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  1. As soon as a player or coach puts a word in a refs ear about "watch so and so" or "watch them do <x>" the ref will do it...they may try NOT to do it, but the more they try NOT to do it the more the do it. It should be outlawed to say anything like that to a ref, straight up. You say something like that to a ref? You gone!
  2. I am not a millionaire. 1,500.00 for a couple tickets, 1,400.00 for a hotel, 800.00 round trip tickets and then about 2,000.00 to have round the clock sitters for my 3 kids. That does not include food or a car...add another 2,000.00. I would have been able to convince the wife of a couple days, but not 7 days in cold Wisconsin in September.
  3. The amount of time and money I would have to put into this trip made me balk at practice round tickets. I wanted Friday or Sunday tickets preferably. I got on the email random list a couple years ago before the last one and got picked this year. Hopefully I get picked again in my lifetime. I was really jazzed about planning the trip.
  4. I am sure I will get it eventually because of the kids, it does irritate me a little though that I have purchased so many of these titles in the past. I think I have had about 3-4 different versions of Pinocchio in my life (VHS, Special VHS, DVD, online). The last one I got was Swiss Family Robinson for the kids. I have about 10-11 that I had to pay 20.00 each for. I have all of the Star Wars stuff also on VHS, DVD etc. The first time I go to find a Disney movie I want to introduce the kids too and see the only way to get it will be to subscribe will probably be the time I get it...that or when the Mandalorian comes out.
  5. Anddddd....all match day tickets are gone. Either just practice day or the full week. Not doing either. That sucked.
  6. So the next time he wants to open his mouth about a political issue we can tell him to shut up right?
  7. How much is too much? Did someone convince him that the money he makes by saying what he said will supersede the bad look or the hypocrisy of his statements? There are 2 things: 1. He honestly thinks that saying what he is saying will be better for people because of his charities or something. 2. Or he is simply a hypocrite. I TRY REALLY hard to put myself in peoples shoes...you cannot REALLY do that...you can take the points of the discussion into account and then take yourself and figure what you would do. A person making millions of dollars every year does not have the immediate threat of starvation or homelessness if their salary drops so in that respect it is EXTREMELY hard to figure out what I would do in my current situation compared to what I would do if I had his money...I am probably at this point in my life, 2-3 years away from homelessness if for some reason ALL of my incoming money was gone. That would not happen to Lebron if he spoke up. His % would go down, but he would still be a millionaire. This is mainly the reason I literally lol when people use what celebrities say when it comes to "injustice" or whatever and side with them, none of them are selfless.
  8. Search for Golf in the title only and this is one of the last topics discussed. Sitting in a que online to get Ryder Cup tickets for next year. I was "selected" to even have the opportunity to sit in a que to see if I get some before they sell out.
  9. Since the Pistons moved downtown I have been to about 4-5 games...the previous 4-5 years at the Palace I had not gone to one single game. I will most likely go to 2-3 games this year. If they were still at the palace I would MAYBE go to 1.
  10. We see the replay and can tell when it is the wrong call. If it is pretty obvious the wrong call is made on the field the ref in a box overlooking the game and seeing the replay corrects the call. The tech is there to even have one of the refs on the field have a visor that shows the replay in real time...if it was wrong, stop play and reverse it. Have the "guy in the sky" stop play and say "yeah no foul" Get rid of the refs on the field all together, minus one maybe to spot the ball or something. Let the game playout, after each play the entirety of the play is reviewed by 3-4 guys in a booth all looking for different things, if there was a foul call it, if not let the game go. By the time you have that ref on the field grab the ball to spot it you have 10-15 seconds right there to look at the last play. I think it is impossible to do in the current incarnation of the system. Either call everything or call nothing.
  11. I think I recall 1984...I was 7. I recall seeing the final out. I do not recall much else minus driving with my mom going downtown to pick up my older brother who would have been 15 at the time and I am pretty sure I saw the car fire. Apparently he was downtown partying and needed a ride. I am not sure if he was drunk or just got stuck down there, but I vaguely recall being a little nervous going down there with my mom. I do not think my dad was home, but he could have been. This all kind of ties into a bigger moment in my life and I am really just piecing this together for the first time as I write this. I do not recall ever finding him down there, we may have, but I am not sure. I do not recall a drive home, just the drive out there. My brother Matt who was downtown back in 1984 subsequently died 15 years ago yesterday. I never pieced these 2 facts together before and do not really think they are related in any way because he was not a HUGE die hard baseball fan. He liked baseball, but it is coincidental I think. He struggled with substance abuse for as long as I can remember before his death. I shared a bedroom with him when I was just a little kid and recall smelling the liquor sweating off him at night when he would get home. I just started thinking about him today and saw this post and recalled the memory of that day and just realized it was almost the same day.
  12. Coleman could do nothing against that TD. He was right there.
  13. I went to bed at the 2 minute warning. I assumed what happened would happen, but was hoping for some weird story about a fumble or int or something to ice it for the lions this morning. The people who are all upset at these calls...why now? This has been going on ...... I mean it really has, this is absolutely nothing new. When you are a great team you overcome these calls, but the kicker is that you do not NEED to overcome them because you do not get them. You can literally point to 1-2 bad calls at crucial points in the game that cost Lions wins that put them right out of contention almost every year. This will happen in just enough games to put them on the outside looking in year after year after year after year.
  14. Skinny Pete really...I don't want to say "redeemed himself", but his quick thinking about the car was a great little scene...so was his interactions with Jesse...I thought the whole "hero" thing was a little heavy handed, but I really liked how he was such a good person. Badger cracks me up...I think it is his voice. I wish there was a little more of them, I doubt they could make a series out of it and there is no real way to introduce them in BCS unfortunately. Another 5-10 minutes with them in this movie I think would have been perfect. Todd...."that opey looking dead eyed freak!" lol that was a great line from Jesse in BB. Todd, I think MAYBE he could have had a stand alone episode in BB, but I do not think he is a character you can build a whole show around. Having JUST finished watching BB again from the beginning Saul and Mike stood out as people we NEEDED to see more of and we got them. It is a testament to well thought out characters though that you can pull all these individuals out of one show and at least have a discussion about a stand alone series.
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