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  1. It is all politics IMO. The people who will SCREAM from the roof tops if their old mother did not get the vaccine, but some 20 year old down the street got it! The optics are bad in todays society where people cannot think rationally about issues.... so much selfishness.
  2. My wife and I talked about this last night because my dad is going today for the first dose. My mom has to take him and she was at the house so my wife had to make sure she knew it was not really that bad for older people. The people I know who are younger and had strong symptoms because of it was because their immune system was stronger and presenting harsher side effects. Older people tend to have less severe side effects.
  3. I never used to get the flu shot, and almost always got the flu. My wife finally convinced me to take the shot and I have been now for the past 3-4 years or so, I still get a mild case, but it is much better than it used to be for me. This year has been an exception. Did not get anything because of the masks and not really going out which is making me worry BIGTIME for when the kids go back to school. Not really for me, but them. They have had no small exposures for over a year and are about to get bombarded with it all at once.
  4. Absolutely! This is the part I think gets over looked. Want to win? Take a hit on salary like Brady always did. I do no think you can have both. Take the money or the winning.
  5. It was a poor decision for sure. It did not really bother me as much as most, but it was a dumb stunt.
  6. I get all that. If you are offered a shot and want it, take it. There is no need to feel guilty about anything. I thought I made my point clear, but apparently I did not..it is the bureaucracy of the whole thing that is annoying and organizing multiple vaccine shots for over 360 million people is a fools errand. Do the best you can, but just get shots in arms is all I was saying. By any means.
  7. I got rid of cable so have not been keeping up with it. But will watch when it is back on somehow. Pay to stream it or get AMC+ or something. Just went and looked and realize it comes back this Sunday. If I can figure out a way to watch it I will.
  8. You have a standard office visit to the dr, they have shots available...you get one. The politics and paperwork is ridiculous. Paperwork is necessary to track, but the damn politics...
  9. 360 Million people in our country alone. Organizing that chaos is always going to be impossible. I think it makes perfect sense that if you take an older person to get the shot, while you are in the building you get the shot also. To me none of this is about "fair", it is about what they said when they first approved the vaccine....shots in arms. Does not matter who, where, how, why...none of that matters. Those handling the actual vaccines? Get a shot while you have one near you, people delivering the shots...give them one also while they are right there, places where the shots get delivered to and are stored...anyone working there gets one etc.
  10. I do not get the whole "I feel bad for getting one" thing that has been going around. No offense Edman, but it just sounds like more virtue signaling to me. If you CAN get the shot and WANT to take the shot then take the shot.
  11. I feel like I probably should go back and rewatch the avenger movies. After I got to the last episode of WandaVision last night I started Dr Stranges stand alone, which is one of a very few I have not watched yet. I am loving that movie. About 2/3rds of the way through and the visuals are pretty awesome.
  12. When the Avengers movies came out and they collected all the super heroes together I always thought Vision and Maximoff were the most powerful, I was surprised to hear a mention that Maximoff could have stopped Thanos because she was powerful enough though. They mentioned if not for "x" (I forgot the x) she could have defeated him. It has been a few years since I have seen any of those movies so cannot recall what they were referencing, but they also mentioned captain Marvel was also strong enough (I always assumed Danvers was the single most powerful superhero ever created so was not really surprised by that statement...after all in End Game she was off fighting wars like the one that was raging on earth all over the galaxy) Anyway I just thought it was interesting they mentioned it. Finished up the latest episode last night. They are all very well done IMO.
  13. The REAL sound: https://www.space.com/perseverance-rover-first-mars-sounds-audio?utm_source=notification&jwsource=cl
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