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  1. I only buy clearance dress shirts. I will find a good sale at Express and get them for like 5.00 and just buy as many as I can that are in my size. I need to buy a couple nice new White Dress shirts. I cringe when buying nice new shirts. I got a couple on sale for 2 for 70 or something like that a few years ago and cringed...the dude who sold them to me was like "dude those usually go for 70 a piece!"...not for me they do not.
  2. I am resisting the urge to correct the line, but yeah....this was one of the first songs I can remember studying to figure out the exact lyrics of. Back before you could just look it up online. It is funny how off some of the lyrics I have wrong in my head from back then. I will look online and laugh at how bad my guesses were.
  3. You Cant Bring Me Down was like my anthem when that tape came out. Every couple weeks or so I have to go to youtube to play it...still my jam. I wore the tape out, but that song remains as one I listen to all the time. Actually have to go have a listen right now.
  4. Since I have not purchased a new pair in close to 15 years I cannot answer that question. I can say that the shorts I own are still clean and comfortable and they are in great condition. Why would I buy a new pair? This discussion is limited to shorts for me. I buy 3-4 new dress shirts a year. I have a closet full of them and unload the old ones once a year. Jeans are close to the same as shorts for me. Every once in a while I will get a new pair, but jeans are pretty indestructible. T Shirts OTOH I like a good gimicky, old Movie type T shirt and buy those quite often.
  5. I have about 4-5 pair of gym shorts I use for just about everything during summers...when I have to "dress up" a little and venture out of the house I wear the C Shorts.
  6. JHC I hit edit about 2 seconds after I posted.
  7. Fake fashion news from the industry. I have not purchased a new pair of shorts in like 20 years. Maybe 15. I am guessing most men are similar. How many pair of shorts do you need? You get a pair of nearly indestructible, comfortable, convenient pair of shorts...how do you get them to buy new ones? Attack the style of course! I think I have about 3-4 pair. MORE than enough.
  8. The thing that cracks me up about these kids of things....people can HEAR that they cheated, brush it off or maybe not be so upset, but as soon as some pics or video comes out...everyone losses their minds. I am not 100% sure it happens here, but I would put a small wager on the Astros getting more punishment or the players or something after these pics/videos go viral over a weeks time or something.
  9. And the edible? I have used CBD drops a few times in the past couple months (to try and help with stress/anxiety) and I did not notice a big change. I contemplated smoking, again to help ease stress/anxiety, but never did that. Maybe it is just my physiology that made it not do much...the drops that is, not real sure. My wife has xanax for extreme anxiety and I have used a half tab of that at night a couple times and that mellows me out WAY more than the oil does. I barely notice the oil. Got it from one of the reputable places online (CBDoil+ Gold) so I know it was the real deal.
  10. I think that was a perfect decision. You could not make this the last season without some fair warning, but 2 more after this year would have most likely been too many. I like that they altered the ending or are going to alter the ending. It is a fluid story. Looking forward to this season.
  11. Nor should you...it was not a big deal. Technically cheating....I guess, not like they were the only ones. I said as much before, if Houston KNEW the other team was doing the same kind of things then no biggie really. You have fan perspective, player and owner. As a fan UofM forfeiture means little because everyone knows everyone was doing it and there really is no edge there. As an institution I am guessing it means a lot because it questions the honor of the school. As the players? Seems to be a big deal for some reason.
  12. If I was forced to put money on this before it started I would have went with Jennings. I would not have felt great about it though. Brad I always thought of as a good player and a good team manager because IIRC a lot of his winnings came from team type tournaments. I always considered James and Ken to be stronger players.
  13. This has nothing to do with the other team IMO. At least not from my perspective...it is not about handing over the title to someone else, it is about punishment for those who cheated. If you do not think having the title taken away means anything to the team, the management or the fans then we have a HUGE disconnect because I think it would mean a lot.
  14. A personal thing then maybe? Having the title taken away would suck IMO. You would look back on the memories and unless you KNEW the other team was doing that or something VERY similar then it would be a bitter memory, not bitter/sweet straight bitter. Even now if I was on that team I would be embarrassed. I would have been embarrassed back then as well, but most likely would have kept my mouth shut because of peer pressure. Again it depends on the person. For me, to have the title officially vacated would suck. Then nothing. The title for that year is vacated. No one retroactively gets anything. Tangibly? You take away the trophy, you take the names off the history books, you take down the banners. All of that would suck hard IMO.
  15. Shame and the digging. Doubt they win anyway or they would not have gone through all the trouble to cheat. The edge in KNOWING if a fastball is coming is HUGE IMO. Even if they won 4-0 you cannot discount the edge they got. As is, they won 4-3.
  16. Assuming you helped with that? If so good on you. Either way really, good on you.
  17. Modern Greek was decent. I am not a huge fan of the brewery type eateries. I like the beers, but the food usually sucks and the options blow also.
  18. I am not real sure how you do not take the title away from them. 5 mil, while a lot of money, is peanuts to an owner of an MLB team that has over 300 mil in revenue. Just under 2%..I know it was the most they could levy. If you make 50k a year it would be like paying for a speeding ticket basically. Throwing 2 guys under the bus and firing them? Big deal. The draft picks can hurt for sure, but there is no cap...if they need something...they go buy it.
  19. Once....saw them live once when I was like 15 or something...did not appreciate it AT ALL, because, well I was a moody "I am too cool for this" angsty teenager. I recall next to nothing of it, but do recall I went with a couple of my older brothers and my one brothers friend who was a HUGE Rush junkie. The early 1990's...that is the era that I closely define with Rush music...hanging out in my buddies basement playing pool, listening to WRIF and anytime ANY Rush song came on doing some sort of air drum solo to the music.
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