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  1. I miss the days when the book its were for the division.
  2. Not that the bar is that high but this is probably best the system has been since we traded for Cabrera. We may finally be out of the bottom third in the league.
  3. I just want as many assets as we can get. I know signing Moustakas isn't going to happen but hypothetically if they were willing to spend money I wouldn't shy away from somebody just because they play a certain position. You could always trade your prospects for other pieces.
  4. Next year Upton stays, Mahtook proves he is for real, Nick proves to be a competent OF, Tigers sign Moustakas to play 3B, Miggy returns to his old self and Stewart comes up and performs admirably in the DH spot. I can dream right?
  5. Kudos to Brad for bringing in Greene in the 9th too. He could've easily went with a lesser reliever since we were trailing but he didn't.
  6. I really hope Upton doesn't opt out, I would hate to lose him for nothing.
  7. Jumping the gun a bit but damn would it be nice if Mahtook turns out to be real. It gives me some hope since he was a former 1st round pick, if he could just play a competent CF with a .750+ OPS that would just be huge for the organization.
  8. Gotta love putting a hit to the Twins playoff hopes!
  9. I was looking at some Tigers stats just now and to my surprise Verlander has a higher WAR than Fulmer. I'm really not sure why, Verlander has thrown like 5 more innings but that's it. That certainly shouldn't be enough to make up the quarter run difference in ERA.
  10. Shane Greene ladies and gentlemen gets out of the jam with a nasty slider to Sano.
  11. I believe they each had 2 but I could be wrong about that.
  12. On a lighter note Beau Burrows currently has a no hitter going through 6 innings with 8Ks.
  13. Hindsight is 20/20 but if we do end ggoing into a long stretch of ineptitude the 2015 offseason could be a major reason why. We could've gotten good value for JD and Kinsler then plus not be saddled with Zimmermann's contract.
  14. I'll take Torres for him thank you.