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  1. I am actually extremely bummed out it is the only time I see my brother anymore on Sundays. If it were not for him coming over to watch the games I would not even be watching any longer. My time with the family is limited and Sundays would be a great day to do something constructive. I still enjoy watching football for the most part, but like 90% of Lions fans I just got tired of watching them flounder week after week. The single bright spot in the past 30 years for me was 2014 when they made the playoffs. 2011 was awesome, but I was pretty sure they were losing to New Orleans, 2014 we had a couple bad years then back to the playoffs and I thought they could have beat Dallas.... I mean that was it, that was our shot and we got hosed. They straight up feel like they were cursed.
  2. I am not a statistician, but 1350 people does not seem like a big enough of a sample size for the survey to say things like: http://www.claimscon.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Holocaust-Knowledge-Awareness-Study_Executive-Summary-2018.pdf Is around 1400 people a good enough sample size in a nation of more than 350 million to really base anything on? Plus it would be nice to know where in the US the survey took place. How many cities, which cities etc.
  3. May have something to do with the platform I shared from. I use Google Drive and Google photos so if you have that platform it probably comes through, but if you are on Apple or something it may not. I notice videos my wife sends me VIA text from her iphone ALWAYS show up like thumb nails barely able to see with all the distortion of the compression or something.
  4. That 100%. Baseball makes plenty.....now. I think the fear is the future, 30-40 years from now. Being proactive is not a bad thing.
  5. They need to offer a variation of a game for younger players. Like NFL Redzone. I have ALWAYS wanted to see what it took to get the rights to disseminate NFL games, record them, edit out EVERYTHING minus the actual plays from snap to snap and run the game that way for people to watch in 15-20 minutes. Do something like that for baseball. Real fans will HATE it, but it is not the ONLY version of the game to watch. You can watch the regular game in real time (or possibly institute a delay for the start of broadcast which then also adds incentive to go to the game to see it live), twitter, social media and internet updates on games would not be an issue because a casual fan is not checking on all that anyway and also offer the sped up version. Actual game is played starting at 7:00pm. Start the broadcast at 7:30pm. Sped Up version is offered on "x network or streaming site" 20-30 minutes after the game is complete. It may take longer or it may not take that long at all for a program to run through the game and clip everything minus the actual game itself. I think that would be easier and better for NFL, but I think it could work in every sport. Kids these days....they need that fast pace. if they knew they could sit and watch an ENTIRE baseball game in like 30 minutes they would probably do it. Is it a bastardization? Not really....the entire recording of the game is available to watch still and you could always go to the game to get the "feel" of it. I started dreaming this idea about 15 years ago when I found out the actual length of an NFL game, the action, was only like 15 minutes. They turned 15 minutes into a 7 hour event. Pre-pre game broadcasts etc. I do not turn the game on until kick off anymore. I am 100% COMPLETELY through and sick of all the talk about a game, I just want to watch the game.
  6. Super small group of tiny little mushrooms on my last nature walk with the kids. It was not so much the shrooms, but the light coming in from the canopy JUST behind and barely lighting them that drew my eye. None of my pics have filters or any editing...I do not have the time for it.
  7. I seem to do the opposite these days. I turned the game on last night when we were up 5-0, I saw Miggy on 1st, Candy get a single, the other dude walk with bases loaded and nobody out....then I see 3 consecutive K's. I laughed and turned it off...we were up I was content assuming we would win the game.
  8. Nostalgia is the creator of money. The present is better for a person that is 15 with his life ahead of him as it was better for you when you were 15 with your life ahead of you. Generally speaking, but this is just my opinion, is that the past was better for the majority of people than their present. The less time there has been for tragedy & responsibility to grow the "simpler" the time. The further away from your mortality you were. etc Sorry, I am not even really talking about baseball here.
  9. Nostalgia is such a damn powerful thing. It is probably the single most under rated thing in human history. The amount of decisions made and based on feelings from the past when "life was simpler"....I do not think can ever be quantified.
  10. It is a weird feeling to be in the middle on so many things. I can see both sides and can see it from so many angles that it almost always makes sense to be in the middle. I tend to side with the faction that hates this, but not by much...and I do not hate it really. I think it boils down to change. Some people do not like it, they fear it, they appreciate tradition. Others find the ways of the past completely out of date or antiquated and want to move forward either to make the sport better or to make it more to what they personally like. The logical side of my brain says you have 162 games to play before a tournament starts...those in the tournament are only the best...or are they? The line that was created is arbitrary. Should a team that lost more than 50% of their regular season games be "allowed" in the tournament? Probably not, but where is the line? Is one game over .500 sufficient? Is there some win % that should be applied?
  11. Away....the Netflix series about space....I have started calling it "the boohoo, facetime from space show" 50% of the time the people on a ship are facetiming with someone on the planet, 40% of the time they are building up a sob story/crying and the other 9% of the time is the crew treating the person in charge with more disrespect than I see hard core republicans treating gay people and 1% of the time there is something MODERATELY interesting regarding space. I wanted to love this show, but since I had my wife watch with me...all the boohoo stuff...she loves it so now I am trapped. Luckily it is only 1 season.
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