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  1. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Hard to stay level headed when you have a 5 headed monster on your tail yapping every 30 seconds.
  2. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    It is hard to tell and I NEVER want to be lugged in with people who have multiple handles or have been banned and came back under different names etc. I long for the day that actions online are treated like real life. Sorry tiger337, but you are now <real name> and forever will be <real name> so that what you say and do online is the same as what you would say and do in real life. Just using your handle as an example. While we all get a little snarky now and then the reason I like to talk with you online is that for the most part you keep the snark/trolling to a minimum. The internet is treated like a no holds barred adult playground and unfortunately the bullies get the loudest voice just like they do on the real life kids playgrounds.
  3. Investing

    It is definitely the price point, but I am guessing if they charged 19.99 they would lose a ton of subscribers. Pay per channel programming. I know the networks do not want it because you would end up losing a ton of programming, but there are about 10 networks I would pay for. Biggest issue with it IMO is that in 10 years you would end up paying the same you are now for less. You would get a nicely reduced bill for a few years until the charges would keep going up and the option to go back would be gone so you are stuck with paying what they want or simply dropping service altogether.
  4. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    I read your statement too fast and agreed. Because of the bold. The other parts I glossed over. Fame is a disease.
  5. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    JBK is JBK. Sorry to disappoint. We have been over this. It is hard to be taken seriously if people think you are sock puppeting. I HATE...literally HATE people that do that kind of thing online. And no I am not sorry to those who do it or have done it. You need to be purged from the online experience. You are the reason the internet is full of trolls and hate. OWN your words. OWN your actions. Stop hiding.
  6. Investing

    Netflix has wonderful programming IMO. Not just the shows they produce either. I am surprised they are hurting like this. I got Hulu free for a month before Netflix and tried that out...no comparison. Hulu has crap programming IMO.
  7. Investing

    True, but still not meaningful in any way. REAL, meaningful discussion. There just is not much of it.
  8. Investing

    The chip readers make debit cards incredibly fast. Using that is much faster than cash in my experience. I guess it depends on the retailer. I usually use self service machines and have on occasion had to use cash to feed them. With a live person standing there you have to take the cash out of your pocket, hand the cash over wait for change, engage in chit chat if the cashier is friendly (which they usually are not), but with a card I insert the card stare at the screen for a few seconds and bam all done. Honestly the difference in one persons experience either way is not enough to justify any kind of discussion on the topic. I think both modes of payment are fine in terms of time per transaction.
  9. Investing

    Most have minimums, but some places will let you charge whatever. I have a few random bucks laying around my office and in my truck tucked away somewhere, but I am not the type to go buy something for a buck anyway. I will not just walk into a gas station and buy a cup of coffee for instance. When I go out for lunch it is usually like 6-7 bucks and I always pay with my card for that, but that is about the smallest amount I will charge.
  10. 4/22 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Yeah we need to start fleshing out those guys on the cheap right now so we can have that epic come from nowhere run to the WS again in 2021. Give those guys a chance to prove they can help us!
  11. Investing

    I usually have a 50.00 or 100.00 bill turning to dust in my wallet folded up in thiiirds. I once in awhile have to give it to the wife to go towards what we owe the sitter if she forgot to hit the bank. I use my card for everything. I tried balancing our monthly budget by giving the wife 'x' amount of cash to use on groceries etc, but it never worked. She always ended up just taking the money from the card anyway which jacked the budget up even more. I also use to try and keep a small amount of cash in the safe at home to pay for the sitter etc. 'Hey we have this cash here...let'***** the casino!' lol That idea did not work either. That little ***** up there was an apostrophe with an s and the word hit! lol
  12. EARTHQUAKE !!!!!!!!!

  13. 4/20 @~7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Games at 1:10pm yes?
  14. Lions 2018 Schedule

    W Sept 10 7:10p NEW YORK JETS (Monday Night Football) W Sept 16 4:05 at san francisco L Sept 23 8:20 NEW ENGLAND (Sunday Night Football) L Sept 30 1:00 at dallas W Oct 7 1:00 GREEN BAY Oct 14 BYE BYE LOVE (Dedicated to Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers The Cars) W Oct 21 1:00 at Miami L Oct 28 1:00 SEATTLE L Nov 4 1:00 at minnesota W Nov 11 1:00 at chicago W Nov 18 1:00 CAROLINA W Nov. 22 12:30 CHICAGO (Thanksgiving) W Dec 2 1:00 LA RAMS L Dec 9 4:25 at arizona W Dec 16 1:00 at buffalo L Dec 23 1:00 MINNESOTA L Dec 30 1:00 at green bay
  15. Lions 2018 Schedule

    It does seem like that. 6 times in the last 10 years. I went back and checked. And if we do play them the last game this year it will be 3 in a row. 2007,2008,2011,2014,2016,2017