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  1. Amidst everything going on right now...I am literally shocked at how many people still want to point the finger at people and blame them. There will be time for that later...how about focusing your attention on more important matters? Is that possible?
  2. I am not sure if you should keep going. If you did not like the first 4 episodes I am not sure if the rest will change your mind. I loved it from the first scene on and cannot think if you have not enjoyed up to episode 4 that the remaining 4 are going to change your opinion of it.
  3. I went on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii for my honeymoon...we were maybe 2 of the 50 people under 65 on the entire ship...just sayin.
  4. We can determine it, but can you prove it? I get all that you wrote up and thanks for taking the time to write it all out, but you get that crazy bill and know it is not right, contact the supplier and you get 2 options to pay it or have the meter checked at your expense. I already track all my data which is how I know which bills are whacked out. I can tell them all day that the bill is not correct and to look at my normal usage etc...they are not going to listen to it. I tried it twice so far.
  5. Not only the guy making 30k, but yeah those making less are obviously going to get hit harder, but everyone is going to get creamed. We are in an especially delicate time financially. Not only with our new business losing money before all this, but also personally...my wife works for a company whose paychecks keep bouncing. Like ALL the time...the past 6 months or so I have been juggling finances and managed to float all the bad checks (and the original checks come 2-3 weeks late and the reissue checks come a week later...and sometimes THOSE bounce), but it finally caught up to us...LAST WEEK FFS. Have had like 300.00 in check fees from the bank and a letter from the bank saying they may close our account because of it. Been charging everything the past week or so. It's been a freaking nightmare....great timing right? I am not expecting a bail out from the government because of those issues...just saying it is a crappy time for everyone. Hopefully we can get some relief in the form of tax breaks next year to help fade everything going on. Before last week I felt very secure in our finances...a week later....while not panicked, I am very concerned.
  6. Wishing someone...anyone gets the virus is out of line. No matter if you hate that person or not. Not being particularly emotional about all this myself I can see what appears to be Stan trying to get people to see that with his post. His post was also out of line. Just because you agree with one does not mean the other is out of line. Really they both were.
  7. I have been too scared to look the past 5 days. Not going to start now. I am going to wait a month or 2 to even look at it again. That is going to be tough though.....I usually look every day. Last I looked it was down 3%, then 4% then slight uptick then down 6% etc....if has been BRUTAL.
  8. We are on the average bill system. Keeps me from going from 400.00 to 100.00...I like the average. Makes for ease of budgeting.
  9. I still have no idea what your recourse is when/if you get a bill that is ludicrous. How do you prove how much water/electricity you used? You really cannot. You could get a bill like the one I got that is COMPLETELY out of left field and have to suck it up and pay it because there really is no way to fight it. It is more than maddening.
  10. I am in the weird middle on this. I 100% see what Stan is talking about and feel like I agree more than I disagree, but I also 100% see the other side and being prepared. I think there is a middle ground that would be accepted by the majority and thought to be too much on one side and not enough on the other, but would satisfy both. Stans argument is a hard one to articulate in text, I try and it never works so I stopped even trying most of the time now. I feel like it is usually a "take a step back and look at the REAL big picture" type opinion that is hard to express in text. I also just think this is the way things are going to be from here on out. My first reaction is that the reaction is overkill and if we react to everything like this it makes for a crappy way of life, but I also see that actions taken will help save people. There are a couple different mindsets on this issue. I started thinking about what I would do if this were a REAL serious issue and for some reason it overwhelmed us as a country. It led me to 2 different people. Those who would fend for themselves and not at all expect any help from anyone and quite the opposite to expect people to try and start taking what was theirs. And the other group that would be looking to the government to come rescue them. Looking for someone else to help them. To fix their problems. I have no specific training in survival, I have no illusions that if this did happen that I would come out the other end clean and unharmed, but I do know that I would be doing my best in that and not waiting for someone to come help me. Articulating all this in text is next to impossible, even having a conversation about this is difficult. No matter the overall outcome, I hope everyone on this board comes out clean on the other end of it. I hope it goes away, I hope life goes on as normal within a month or so.
  11. That may not be a bad thing. It is probably overkill, but if it saves a significant number of lives....it is worth it.
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