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  1. He also played Basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters
  2. Finally, one of the players I've been asking for is doing a private signing.
  3. Thanks for posting that! You can change it to what State you want. Brian K
  4. It was awesome to see several of the 97 Red Wings in town, it would be even more awesome if some of the ones that don't live in the area were able to do some signings or appearances. BK
  5. Congrats Jim! Looks similar to mine! One down, one to go. BK
  6. I see the Michigan sports hall of fame induction is next week. Anyone getting any of these guys for signings? Ok, so I highly doubt Jeter, but Shanahan, Modano, Osgood, John Long, Ben Wallace. I think they would do great. BK
  7. Jim, let me know how the Madden works out. Can't help on the Lopez, only have 84 Topps. Brian
  8. Hey, this may be worth a shot for Morris Madden. Maybe you can offer to make a donation for an autograph. http://www.carolinas-metro.org/metro_staff.htm Brian K
  9. Yes, I noticed he was a private signing, but I know he's made appearances in St Louis before. I think a Hull - Oates signing would draw well along with maybe Fedorov at some point. I was able to get Doug Brown through the Alumni Association in the past.
  10. Can someone bring Adam Oates for signing in Detroit? http://www.afterthegameinc.com/
  11. Hey anyone interested in a Tom Brady signing? I wonder if my mortgage company would let me skip a house payment. New England Picture - Tom Brady Private Autograph Signing March 2015
  12. Hey Stan, about Taylor Town, it's small but free. Most of the vendors were from Gibraltar Taylor. BK
  13. Appearing at the Taylor Town Trade Center (See below) Saturday February 7th 2015 Detroit Red Wing Great and Hockey Hall of Fame member Alex Delvecchio Saturday Feb. 7th 2015 12pm to 2pm $15.00 Any Item
  14. Hope all had a great Christmas. gleng2 - Was mcsg ever going to do a 2nd signing with Shanahan? Also, just throwing this out there as I'm not sure how difficult they are to get, but in St. Louis, Hull and Oates are doing a signing. Would love to see them here. After The Game Sports Collectibles March 2015 Show BK
  15. I picked up a Ryne Sandberg for my Wrigley Field 1st night game poster. I now have all the starters except for Sutcliffe. Sandberg's autograph looks terrible though. I also picked up a Mike Modano on my Red Wings item. The last one was Meadowlark Lemon who had a table set up with Lee Smith and Fergie Jenkins. All were raising money for there charities. I grew up in the 70's watching the Globetrotters and was thrilled to meet him. All were very cordial. I too thought the signatures are overpriced. Some guys didn't sell over 100 tickets.
  16. Thanks for posting this. I was in the area and stopped by and picked up a few signatures. BK
  17. I'm with you on that one. I have a Wings book with 30+ Wings Hall of Famers signed in it. I'm just no longer willing to send it anywhere. BK
  18. I see AJ's in Toronto is having Mike Vernon and Frozen Pond is getting Hasek. GlenG, anything in the works for some of the newer Wings Hall of Famers? BK
  19. Thank you for checking into this for me. It is most appreciated! BK
  20. Hey, Detroit's hot dog vendor is kind of famous.
  21. Thanks Much for posting davidsb! Can you keep me updated please? I cannot access that link. Brian K
  22. I'm not a member of SCN. Do you recommend I join? BK
  23. I too was looking at the Desautels, I agree, some similarity some differences. That was actually my guess to. Could have been the original owners name for all I know. Brian K
  24. Hey folks, I just picked this up. Any ideas whose signature this is? Thank you Brian K
  25. Steve Yzerman Private Signing at DC Sports. See link Upcoming Autograph Signings
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