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  1. Tigers been outscored by 37 runs in the 5 games this week. That's not going to help their pythag.
  2. The Packers are being so overrated. Since 2014 the Pack have won 4 more games than the Lions total. While they won a couple divisions it's not like they have been head and shoulders above anybody else in those years and of course they are coming off of back to back losing seasons. Also as good as Rodgers is since 2014 he's only finished in the top 12 of total QBR once, and of course he just keeps getting older and more banged up yet experts just treat it like he's going to be the Rodgers of 2011 or 2012.
  3. Just logged onto my FB and my "memory" from 4 years ago was congratulating Cabrera on homer number 400. I said in no time I will be congratulating him on 500. Four years later and he's still 34 home runs away from that number.
  4. Mize's "low" K's are misleading because he has allowed so few baserunners. THe more baserunners you allow the more chances you have at a strikeout and since Mize has basically allowed none this year he hasn't had as many chances. His K% is in the top 10 in the Eastern League which is a better stat to look at than K/9 or overall Ks.
  5. Just a heads up, Franklin Perez is making his season debut today down in Lakeland. Hopefully he's wrapped in bubble wrap.
  6. I have a feeling it's going to be Donovan which would be fine with me. Supposedly people are hearing that he wants to get back in the college game and there probably isn't going to be a better opening than Michigan in the next couple years.
  7. Just heard on the radio that last week Vegas had the Pelicans at 300-1 to win the championship next year, now they're at 25-1.
  8. I hate to say anything good about the Twins but I have to say that Polanco is pretty underrated. You hear about all the great young shortstops in the league right now but atleast to me I don't seem to hear his name get brought up much but he is really good.
  9. I read on twitter that before yesterday's start Mize only gave up 1 hit all season when he was ahead in the count. That is nuts.
  10. Milb has mize listed now.
  11. One of the rare people that has never been to LA, didn't realize Dodgers Stadium was that close to downtown, for some reason I always thought it was kinda on the outskirts.
  12. Surprised that Ian Krol is only 28. Of course we've had so many different lefty relievers that sucked throughout the years(including the guy pictured next to him) so maybe Im confusing him with somebody else but it seems like he was here a while ago.
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