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  1. Miggy Miggy must've drawn "Brandon Inge, 2 strike slider in the dirt" in charades.
  2. Would you take Leiter over him? Can't speak for everybody else but I know I was biased towards Kumar just cause of how dominant he looked against Michigan last year but of course that was only 1 start. What worries me is that he doesn't have any room to grow and even in that game his velo was dropping towards the end, what will happen when he has to go every 5 days?
  3. Looking at Verlander's career numbers and aside from his 05 season where he only pitched 2 games he has been worth 3 fwar(technically he had 2.8 his rookie year but I'll round up) every season he has been in the majors. That's 14 straight seasons of 3 wins or better, that is freaking remarkable. I looked up guys like Clemens, Maddux, Randy Johnson, Pedro, Ryan, Koufax and none of them accomplished that. Unless I'm missing somebody he could be the only post deadball era pitcher in the history of baseball to do that. Unreal.
  4. For the life of me I can't picture that Avila HR. I do remember him hitting a walkoff homer the home opening series against the Red Sox in 2012 I believe.
  5. Agree but I was saying that I may put Bicycle Thieves above it but I'd have to watch it a couple more times before saying that for sure.
  6. Carson King sounds like it would be a soap opera character, Langworthy is solid but for some reason to me it just screams loogy/side arm reliever to me. Like without knowing anything else about him just looking at the name I would assume his top comp was Pat Nesheck or Jesse Orosco.
  7. Since HBO Max has a "Turner Classic Movie" hub I've been trying to watch some of the classic movies that are considered all time greats that I never seen before. Many like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind I have already seen before but there are quite a bit that I haven't so I wanted to see them just to say and know that I did. At the top of that list was Citizen Kane, yes I may be one of the few people that never seen it but since it's the gold standard in movies to many experts I figured I watch it and I must say I wasn't disappointed. Despite me going into it with the hype of it being the greatest movie of all time I still wasn't disappointed with it. While I certainly wouldn't say it was my favorite movie ever nor would I say it was the best I could certainly see why people would say that. Another classic that doesn't get as much recognition but that I actually liked more than Citizen Kane was Bicycle Thieves. I was enthralled with the movie and feel that it holds up to even the best stuff today, Rear Window was always my favorite pre 1960 movie but after seeing this I could easily give that not to it. Definitely going to do a rewatch of it soon.
  8. He posed a question like a month or so ago on his twitter asking who are some of the more underappreciated players from the 90s. My answer was something like "Mookie Blaylock, Rod Strickland and yourself. You're more well known for being a twitter poster and not a guy who once averaged 19 a game on almost .400 shooting from behind the arc."
  9. Went to school with a girl with the last name Poteet, she was a pretty big girl and the kids used to call her Jessica NOT Poteet. Cruel kids.
  10. This has to be near the top of the strange injury list.
  11. The Pointsbet people were looking for a team that would be open to tanking some games if necessary and they figured the Tigers are like the 96 Bulls of tanking.
  12. For some I keep wanting to call him Dillinger like the old gangster John Dillinger instead of Dingler. Was talking to people about him at work and I called him that like three times before people got tired of correcting me. In my defense Dillon Dillinger does sound way better.
  13. Not sure how you get to only 4 turns, in a full season you start about 33 games a year if you don't get hurt or skipped so shouldn't that equate to about a dozen or so starts in a 60 game season?
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