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  1. lol....I think Lebron does these things just to see what he can get away with.
  2. Referencing when he went to bed or took a shower I am sure. I think it is more "when can someone actually see your face?" as opposed to "when can you take the helmet off?" She asked the question with the intent of trying to see his face...he answered it literally.
  3. He was given a tracker, not a puck. IIRC. I think the puck is just something to maybe show local authorities/the bounty etc, but the tracker has the real info on it. Pretty sure they did not tell him the planet. Yeah you would have no need for bounty hunters travelling systems because there would be one on the planet that could reach the target quicker. Unless you have to go to the guild directly. Which is how they have been showing "Mando" (wonder if we ever get his real name?) getting bounties. He has to physically go somewhere to get them. I think it may be like that...which is ok with me. I mean they are telling a story here, gotta keep it interesting...not very interesting if he just goes somewhere and gets old with BY.
  4. Yeah I am just thinking this through as I am typing it. Guessing you get the bounty which when in the same system will trigger. A good bounty hunter has to find his way to that system in the least before it triggers and starts helping out. It MAY even have to be on the same planet which would make tracking close to impossible which explains why just about every bounty hunter is a super bad ***...they have to be.
  5. I think anything in excess like that (pimping her on twitter etc) is tiring and can make someone dislike a person. I think she is a talented actress. The jury is out on her directing IMO. While this was a good episode just like the rest, it was probably my least favorite so far.
  6. It took me back a little when he took it off looking out the window at the woman, with the window open. If she would have looked over and saw him would he then have had to retire or something? Not much lore for Mandalorians in the books that I can recall reading...at least not much in the new canon books. I never read any of the legends stuff. Was surprised Bryce Dallas Howard was the director of that last episode. I like her as an actress, but did not know she was into directing like her dad. I wonder how the bounties work. The bounty hunter came for baby yoda because he had a tracker of some kind. If Mando knows the guild and how they work why would he ever think they would be safe if they can just add new bounties? I am assuming the trackers (or whatever they really are - something that uses dna or something) may not work at long range, but a good tracker has to at least find the right system before it works or something....then it can hone in on the bounty.
  7. It has been a while since I have watched ESB and he was on screen for such a short period of time and was not a part of the story in any meaningful way. In Shadows of the Empire he was a boss you had to beat and even though I had seen ESB by the time I played, in my mind up to that point it was the first I had seen him because he was such an irrelevant character in ESB. I geek out on Star Wars quite a bit, probably more than anything else I geek out on, but I do not know every detail...obviously.
  8. Before this past year I use to order from amazon 2-3 times a month. Just an item or 2. I have placed about 100 orders in the past month. I notice some orders take a little longer, but for the most part my orders come before they say they will.
  9. Yeah he was on screen for about 5 seconds. What do you not understand? My memory of IG-88 in a video game or the fact I forgot about him appearing for 5 seconds in ESB?
  10. I am assuming he can never take it off in front of other people. I assume he does not sleep with it on or shower with it on.
  11. And I KNEW IG-88 was familiar. Shadows of the Empire...Nintendo 64 game. Back in the day it was one of the first open world type games I had ever played and thought it was amazing. You run into an 88 riding a garbage barge.
  12. Watching from the beginning with CC on and you can really pick up on things you would not have known. Like ... The guy in the very beginning that gets on Mando for spilling his drink was speaking huttese. I didn't pick that up on the first watch through. So does Apollo. It is not really pertinent as the Hutts are big into hiring/using bounty hunters and I am assuming those 2 in the beginning were trying to bring the bluefish in for the bounty.
  13. I think that may have hit the nail on the head. My first thought was along the lines of what Ramage was saying, then I saw this post and it makes the most sense.
  14. People who ignore the school bus. Almost daily there is someone who is either behind the school bus going in the next lane to pass the bus when it stops or is on the other side of the street just cruising right through the stop sign. Almost daily. Happened again this morning, jackass behind the bus decides to drive into oncoming traffic on the 2 lane road to go around the bus after it stopped at the house. The kids were in line waiting (as they are every day) and it takes them all of 15 seconds to get into the bus. It is not like the bus stops, we walk down the driveway, say good bye etc. I take care of all of that before I see the bus. They get hugs and kisses before the bus stops and are ready to walk on the bus immediately.
  15. Bus picks my kids up at the end of my driveway at exactly the perfect time for me to get in the truck and get to work with plenty of time to spare. It is a perfect set up. I do not EVER want to have to deal with the morons dropping kids off at school. Pretty sure I would rather park down the block, get out and walk them to school before waiting in one of those death lines.
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