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  1. We played them as tough as we could in the first 3 quarters...then BAM it was like a flood...all of a sudden we were down by like 20! lol I mean it was almost instant. I could not believe how fast it happened. George and Greg were going bonkers over the fouls. That is what happens to bad teams when they play good teams...they foul more, but the discrepancy WAS a little shocking. And I saw more than a hand full of BS calls. I used to defend the **** out of Drummond, but the dude is SO soft it is ridiculous. He is not mentally tough enough. Things start to go the other way and he starts jabbing, throwing elbows, pushing. He does look incredibly weak for a dude as big as he is. He is child like out there sometimes.
  2. When being told that the dead were past the wall...Cercei said 'good'...simply because she wants to see all those in the North dead...ie Jaime and Tyrion? Or is something else going on there? Is she just crazy enough to enjoy all the chaos it will bring thinking she will somehow be immune to the dangers? My money would be on her just wanting her brothers dead by any means possible. But you never know.
  3. I think that would be a cool idea. Ken has just enough personalty, but also still has the right demeanor to pull it off I think.
  4. If Danny REALLY wants to make the world a better place then she will conceded when Jon says something like 'We can rule together' because she KNOWS he is a more honorable/better person than her. I envision a scenario where they get separated in this upcoming battle...both to consider the other dead, they both keep fighting for the throne until they either come back together or eventually catch back up in Kings Landing. Retreating/battling the dead the entire way. No spare time to go looking for the other one etc. Also Jon called her 'Danny' again...either a slip or he just came to terms with being the King and does not care if she gets pissed or not. I know he saved her from Ramsey and everything, but Sansa reaction to reuniting with Theon was more tearful then any of her others...I am guessing she secretly loves him or something. They showed all the couples in different shots...I am guessing just about every couple has a rude awakening as in one of each of the couples will live while the other dies. That could even be true of Jon and Danny. All that pent up excitement about Jon being a Targaryen only to have him die in battle. I also think there is more going on with Varys and the Dothraki than we are being shown. Varys is a minor background character now and barely has any lines. I think he may be up to something that will impact the end result pretty drastically. Not necessarily with the Dothraki, but something. And I still think something happens with the Dothraki. Originally we were told there were 100k Dothraki the last time a number was mentioned....I do not think they are that large now. She started with 10k unsullied. Guessing the majority of them are still around. I do like how all the characters pretty much accepted the fact that they will all die. I feel like we are missing something...like someone is going to come out of the woodwork and save the day and everyone will be all 'OMG I totally forgot about them!" or something.
  5. Funny thing is we love watching Jeopardy and usually make it must see tv while getting the kids ready for bed, but we have only seen this dude once or twice because we just have not been able to find the time.
  6. Have they ever had guest hosts? I cannot recall anyone other than Trebec doing it. I do not mind him, DEFINITELY do not wish him ill and hope he beats it. I guess it would be in poor form for the network to come out and say if Trebec cannot come back 'x' will take over, but I wonder who they have in mind? I hope it is some random that we do not know and not some d class celeb or something. I am assuming they have not said anything?
  7. What is your dream scenario in the booth for TV? Honest question wondering what people would enjoy. I know a lot of people (including myself) sometimes say I would rather have no commentary at all, but I think I would like something. I am not sure if it would just be a one man job or if there was some other option.... I know for a FACT, that I despise when they have too many people in there. I despise it. 2 feels like too many, but I may be able to stomach that if they did not feel like they had to talk every 3 seconds.
  8. I thought for sure we were going to get very little talk in last nights episode...I was WAY off.
  9. First time we have seen that wolf in a LONG time.
  10. Who are the best/high profile/big name coaches that he would go after?
  11. That is the internet as a whole. The negativity and pessimism will always trump the positive thoughts and conversation. Always. It is what it is.
  12. Not trying to move the goal posts, but money was not strictly speaking what I was referring to. The analogy was more about the franchise as a whole. They just got Blake last year.
  13. Yzerman the GM is not as good as Yzerman the player, but still a good GM. I never really had a problem with Holland, but it looks like Holland is staying on and Yzerman will be taking over the team building part. Welcome back Stevie Stick!
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