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  1. Ok so apparently he scored higher than 7. On the second try, anyway. Basically the same as what happened with Vince Young. Lol @ wonderlic (and lol @ me for posting this).
  2. Terrelle Pryor just scored a touchdown... on the Wonderlic. (the extra point was good)
  3. "Why should I be excited about the Lions this year?" Because they might win 8 games.
  4. If the player "has potential" the team is taking a gamble, because there's uncertainty about how far that potential will develop in the future. So if you have a player with "potential" to become a $10 million / year superstar, but he might never get there, he obviously isn't worth $10 million / year. But potential is worth something, and what it's worth depends on how likely the team thinks he is to reach that potential. Teams will get burned on some of these picks that don't pan out, and they'll also be richly rewarded on the ones that do.
  5. Charles Nathaniel Duck, III at your service.
  6. The Lions' running game needs help. Just how bad did Tiki Barber look when he worked out for the Dolphins?
  7. Apparently he won't be playing QB after all. Terrelle Pryor to Oakland Raiders in supplemental draft - ESPN "A Raiders source told ESPN.com's John Clayton that the team is looking at Pryor more as receiver than a quarterback at the NFL level." Though Drew Rosenhaus has other ideas: "We all know how Al Davis likes big players who can run and Terrelle brings a dimension of size and speed that's unique to the quarterback position," Rosenhaus said. "The Raiders are a good fit for him because they have had an unsettled quarterback situation for a number of years and have worked in a number of different players. Any young quarterback would like the opportunity to go there and compete and be the guy."
  8. 3rd round to the Raiders. I hear Al Davis likes guys who can run fast.
  9. Within an hour we'll find out. I think someone will give up a fourth rounder for Pryor, probably not the Lions but we'll see.
  10. Yes, you have every reason to believe the Lions' running game will be ineffective this year. With a healthy Best and Leshoure it might have been decent, not looking good now. Harrison and Bell aren't much of a solution. This is a passing team for better or worse. Don't panic yet, but if and when Stafford goes down... panic! Oh by the way, defenses will be geared to stop the pass against the Lions since they can't run, and Stafford will be seeing lots of blitzes. So we'll just see how he holds up (finger on panic button).
  11. That's VERY interesting, and I think you're right, if there's even a possibility they might not have the 6th and 7th picks, then they can't bid a 6th or 7th in the supplemental. And if the Lions knew that in advance (ie if they're not completely inept), that would indicate they're at least considering a 5th round bid on Pryor. Otherwise they would have stayed home if they were sure he wasn't worth what they'd have to bid. Now maybe he didn't impress them, but by all indications the workout was impressive, and also Pryor says he'd be willing to switch positions if asked, which only helps his value. So there's actually a decent chance the Lions bid a 5th for him. Exciting player in my opinion, I hope they make that bid (or a 4th actually but 5th is more realistic).
  12. I was thinking the same thing cuz the Lions definitely need some help in the running game. 6 foot 5 though, I can't think of any running backs that tall. Receiver or tight end is what I've been hearing as far as position change, or if they wanted to run a wildcat package he'd be good for that.
  13. Hate it. The kickoff can be an exciting play when there's a return, the new rule means fewer returns. I can maybe understand if it's a safety issue, lots of injuries on kickoff returns, but in that case just get rid of kickoffs entirely and put the ball at the 20.
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