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  1. One of my brothers is 4 years older than me, he has kids with careers and buying houses, I have a 3 year old at home. He started early, I started late.
  2. I liked Thrawns character quite a bit. We are talking about this series I am assuming...I would say as far as fame goes. I know Ashoka is extremely popular. Darth Vader was ALWAYS the man and since he is gone anyone that was close to him is a big deal. Fett and Ahsoka in the same season is crazy. I wish I was not into Ready Player 1 right now or I would go back and read the Ahsoka book again before she comes back. I am still waiting for Quinlan Voss to make an appearance. After the purge he is my favorite character. I would love to see him on film.
  3. I missed that. I guess there are just so few Mandalorians around when someone sees one they call them Mando? Not sure. Excited about a new episode tomorrow though. With Ready Player 2 coming out in a week I have been re reading Ready Player 1 for the thiiird or fourth time...it is hard to really get into to different things for entertainment at the same time for me, but I am making this work.
  4. My guess is that Fett "gave up the life" or something and we see an episode with him talking to Mando (is that his real name in the show?...more on that in a minute) who was obviously raised in a hard core sect of Mandalorians. We will see Mando talking with Fett and Fett telling him his guilde is a scam or something which is why he gave it up. I do not think he is interested in his armor. Total guess obviously, but I think he is just a wanderer now and Mando will ignite something in him to get him back up and rolling.. Mando...short for Mandalorian....I am assuming he got that name because they did not know his name when they saved him maybe? Or he did not want to be "that kid" anymore so took up the Mando name? I always assumed from the beginning that the people in the show calling him Mando just did not know him well enough to know his real name, but now I am not sure. It will be kind of wild introducing Ashoka, but I am not sure if we get her in the middle of the season...that feels like a last episode of the year type introduction. I read some of the books on Ahsoka..never a huge fan, but she WAS Anakins padawan so it will be interesting to see if they discuss any of that. I know they try to keep mentions of or too much back story about cannon characters in the show at a minimum. I know she was a big character in one of the cartoons, but I never made it through any of those series. My kids are still a little too young for them so I will watch those with them in a couple years maybe.
  5. My brother claims to have made enough for the little single pan pans little Caesars used to make and a coke. F that stupid little black 2 ring binder. I do not have good memories of delivering papers.
  6. I never made a dime with my paper route. Literally. People would stiff me and I had no idea what to do so I would just give the dude all my money for the papers. Stuffing fillers sucked balls and so did getting up early. That did not last for me. F that.
  7. Canada can have Alaska, but we can split Hawaii or something, not giving that paradise up.
  8. Just make 3 countries already, West America, East America and Middle America or something. You cannot have 3-4 states making the laws for the whole country. We are simply too big and too diverse to make one country a reasonable and feasible solution. You could almost draw 2 straight lines right down the country.
  9. I am jumping in the middle hear and apologize if already discussed, but all of the EO's were rescinded according to the MI state official page. I went looking to see what the deal was with not hearing from my boss about working from home and see no new EO and that all of them were rescinded. The latest statement from the governor was more a suggestion backed by MIOSHA than an EO if I am understanding it correctly. I am assuming this is why I have not heard from my boss about working from home. That is the democratic process. I am not sure why people on the far left are having a hard time understanding that a lot of the people trying to discuss this rationally are looking out for future generations as much as debating face masks. I also feel like they all know face masks should be worn. Do not lump those trying to have honest discourse with the crazies who talk about Trump being sent by God or something.
  10. The less people are thinking about it the less they will post about it....that is a win for me. Hopefully it is a boring presidency. I am more than sick of politics in a written word forum. Let's kick COVIDS *** by getting a good vaccination so that will go away and we can get back to hugging people without fear of dying.
  11. I really wonder what those 1% checking accounts look like. We know the "they are worth x", but my understanding in the majority of what those 1% ers are worth is made up of stocks of the companies they own. I am sure if we saw the checking accounts...the money they use everyday we would all still be pretty blown away, but I wonder what those numbers look like?
  12. We ordered our Thanksgiving meal from a local place. We have done it like this 3-4 times in the past 15 years or so because of all the prep work for all the food...it just got to be too much. As far as gifts from local places...I like the idea, but the problem for me is access. We are not going out shopping so if it is not available to view online and pay online and get shipped, that is not going to work. The wife and I do not even exchange any longer, we buy what we want or need through out the year. Our house goes from 5 to maybe 11 during the holidays these days and even pre COVID it was not much more than that unless the wifes family was in from out of town.
  13. There are PLENTY of those types of people who claim to be democrat also..STOP drawing a line.
  14. If they do then they are crazy. Why keep shining light on crazy people? They are SEEKING this, it is almost affirmation. It is the same thing as making Vapid people famous....STOP doing it.
  15. I still have not officially heard from my boss yet. I can easily remote from home. Did it for 3 months back in March with no issues, but I have no idea what is going on yet. I got more done at home then I do in the office. You would think it would be the opposite, but I worry about my kids while at work and do not have to worry about them when I can hear them running around the house.
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