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  1. I know we all joke about him hating the Tigers but I really do think he used to hate their ideals like ignoring the system for big money vets, so now that they changed their methods he's been more positive about them.
  2. In the same chat he said that Reyes has a chance to be a regular and at worst is a 4th of and if Paredes can find a position he could be a plus player. Also in his ESPN article earlier today about players he was wrong about Boyd was one of the five to make the list. He said he didn't even think he'd be a 5th starter and he is far better than that.
  3. Yep that's it, btw in Law's chat today somebody asked if he had Casey Mize level upside and he said no. Followed up by saying Mize is/was special.
  4. His xBA is only .272 and his xWoba is 40 points less than his actual so I'm betting on a regression too.
  5. ESPN ran in depth story about it a few months ago, i recommend a Google search for it cause it was pretty fascinating, not just cause of trout but just seeing the inner workings of what goes into the draft and scouting guys. Edit: here's the story https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26864123/draft-heist-century-how-mike-trout-fell-angels
  6. Yeah next year maybe even worse, not just cause the Tigers likely aren't going to be better but the competition should be improved. I don't think the Royals or White Sox will be as bad next year neither will teams like Toronto or the Mariners outside the division.
  7. Its obviously really early and things will probably change but from things I saw the top prospect is that pitcher from Georgia some of whom have said was a clear number 1. I wonder if things stay the same if the Tigers would dare take another pitcher even if he is supposedly the clear number 1?
  8. Since you didn't book it I take it that means we have a chance.
  9. I was surprised to hear from PFF that Hockenson only blocked on 4 passing downs on Sunday. Without seeing the game I figured he must've been helping out in the pass blocking for Stafford to remain upright all game.
  10. Yeah the Eagles had that great season a couple years ago and had the miracle run by Foles but other than that they basically been a 7 to 9 win team the past 5 years. Nothing spectacular. With that said it's gonna be a tough game but one the Lions can definitely win.
  11. The Orioles give up 4 in the 9th to blow the game. They aren't giving up the number 1 pick without a fight. I'm 90 percent sure we have this but in the back of my mind Im worried that we're gonna go all 2003 Tigers the last week of the season and blow it.
  12. It would almost be worth potentially sacrificing the first pick to sweep the Indians and make sure they miss the playoffs. God I hate that team.
  13. Yeah this year was about the worst case scenario, aside from Turnbull's hot start basically everything that could've gone wrong went wrong and every guy was worse than you could've reasonably expected or hoped for. Things weren't a whole lot better in the minors either, so sure Manning took a step forward and Mize looked great before being shutdown but aside from Skubal we really didn't have any guys really breakout which isn't good. When you're in our position you need more than 1 breakout minor leaguer particularly if that player is a pitcher and you need bats.
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