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  1. i agree with you, however...the tigs aren't exactly out of it just yet. once they win tonight they are only 7 1/2 games back.
  2. *simon scores on halter single. *wright out of game....mike porzio not pitching for chisox 7-1 tigs mid of 6
  3. *carlos lee hits homer. 5-1 tigers...end of 5
  4. CHISOX GO DOWN 1, 2, 3! anyone want to chat?
  5. i like fick in right field...this past week he has proved that he can play the position. i think palmer is still hurt. he hasn't played in awhile. and young has the day off to give simon some playing time. i have no problem with cruz DH'ing.
  6. *cruz steals 2B. *cruz scores on rivera's stand up double! WAY TO GO MIKE! *salazar hits a 2 run homer. (that's his 1st ML homer! ) *double for magee *magee scores on paquette single.....paquette to 2B on bad throw to 1st. *paquette scores on simon's barely fair single! 5-0 tigs at mid of 3rd mattie(just doing the highlights tonight)
  7. valentin caught stealing 2B. way to go rivera! 0-0 end of 2
  8. chisox line-up: lofton CF durhan 2B thomas DH ordonez RF konerko 1B valentin 3B lee LF johnson C clayton SS no score end of 1
  9. torres is hurt...i think he pulled a muscle or something and is day to day..that's why he hasn't been playing. i like magee in center. he goes out there and plays with all he has! i like torres out there too. he is perfect for the park with his speed and a pretty good lead off guy! also...the season ISN'T most likely down the tubes! there has only been 14 games. we still have 148 games to go. that's still a lot of the season left to play and WIN games! GO TIGERS!
  10. i think dmitri, simon and fick need to play everyday. i also think that magee needs to play center every day.
  11. jeff is a good pitcher....his problem is: when his teammates or him make a mistake he can't control his pitches due to being too angry. jeff gets exceptionally emotional while he's on the mound. he is doing better at controlling his emotions than he was last year. hopefully he calms down a little while on the mound so he can finish a game. i'm sure that he will, sooner rather than later
  12. WOO HOO! great pics melissa! that was an awesome play by fick. he got some loud cheers after he made that play! i'm with ya sista...fick rocks!
  13. it IS the start of something big. now that they have gotten their first win their confidence will start to build. this team looked pretty good out there tonight. there were some great plays (easley's diving stop/throw to first, and fick diving to catch the ball in between young and salazar, not to mention that the offense was great! ) this team came out there to win tonight and accomplished what they wanted!
  14. i think you're wrong on some of that! dombrowski cares about the fans and he is making changes within the organization. he is attempting to build a winning team in detroit. and it seems to me like mike illitch is working with him to make that happen. (in a few ways). also, illitch likes the tigers as a team. he isn't just making money with the wings, tigers, olympia entertainment, hockeytown, his pizza businesses (which i think he sold most of), and johnny rockets (a restaurant across from comerica), but he also owns a share of the casino and he just sold the concessions at comerica to sports service. he has money to spend on the team but he wants them to prove that they can and want to win before he spends any more, or maybe he just wants out because his wife doesn't want the team. whatever the case, i think things are about to change for the better....sooner rather than later.
  15. you guys complain when they don't show enough emotion on the field, and then complain when they do. make up your minds! do you want them to show emotion or not?! EwE- i am watching the same team as everyone else! i love these guys and am very optimistic that they will start winning soon! LOL soakitup! you're right. i am always thinking that this team can do something; like pull off 10 W's in a row! it can happen! i also think as soon as they get their 1st win they'll get on a winning streak! they just have to get number 1 to build their confidence! so matt had a bad outing. it's alright, he's a good pitcher with some HEAT! GOTTA HAVE HOPE!! GO TIGERS!!
  16. i think you're wrong on that! the pitching is there (most of the time) just when we have pitching either the offense or defense isn't there. when we have offense and defense we don't have any pitching. and there IS hope! these guys get pretty upset when they don't win! just because they don't show as much emotion on the field as some fans would like them too, but they show it in the clubhouse/dugout! for instance, during today's game (8th) inning mitch meluskey got frustrated and when he went into the dugout picked up the water cooler and threw it across the dugout! GOTTA HAVE HOPE
  17. you may say that now, but if it did happen, or if the mlb even mentioned it you would be pretty mad about it. that is one of the craziest things i have heard in a long time. so they're 0-11. big fricken deal, they can still have a good season! it's only APRIL! give them time. they have gone through a lot of changes this past week, and i'm sure they are still getting used to things being different. GOTTA HAVE HOPE!! GO TIGERS!!!
  18. i hate it when a player makes an error and they blame it on the grounds crew because "they got a bad hop."
  19. i don't see anything wrong with that commercial. i personally like that commercial. i think that it is hilarious, and love watching it when it is on. i also don't think that it is offensive to the fans. mike veeck is a funny guy, and the hand movements make the commercial even funnier!
  20. i like that commercial....i think that it is hilarious when mike veeck (the tigers new promotions guy) looks up at the lights and says "WOW." it cracks me up every time. there will most likely be some pretty crazy promotions going on this year. it should be interesting!
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