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  1. To use a basketball analogy it would be like passing on Cade Cunningham cause he is a "Point Guard" and they shouldn't be drafted early. Sure he is labeled a "Point Guard" but he is so much more than that.
  2. Agree and by no means am I predicting he will be Kelce nor do I expect. My original point about him though was that he was drafted and labeled a "TE" but that is an outdated term. It's not like he was drafted that early to be your old cliche TE that lines up tight and catches 5-10 yard passes, he was drafted that high cause he could block like a lineman yet was agile enough to play the slot and catch passes. What guys are labeled at isn't important it's how versatile and the matchup problems they can create which is important.
  3. Hock's 2nd year numbers mirror Kelce's except Hock was younger than him after 2 seasons and was viewed as a much superior prospect.
  4. Coming out of college Hock was a much better blocker than your standard TE. He was basically touted as a tackle that could run a 4.6 and catch passes. That's why he was drafted and rated as highly as he was.
  5. Hock and Pitts are TE only by old school archaic ways of labeling positions. Hock is a great blocker that can move to the slot, he's basically an extra blocker that has the ability to catch the ball. Pitts is a playmaker that can play all over the field. They are multi dimensional players that can impact the game in multiple ways and create mismatches. That's what you want! It's like the people that lazily labeled Jamal Adams a safety and wondered why the Seahawks traded 2 firsts for a "safety". It's the same old archaic ways of labeling players by positions, yes he was technically a safety by the old school way of naming positions but he also would line up as an edge linebacker, play a spy linebacker, be a rush defender, nickel corner and so much more. That's why he got 2 firsts.
  6. That's the key, the NFL is all about creating matchup problems, doesn't matter the position, you want guys that create problems for the opposition and Pitts does that.
  7. Pitts is 2" taller and more productive than Ebron was and did it against tougher competition. It's a lazy comp by my part but since I remember hearing the same things about Ebron pre draft(he's listed as a TE but can play anywhere) that I said about Pitts I figured I'd bring him up.
  8. According to statcast Mize's FB was up 2mph and judging by the heat maps they were either on the corners or just off. Great sign, wish they had the spin numbers though
  9. This is without trades, with the way it fell i definitely would have traded out of the first spot cause I don't love Waddle but since I wanted to do a straight draft I had to take him. I really like Chazz at 88 so to me that was the best pick.
  10. Traded down twice in the 1st cause the way the board fell there were multiple guys i liked equally so I figured I'd get more capital. Didn't necessarily want to go tackle and qb 1,2 but I felt the value was too good to pass up, same with Nike at 154. So I got this plus Denver's 1st next year(brutal division so should be a good pick) and the 49ers 2nd.
  11. Even for 87 that music and opening graphics looked way out of date.
  12. Yeah, good news is that the death rate is continuing to drop and ultimately that is the most important thing. With more and more at risk people being vaccinated hopefully that death rate and hospitality rate will continue to plummet. If the only people getting it are people that just get mild symptoms does it really matter? As long as the at risk folks are good that is all that matters to me.
  13. I know this is a highlight package so it isn't the best scouting method but you can see him lining up all over the field and being effective. I particularly like seeing him out run SEC defenders down the field.
  14. The more I read about Pitts the more I like him, I'm not necessarily advocating him but Im not against it either. He is listed as a TE but he is more than capable of lining up on the outside and I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he ends up playing a good chunk of his snaps in the NFL. He can line up outside, in the slot or as a Tight End So if you're OK with drafting a WR you should be OK with taking Pitts. With that said we heard many of the same things about Ebron and that didn't work out so I get why Lions fans are apprehensive about it but Im not willing to hold Ebron struggles against Pitts.
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