the market which could saturate the starting pitchers available and decrease the demand for Boyd.
  14. Down on the farm Riley Greene is 3-3 with a HR thus far.
  15. Epic match. Can't believe Djokavic erased the two championship points. It's funny when Federer was up 40-15 and serving for the match he hesitated before making the serve cause of either a line judge, ball boy or fan were moving. I thought to myself "hope that doesn't end up screwing him up" and sure enough he didn't get another point that game. Of course that may have(and likely didn't) had no effect on him but talk about getting distracted at the worst possible time.
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