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  1. As long as they do not go crazy and start dropping everybody..I expect them to compete next year.
  2. My parents moved into their Detroit home (the first house they owned...they lived in apartments in the city before then) the first few days the riots started. That was about 10 years before I was born, but I heard stories from my dad about it all. How the guys on the block took up arms and stood watch at the ends of the street to discourage anyone from doing anything on our block. The movie sounds much darker than I thought originally, but I am sure I will see it. It is kind of a must if you lived in Detroit I would imagine.
  3. The only one of these chain type restaurants around us that used to be worth a damn is Ruby Tuesday. They had decent food and a reasonable price. Chilis, TGI Fridays, Applebees et al all blow.
  4. I will never step foot in an applebees again. We kept trying and trying (mainly because the experiences were so bad that we kept getting gift cards to come back from management or corporate) We tried multiple locations and it was always the same. Horrible service, cold food, no effort from anyone that worked was horrendous. There used to be one by my work that closed down a few years ago....the wife and I would go there sometimes when she met me at work for also sucked. Hopefully they close all the ones by us so they put something there that is actually good.
  5. I think the whole Gendry thing...for the most part anyway, was just Davos being a good person wanting to see if he was there while he snuck in. I am guessing he did not want to risk his neck just to check up on him, but since he had to sneak Tyrion in he took the opportunity to see if he was alright and to offer to get him out of there with a good plan on where he was going (Winterfell) with friendly people out from under Cercei who could have found out about him and decided to do something about it. The world is safe for Gendry right now...Millesandre is gone and she was the one who wanted to sacrifice him. Stannis is long gone as well. And he is good with the forge so it was just a natural thing to check on him because apparently Davos told Gendry to go back to Kings Landing. They never showed that in the episode he left, but Gendry said he had been safe and Davos was right that the best place for him was back in KL. It would kind of suck if Gendry was brought back only to die in the next episode, but maybe he is one of the guys who gets out...maybe they all get out, but this def has the feel of an episode where we lose some people. The whole 'our fathers trusted each other no reason we should not trust each other' was a refreshing change from politics as usual.
  6. Technically Gendry is the rightful heir.
  7. That is a good point because with the amount of travel the past couple episodes they have been stuck there for a good amount of least a week or so.
  8. I agree and think most of those dudes are dead. I can see a big purge there only to have Cercei screw it all up by agreeing to a truce until the dead are taken care of and the cost it took to convince her only to have her screw it all up. I assumed Cercei would go to Dany or meet in an open field somewhere...something like that where a surprise attack could be seen a mile away.
  9. I can see them making this epic last episode. I can absolutely see that. They HAVE to be making a truck load of money on this series. As much as the production costs, which I am sure is substantial, they have to be raking in...good for them. They all have contributed to make one helluva series and I will be bummed out when it ends.
  10. That would make a nice bow on the series. I just hate to wait so long.
  11. I lol'd a little when Tormund asked 'did you bring the big woman?'
  12. That was a fast moving episode. I love the little rat pack headed north. Some of my favorite characters all heading out together. What is the play there though? Run into the horde and try to lasso a walker to take back for the meeting? lol Honestly this is a very dangerous move. How do they plan on taking a walker hostage? I did love the montage of Bran warging into the crows to see the army marching...forever marching...I think the show will end and they will still be marching. That was a cool little meeting though...everyone seemed to know someone on the other side. Jon knew Clegane, Mormont knew Thoros, Gendry knew all of them. I guess we will see Thoros flaming sword in the next episode. At least I imagine we will. Tyrion going back to Kings Landing was extremely dangerous. Gendry is back...all be damned. I did not think they had time to re introduce him. Instead of Jon and Dany maybe it will be Gendry and Dany? He really is the legit successor to the throne and has been since Robert died in the show. Robert was the last real king the show has seen and ******* or not Gendry is next in line. I like how Gendrys weapon of choice is a hammer like his dad. Nice little call back because we have not see any major characters with anything other than swords...minus the viper I guess. I like how Davos said he was wondering if he was still rowing...that is what everyone has been saying since he left...'When is Gendry coming back?'...'prolly still rowing away!' Everyone keeps talking about Dany and Jon having the rightful place on the throne, but honestly Gendry has the best claim of all of them. Robert over threw the Targaryens and was the king for many years...the claim from any Targaryen at that point is a false one really. Roberts heir is the rightful claim and that is Gendry. I think Cercei is lying as well. And how exactly did Jaime 'betray her'? By going to train with Bronn and getting tricked into seeing his brother? By not killing him or bringing Tyrion back to Cercei? I guess that would be it. LF playing the woman without a face? I expect quite a bit more out of Arya than getting played by LF. I paused the scene when she opened the scroll, but the edges were blurry...I am pretty sure it is the scroll she was forced to send to Winterfell by Cercei. I do not think that was his first thought when he was told Lewin kept every scroll a couple episodes ago. I would bet money his mind did NOT go back to the letter Sansa wrote...he was thinking about a letter he wrote I am sure. Dany has to know something is up now that she saw Jon pet her dragon. Has anyone ever got that close to one of her dragons and lived? I do not recall ever seeing anyone get that close before. So is Sam heading to the wall? Is he going to his home? Doubt he goes home...Winterfell? That would be my guess. I think Sam knows Jon is there by now right? He sent him a raven about the dragon glass. Quite a distance to travel. He dismissed Gilly when she almost fully gave away a huge piece of the puzzle with Jon about Rhaegar getting annulled and then secretly marrying (Neds sister) What is LF's play is all I keep thinking about. He is going to side with the winner or the person he thinks will win and then somehow try to weasel into the throne himself. Who is that though? Who is it to him more importantly. If I could figure out what his end play is maybe I could rationalize all his scheming other than just to be a nuisance. Things are moving very fast in the show. I do not mind it as much, but it does seem like a pretty drastic change. Things used to move so slow now things are picking up. Major characters are all meeting up for the final show down. I was a little disappointed how they just cut to Bronn pulling Jaime out of the water a mile or so down from the spot he went in, but at least they did not let that little nugget linger. I liked the opening credits this episode and how they added East Watch..that was cool I thought. 2 more episodes left for gods only know how long. The breaks in between this show are incredibly long usually, but hopefully this next break will not be as long since they are shorter. Addition: Cercei is going to totally back stab Dany and that is how the playing field will level out a little. Cercei will meet with Dany and see the walker Jon brings from north of the wall...will think it is a big scam, but play a long like she is going to help and abandon them all and try to take over everything while it is empty. Maybe she spies Tyrion there at that meeting and simply sees red and does not give a crap about the marching army of the dead...either way she will be the reason the dead make it past the wall and it will be her undoing.
  13. OUCH....that is one of the biggest single day drops I have seen since I started investing. Almost a full 2%
  14. Yes Dany has to ride him to control what he does. Burning the provisions was a dumb move and probably only done because they needed to show more damage inflicted by the dragon that did not require people burning and the cost associated with that. Distract from the idea that she didn't even need the army on the ground to defeat her enemies. Droggon could have burned them all to the ground pretty easily. Not knocking the episode it was kick ***...just showing that if you dissect a show about dragons too much you come out a loser.
  15. I have no idea why it took me this long to figure out, but most of the people that I run into online simply do not like people. I generally think most people are morons, but I usually like most people I meet or work with etc. And I am even starting to lighten up on the 'most people are morons' thing because I am starting to think most people are alright, but take awhile to be comfortable enough around me to speak what they really think and feel. Our world is filled with general banter these days. Polite euphemisms even among friends...not best friends or life long friends, but those people you meet later in life who you consider friends..., but take a long time to open up to. It weakens the soul not to be able to open up to someone for fear of offending them, making them uncomfortable or pissing them off.