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  1. I had a dream last night that I spent 500k to put up a billboard in every major city in the US with just my name in bold with a tag line saying running for president and getting enough attention to be interviewed by news outlets and basically telling them with every answer that I felt like I could weed out bad guys and would just surround myself with as many qualified people as I could in every major aspect of the presidency (foreign relations, economy etc) and take all their advice and make decisions based on it.
  2. I follow clinical trials VERY closely because of my boys and for the trial to already be in phase 3 is remarkable. It actually gives me more hope to know they COULD get through the phases quicker if the money is behind it.
  3. I always wondered what lead to them not having the real life sister play his sister on the show. The girl who plays his sister was fantastic and maybe the real sister just could not pull that part off, but she was good as Twyla and she is smoking hot also.
  4. When Ohara gets all flustered on that show and just screams a little....lol It is awesome stuff. The way she overly projects her voice and her tone...just like you would expect a long running actress on a soap opera to talk. Dan Levy is fantastic in it, I later found out he is really gay, but through the whole thing thought he was a straight dude playing a gay guy and was amazed at how well he did, knowing he was gay in real life dimmed it a LITTLE for me, but he is still great in it. Almost EVERY episode you can see him trying to hold in a laugh....I think it adds to his character. It is hard to pick a favorite character on that show. No one has even mentioned Chris Elliot. We binged it in like 2-3 weeks and were bummed out when it ended.
  5. Yeah I email blast those who give emails, like you said it is SUPER easy. You may have a service or something, but from the research I have done you cannot blast more than 20-30 before peoples spam filters start filtering it so I download all the emails from our software to excel then copy and paste the emails in groups of 10 or so and BCC 10-20 of the same email to make sure they do not get dropped in peoples spam box. It works well. People respond to it. I do not use it to try and sell anything at this point, more to just thank them for supporting our business and that we are local and it is our first business etc. I do this every week or so with new guests and every couple weeks with returning guests. For those who have visited but it has been over a couple months I send out emails inquiring why they had not returned. Most of those do not respond, but I have had a couple respond and one had an issue with a service they got so I set her up with a new apt and corrected it for free and she was super thankful. My wife calls the others to make sure they had good experiences and they always respond that they did which is good, we just need more people to try us and see that we are legit. That is where the random boosts on facebook come from, just trying to widen our audience.
  6. I have not tried that yet. I think I have promoted maybe 20-30 ads so far so nothing major. Our biggest ad was 200.00 over a 2 week period. Usually it is 100.00 and most times it is only 10-20. So you run 5 different ads all with the same variables and see which does the best? It is half impossible to gauge with our industry though as I am not handing out discounts or coupons for tracking so it is basically just looking at guest count, but since we just opened December it is hard to know who is coming in from those ads and other sources.
  7. Being new to advertising on FB, it is hard to gauge with any kind of accuracy, if any of the ads I am placing are effective or not. I am of the mind that, especially for a new business, you never can really spend too much to promote your business. You need to get a guest base to work from somehow.
  8. 2 things that stand out to me, the bolded and as opposed to making fun maybe someone said "dude are you really about to try and run long distance with corduroys on?" and maybe dude was a jokester? Judging people on how they look is why we are all jacked up as humans. It is the reason behind all the protests and marches etc. It is not a one way street and accomplishes nothing.
  9. https://www.indexmundi.com/clocks/indicator/deaths/united-states Provided without comment.
  10. Right behind mental health is your issue of poverty IMO, but for me it all starts with mental health. Give a poor person a bunch of money are they magically going to become model citizens? Give a mentally deficient person the tools to break out of their depression/bi polar disorder etc and that person would not need to be "given" any money to pull out of poverty.
  11. Mental health has always been the biggest factor to me. Get rid of the stigma surrounding seeing a shrink, make it normal and common place, make it easily available and cost effective for low incomes. That is a generational shift. It will not be quick, but it will be the most effective IMO.
  12. My statement has nothing to do with the actions. I saw the pic, then looked at the available video. They should not be pointing guns at people, trained or not, not in that situation. I want to be clear on that point. What does a person that knows how to use a gun look like?
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