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  1. John_Brian_K

    King for a day edict:

    When they first started on TV my brother mentioned it to me...he was like 'why the **** are they advertising drugs? Is it not up to the doctor to prescribe medication?' I agreed. This was like what 4-5 years ago...maybe more? The wife is an NP...I asked her...she said she thought it was alright because it was creating am informed consumer. I still do not like the idea of drug companies advertising their product for the layman to assume it will fix all their problems.
  2. John_Brian_K

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I am looking forward to watching Miggy make a come back and make everyone who thinks he is done eat their words. I am not very good at these projections though...I am the one who thought Trout was a 2 year wonder.
  3. John_Brian_K

    Hey Guitar Guys!

    I remember how excited I was when I heard VH was coming out with a new CD back in 2012. I had not bought an actual CD in years before that and have not since. It may very well be one of those CD's you need to listen to a bunch of times to either like or appreciate. I wore it out, but like most CD's I put it away for awhile. There are 3-4 REALLY good songs on it IMO. Some pretty good guitar work. Just broke it out to listen to again and immediately brought back some cool memories of when I first got it. My wife and I took a vacation around the time it came out. I DL'd it to my phone and listened to it on my head phones a lot just sitting on the beach. Pretty sure the CD got ripped nationally. I really liked it. I told a co-worker who is a musician and around the same age that I could listen to EVH play all day. It is his style. It just resonates with me...almost more than any other guitarist. The last 2 minutes or so of Beats Workin...really good IMO.
  4. John_Brian_K

    Hey Guitar Guys!

    My list of favorite guitarist is probably not popular with music snobs because they may not be the most technical or whatever, but they made music I liked. I would guess at least half of them make all time lists. Without giving it tooo much thought: Eddie Van Halen Zack Wylde Yngwie Malmsteen George Lynch Buckethead Eric Clapton Joe Bonamassa Jimmy Page Kirk Hammet Joe Satriani I am not even going to front and say that Hendrix 'blew my mind' or whatever because he was before my time and not really my music. Not that I cannot appreciate his greatness...just that for me personally his music never spoke to me. Buckethead & Bonamassa are relatively new to me...the past 5-10 years or so. EVH, Lynch and Yngwie were the first ones I really just loved listening to. Wylde is basically for the No More Tears album alone.
  5. I feel like we never truly got a season of the real Punisher. Netflix just cancelled it and Jessica Jones. Bummer.
  6. John_Brian_K

    Digital Advertising - Are "They" Listening?

    No issues lately, but I did turn my mic on my phone off for everything. I will keep an eye out and see if anything pops up.
  7. John_Brian_K

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    This whole thing reminds me of what they were talking about on the radio earlier. About what did you used to love that you now hate...kind of talk. More than a few mentioned basketball. I do not claim to know the ins and outs of the game today because I do not watch like I used to. But the general angst against the NBA from the callers was about super teams and not really wanting to build anything etc etc. I am assuming Davis is just mad because they are not good? So he is complaining and wanting to sit out and not even play? It is stuff like THAT I think that really disenfranchises 40+ year old viewers. For me it is not so much the game and how it is played, but it is the attitudes of the players. My gut is telling me they think they are more important than they really are because owners bow to them a little too much because in that league your popularity is directly related to the super star player. Tough love. One of these 'superstars' needs to get cut or banished or something. The NBA has ALWAYS been a business. Why are we even talking about players 'sitting'?
  8. John_Brian_K

    MLB rule: Jim Joyce can not umpire any Galarraga game.

    That is a pretty cool piece of trivia. MAY have been able to go in the random thread, but I do not mind this thread dying a fiery death in under 30 posts or so. Either way is fine. It IS one of those 'where were you moments though'...I recall it specifically and will probably always recall where I was and what I was doing while that game was going on. Nostalgia. Nothing is better...well maybe hope.
  9. John_Brian_K

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I am not sure it was self imposed. Dude knew he was dying and could not control that. I do agree though that he was overly aggressive because of his impending death. Dude wanted to see his team win it all. I respect the **** out of that. Did it hurt us now and in the next couple years? Probably, but it is totally understandable IMO.
  10. John_Brian_K

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I love the quote. Does not mean it will happen, but I do love the quote and this is basically how I feel every winter before the season starts. Hope...hope, man.
  11. John_Brian_K

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    There is only one thing you can hope an owner will do IMO and that is spend money on players the organization thinks will make the team better. Illitch did that.
  12. John_Brian_K

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I think owners are sick and tired of giving 20+ over 10 year periods and can see the writing on the wall that it is simply bad business practice. I would not be surprised if both of those guys signed 7 year deals max.
  13. John_Brian_K

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    Buddha must be a popular dude! I bet your inbox is full.
  14. John_Brian_K

    Random Thread

    Haha that is great. Funny thing...the wife and I tried applebees maybe 10 times or so back from 2006-2010 or so and had a horrid experience EVERY TIME. We said 'no more' after each time, but kept giving them another shot. And finally just said 'no more applebees ever..really this time'...now there is a new one that went up by where we bowl (new to us anyway) and there is really only one other option to stop at on the way there before we bowl so we tried it AGAIN about a month ago (9 years after the last time) ...and actually had a decent experience. The food was not completely horrific. We actually went back this weekend before bowling again.
  15. John_Brian_K


    Pretty sure the sedan market will be exclusively electric in the next 10 years or so. Giving those a reason to brag about it. Also giving new meaning to the term 'gas guzzler' they can use against those with the big trucks...no matter how good the MPG is.