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  1. John_Brian_K

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I liked Kinsler as well, but I would rather see a young guy get those reps. It really does not matter either way though, not really.
  2. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    That sucks.
  3. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    I am not sure any of these are very good. The original one is alright I guess because it is getting people to download their app. McD's cannot do much to counter that. The people going to BK or McD's are already going for FF. You are not bringing in a new audience by giving stuff away for free just to stick it to the competition to people who are already customer. I have no idea if McD's has an app already, but if they do not they are shockingly out of touch. I am in my 40's and even I prefer ordering my food and having it paid for and ready before I get there. The 20 somethings? I can only imagine what they are expecting these days. The first FF franchise that offers quick and easy ordering with delivery will win the war of FF IMO. If I can go on my phone, order whatever I want, have the payment info already stored, have my location already saved and simply touch a button and know in about 15 or 20 minutes I will have that food at my door...I am ordering from that place a LOT as long as the food is what I am expecting in terms of quality. I use it for Panera. I enjoy their food, the ordering is extremely simple and I would probably live off their menu if they delivered for a reasonable price. It is just like the phone company or cable companies...put the bait out with 'free delivery' and make it for a long time to get them USED to it then after 6 months or something slowly add the charge in. There are plenty of delivery services out there now...Lyft does it I think so does Uber, but for a cost. If a POS restaurant starts doing it just for their food and make it free for awhile...give the people a chance to see it works, it works WELL, the food arrives hot and good....you are going to reel in a big audience. If McD's started offering free delivery off their regular menu at the same prices for a few months...that will bring in a whole new audience IMO. They will lose money for those few months, but it is all about the long game for those companies.
  4. Knowing one is great, but being married to an NP is the best thing ever. Sorry. lol
  5. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    Did you know the drunken man?
  6. John_Brian_K

    December 2018 Game Threads

    We can hope!
  7. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    This is what I was looking for when I ran into that article about them making one that actually worked using proteins as fuel. This image has fascinated me since I first saw it a few years ago maybe on Nat Geo or Discovery..one of those stations, maybe Science Channel. I even sent a request to the Science Channel for the show 'How it's made' because it fascinates me. Right after sending I knew it was a stupid idea...they are not going to show how something like this is actually made, but it is stuff like this that will lead to more space travel. Anytime I am feeling overcome with life I just kind of day dream about space exploration and it kind of helps put any issues I am having in perspective. The tech is not there yet for really exciting stuff, but the potential is awesome.
  8. John_Brian_K

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Yeah I got curious about what happens to your purchases if you drop them and found out you can still access everything. I thought maybe they shipped you a DVD or something, but it is streaming. I have about 20-30 different movies I bought. About half of those are for the kids.
  9. John_Brian_K

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    dick, but oh **** no
  10. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    Fascinating: https://phys.org/news/2018-04-tiny-nanomachine-successfully.html
  11. John_Brian_K

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Probably because once you go down that road it becomes easy to just buy it...next thing you know your cable bill goes from 150.00 a month to 300.00 a month. I reserve buying movies on Xfinity for those that have NEVER actually aired. I have 3-4 movies I have wanted to show the kids or watch myself that I loved as a kid. They never run on channels so I can never record them so I have them in my favorites, but have not pulled the trigger yet...I keep thinking one day they will air on TV and I can record it.
  12. John_Brian_K

    Godspeed George H.W. Bush

    Dogging a dude in, basically, his obit is gross.
  13. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    I think the case would be very defensible also. I am guessing they did not start the promotion until they ran it by their lawyers first. IMO it all depends on what type of confusion this causes Mickey D's and what if anything D can prove in damages. It all has to do with jamming up their lines with confused people looking for Whoppers IMO. If they can prove enough damages to make the suit worth it and if the PR people think what they MAY get in damages does not off set with 'bad PR' etc etc. Mountain/molehill...my first thought was lawsuit because that is what people do...more likely than not nothing comes of this.
  14. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    I understand what the promotion is, but the videos in the promotion shows something different. F both of them really. When I do have fast food it is Wendys or nothing for me anyway.