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  1. down almost 3% yesterday was rough
  2. Only a bougie person would recognize that.
  3. As in life, the question of where to stay...'depends'. If you want the full on downtown Detroit experience (and you may want that as a LOT has changed since 1988) then you may consider The Hilton Garden Inn which is walking distance to the park...so on those restless nights you can wander on over to the park and take a stroll around it or something. If you want something a little more boogie you may consider the Westin book which is also within walking distance of the park and also in a more traveled area. There is also the Mariot in the Ren Cen, but a little more of a walk. If you plan on hitting a casino my recommendation for the best experience will probably be MGM. Greektown is best situated though and used to be my main spot 10-15 years ago. You are driving so you will have a car I assume...you could stay in Royal Oak and drive downtown. I like Royal Oak, it is pretentious as ****, but they have some good restaurants and it is a good city to walk around in. I am a fan of Dearborn and there is plenty to do there as well. I would recommend the Hampton Inn on Michigan Ave and Military, it is pretty new and right in the middle of the 'strip' for Dearborn. Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are close by as well. You could easily spend an entire day in each. Plenty of places to eat within walking distance. I could offer a million and 1 things to do while in the city itself or in the surrounding suburbs. Feel free to PM me with any questions and I will be glad to help out.
  4. This year is bad...REALLY bad, but I am an optimist and hold out hope. A surgery here, a surgery there, rehab here, rehab there....he will go out with a bang in 2025 hitting 170 HR to become the all time leader! Honestly I still hold out hope. If he is like this next year then I will be sad and mourn the end of a legacy...one that I was hoping would go out with a bang, but ended up limping to the finish.
  5. I would 100% without a doubt be able to tell Applebees food with the newer 'top' restaurants in Detroit. We have ALWAYS had horrific experiences with Applebees though so that may be a bad comp. If you took an item that Applebees or Outback or something sells and place the same item on a nicer restaurant and then try to switch the plates and see if you could tell a difference...I am pretty sure I could. I would not complain about it, but I would not go back to that place because I would think "I can get better than that at Longhorn" or something similar. That happened to us at Lumen. I love the locale because we take the kids to hang out at Beacon park a lot, but I do not think we will eat there again...same with the place right across the street, nothing earth shattering minus a really good cheese plate.
  6. My wife fell into the trap of wanting to eat at all the nice places downtown about 6 months ago. We got a sitter once every couple weeks on a Saturday and went out for a few drinks and some food. I enjoyed hitting new spots. Some of the places were supremely over rated IMO and others turned out to be gems. While travelling around the city in parts other than the ones we already knew it was cool to see new things popping up. I want what is best for the city as a whole. Is it better for the city to have a bunch of new restaurants? Probably not because there is a bubble there and some of the restaurants are going to go under which is not good for the city, but the % that survive and thrive....would they have tried if the others did not? No idea. I like good food and I am a BIG ambience type guy. I would enjoy a hotdog on a patio overlooking the water or the city skyline more than I would a filet with mash sitting next to the bathroom or being forced to sit next to some random people. It is not so much about the decor, but the location/view for me. There is a vibe to places, I can feel it almost immediately after sitting at a new place. And while Del was not trying to do it directly he just gave me some good advice about hiring. We are in the process of opening a salon, interviewing potential managers Monday in fact and while the salon industry is different than the restaurant biz, I will have a slightly more open mind when it comes to experience thanks to his comment.
  7. If you throw cigarette buts out your car window I automatically think you are a db. I see it far too often in my commute.
  8. I have peeved this before I am sure, but I just heard another commercial for it while listening to one of the comedy stations on Sirius. This one especially peeved me because of the way the guy was laughing. The "I have not paid my taxes in 5 years and contacted 'x' company and man am I glad I did!" Insert douchy laugh...almost a giggle. I, literally, go off in the truck when I hear these. Congratulations for being a db and not paying your taxes for 5 years - enjoy your hand out....that ends up getting passed down to honest tax payers.
  9. He put him on the 2 hands that beat him. Stupid really. I would not call that the 'ultimate fold', but then again I like QQ...it usually serves me well. His thought process was something like "even if he has AK, I have to fade one of those on the flop if I call, so either I fold or push"...then he put him on AA...incorrectly
  10. Trying to reconcile any main stream religion with the facts I know about space is really difficult. Is it possible the creator of EVERYTHING is one single entity and that we are enlightened enough to know what this entity wants of us and important enough for 'it' to send a 'son' of his to teach it to us? Anything is possible. I do not believe this is as true and see various levels of people who do believe this. Like everything else in life there are no absolutes. Not all religious people are straight crazy/delusional...in fact I put the percentage pretty low. The scale works for just about everything IMO. You have a small % on one side, a small % on the other and in the middle you have the majority...reasonable/level headed/good people. The enormity of space boggles my mind whenever I really sit and start thinking about it, the significance (or lack thereof) of us as a species, the number of possible inhabited planets, what is beyond the universe...if anything...the whole "our entire universe could be an atom on the finger nail of some other being in some other universe" type stuff. There is so much unknown. Raised into a catholic household that practiced until I was about 9 or 10 or so and now being a person that really does not believe in anything holy/supernatural to the extent that any religion has it even remotely close. It is difficult to reconcile the die hards.
  11. You would have to put it in perspective. What is the players net-worth v what your net-worth is then figure out what that dollar amount is to you and attached some significance to giving it up and see if it is worth it.
  12. Mine went up almost double...I bought about 1200.00 worth a year or so ago and never check it anymore because it went to crap...last time I checked I had about 250.00 in there...now I got 460.00! Little bit of bit and mostly lite.
  13. If "a lot" of fireworks is about 30 minutes worth on the 4th then he MAY be my neighbor...except we have not been able to indulge the past 3 years because the kids are snoring when it is dark out. We still hear plenty though...which is nice. Really, IMO, it is nice.
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