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  1. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    I'm with you about the Lions chances but beating Atlanta, Carolina and Pittsburgh isn't that easy. They should've won atleast one of them but expecting them to win all three is unrealistic to me. Losing to Minny on Thanksgiving and getting blown out by Baltimore with extra time to prepare are the two losses that bother me the most.
  2. If the Yankees believe in Fulmer and think he's going to be an ace going forward I don't see why they wouldn't part with Torres. Young starters of Fulmer's caliber with that many years of control don't come along that often. As good as Torres is they're going to have plenty of offense for many years to come, this gives them a chance to get one of the best young starters in baseball for the foreseeable future.
  3. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    Just makes it less likely that Atlanta is going to lose.
  4. Game 29: Pistons @ Pacers

    I blame Darko and Stanley.
  5. I agree that on the surface the "haul" doesn't look that good but in reality our assets weren't that valuable due to the contracts. Unlike the White Sox we didn't have 5 win players in the prime of their careers under team friendly contracts for multiple years like Eaton and Sale. Fulmer was and is the one guy on the team that should net us a good return, if they do trade him hopefully they get it. If AA gets an underwhelming return for him then I will definitely be disappointed.
  6. Who does everybody think the first offseason fluff piece is going to be about? I think the favorites are probably Zimm feeling and looking like his old self, Nick working extra hard and looking good in the OF and Miggy "feeling the best he has in a few years". A couple sleeper picks are something regarding Daniel Norris or the veteran leadership that Garndehire is providing.
  7. Game 29: Pistons @ Pacers

    Got some winnable games coming up, hopefully they can take advantage of them to help offset the slide they were on.
  8. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    I saw that the Angels also signed Cozart to play 3rd, with him, Simmons and Kinsler that infield defense should be unbelievable.
  9. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    Clemens and Bonds may get in this year.
  10. Game 29: Pistons @ Pacers

    I have no idea how you could call that a jump ball, he just bear Hugged him from behind.
  11. Game 29: Pistons @ Pacers

    Every time I see Bogdanovic I think of Austin Croshere. Both around the same size, white and wore number 44.
  12. Game 29: Pistons @ Pacers

    I think his combine and workout is what helped him get that high, that and it being a weak draft cause I too remember hearing people question him namely his height and lack of outside shot.
  13. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    I think you're born with grit and scrappiness if your name is Skeeter.
  14. Bears at Lions SATURDAY 4:30 pm

    Hypothetically if Caldwell were to be fired where would our job land on the list of most desirable among likely openings? I believe Houston would be at the top of the list due to the guys they have on defense and the potential of Watson but I'd think this one would be right near the top.
  15. Ideally I'd like some position prospects if all things are equal but really I just want the best prospects we can get regardless of position. I feel that we could always flip those pitching prospects for established position players or sign free agent bats(depending on how ownership is) when the time is right.