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  1. Mine went up almost double...I bought about 1200.00 worth a year or so ago and never check it anymore because it went to crap...last time I checked I had about 250.00 in there...now I got 460.00! Little bit of bit and mostly lite.
  2. If "a lot" of fireworks is about 30 minutes worth on the 4th then he MAY be my neighbor...except we have not been able to indulge the past 3 years because the kids are snoring when it is dark out. We still hear plenty though...which is nice. Really, IMO, it is nice.
  3. The happy medium is where it is at with just about everything in life. You may want to skew one direction or the other based on your own personal finances IMO.
  4. Pretty much. They are heavy/burdensome beasts though. Trying to make a 90 degree turn without ruining the part of the grass you are not cutting in near impossible.
  5. eh I have done a ton of research on retirement, inflation, expected age I will die, how much I will need etc etc. A couple things in there: I think maybe they do because if it was that easy none of us would live indoors. Assuming he means things like TV's or phones etc. You have 80 years on the planet, the first 20 you are living off someone else and for most of us the last 10 are going to suck a little because of old age, medical issues etc. That leaves 50 years....50 decent years of living where you are required to pay your own way. Am I really going to slug away 40 hours a week then get home and say 'whelp, cannot watch TV because I cannot afford one right now! Maybe in 2 months or something when I can afford it!".....finally got that TV....well now you cannot really watch anything good on it because you cannot afford cable, oh well! I get the reasonable spending narrative, but you make money to enjoy it. As long as you are being reasonable about saving, the narrative that you should never charge anything sucks. QOL....enjoy it while you can. Again not saying charge it all, declare bankruptcy and let the next generation worry about it. An example relative to me personally. I have 3 young kids. I want those young kids to enjoy their childhood. I put a pool on credit so they can enjoy the summers. I put a playset on credit so they can have more to enjoy. If I waited until I could pay cash for them they may very well have outgrown the playset etc. This is just one example.
  6. I am pretty sure the taste comes from simply deep frying in peanut oil as opposed to what other FF chains do to their chicken sandwiches. As far as what I like that the rest of the country likes....I would say I am around 50% with regards to what I get and what I do not.
  7. I wish I would have realized the demand for sod before I rented a sod cutter and cut it. I was stressed all weekend trying to figure out what I was going to do with all this sod I cut up to make room for a playset I am building for the kids birthday. I put up a free sod ad on craigslist and got 8 people so far (after just an hour) that want it. I bet if I put the add up before I even cut it and said "rent a sod cutter for 100.00 at HD and get 34x30' of free sod", they would have probably done the work for me and taken the sod away. You live you learn. At least I do not have to worry about lugging that crap anymore. Sod is extremely heavy. And I only cut it 1"...the sod cutter had settings that went up to 2-1/2"...1" was the 2nd lowest setting.
  8. I tried HARD to get one of those. They "suggest" that owners be BIGTIME involved in the community. I have 3 little kids. Not happening.
  9. Dollar stores are GREAT for birthday parties or other types of summer parties.
  10. I could never open a place like that. Something I have my eye on is those dollar stores though...offering cheap products to those who do not have a ton to pay for the name brand stuff. They HAVE to be profitable for how many of them there are. One is opening right down the road from my place. And we already have like 10 of them within a few miles.
  11. It is a flyer. I am a fan of dropping a little that I can afford to lose on long term long shots. I do not put all my money in such ventures for retirement purposes, but a little here and there when I can afford it. Keeps the dreams alive.
  12. I know you know. Better than me. It comes down to the regulatory agency for advertising I guess (I am assuming there is such a thing) that allows them to use the past performance to promote 10% returns. I dropped a little on the equity offering because I thought the idea was great and would take off. Based on how long it took me to get business funding (started in November and finally closing next week) I wonder if it is a model that would work for SBA....or small business loans....
  13. I am not invested with that portion. I actually do like the premise though. It is basically a bank funded by the people to small developers for flipping houses or maybe another avenue for getting funded for a remodel or something like that.
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