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  1. I didn't want to start a new thread...but just related.....I am enjoying watching J.D.'s run at the triple crown. I know offensive stats are inflated some with Boston, but he's .001 from the batting average lead, and 1 home run from the HR lead, and a sizeable lead in RBIs. Even with certain players gone, watching Max, Verlander, and JD do well away from Detroit....I still cheer for them....similar to Granderson. All good players who have done nothing to get me mad at them....and I wish them well. Anyhow....just eating my popcorn and watching the triple crown run.
  2. They switched to a hybrid pricing model last year or the year before, where they adjust prices for supply / demand. This is definitely updated recently. I now see tickets from $45.
  3. It's not a sell out because they raised the face value of individual tickets this year. Nose-bleed seats cost $90 per ticket (more than the first round of the playoffs). It will be interesting to see if they lower the price of those tickets, or actually finish not 'sold-out'.
  4. From the article, isn't he disputing that they are really his and asking for a paternity test?
  5. Here is the park from the letter regarding increased in-house research and development' '...the addition of domestic and international scouts, minor league instructors, support programs for players, world-class facilities in Lakeland and renovations to our Dominican Academy. Further investment has been made in the aggressive build-out of our analytics department, and the introduction of Caesar, a decision-support program that houses reports from our talent evaluators, as well as baseball analytics....'
  6. I received a letter from the Tigers signed by Al Avila (mass photo copy). It talked about how the Tigers have improved their talent development and scouting program significantly, and that they would focus on home grown talent. There was mention of keeping the team sustainable. It also talked about new electronic ticketing. I was just curious if anyone else got the letter and their thoughts. My general take is not to expect to many big flashy free agent signings in the future.
  7. How much more money do we need to be down to get under the luxury tax piece? Is that possible at this stage of the game? I know you guys have said that if our payroll was too high, we didn't get the same type of compensation for losing certain players in free agency, ect. Would trading Verlander's salary get us there?
  8. I was really surprised at a game I went to last year (in terms of technology). I was sitting second row in left field by the bullpen. 4 college guys sitting in front of me were heckling the opposing left fielder (mostly in a light-hearted way). The first couple innings he ignored them. However 1 of the guys went on Twitter and started interacting with the player's fans. An inning later, the guy was talking with them and doing all kinds of crazy stuff on the field (in-between plays). Later in the game a home run ball landed a few feet in front of us (in the bull pen). They guys pulled their phone out, pulled up the live feed of the game, and rewound the game until they had a picture of all of us on tv. I guess I'm getting to be an old man because all of that just baffled me. I never thought I'd be at a baseball game where it was that inter-active. Later in the season I bought tickets that were row 2 behind home plate. The guys in front of me had a conversation with Lindor (on the Indians) every time he came to the on-deck circle. He was a very friendly and pleasant guy (like Cabrera). Although I'm not an Indians fan...it made it easier to cheer for his individual success after interacting with him for a game. Only in baseball can a fan have that type of interaction during the event.
  9. Just got the Happy Holiday's email today.
  10. Has anyone gotten their season ticket holder Christmas Ornament yet? I put the years past ornaments on the tree earlier this week and excited for the new one. I was thinking about downsizing my season ticket package this year and my wife laughed at me because if the ornament isn't included in a lesser package...it's an actual concern of mine. Petty perhaps but they look nice on the tree.
  11. It would be nice if we could bench mark against other stadiums. A few years ago I went to Dallas on work. One night I went to the American Airlines Area to watch a Dallas Stars game. The arena had some really nice features that we don't have in Detroit. 1. Walking up to the stadium, there was a band playing, with their image projects 4 stories tall on the side of the building. During intermissions, they played a light set between the first and 2nd decks. 2. The conession stands had small 'niche' lines. That way if you wanted some icecream, you didnt' have to wait in the same line as the beer line, ...20 people deep. 3. At the time, it was the first online purchase of a ticket where I had a map of the area, when I hovered over a seat, it showed me the total price including fees. 4. The local new station was in the same building. Walking out of the game, you could see into the set where the anchors were live on the air. They had doors with a patio so they could come out and interview people leaving the event. From a Comerica Park improvement perspective, it's less about the park, and infrastructure leaving the game. I would like to see a 'fly-over' ramp, to enter I-75 south from the Comerica / Ford Field side. The 1 entrance a mile down road, on the other side of the freeway is just dumb. The saving for all of the traffic police after the game would more than make up for it over the years OMO. *Obviously not all the traffic police, but s significant reduction.
  12. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season happened yesterday. The season ticket holder Happy Holiday card with the 2015 season ticket holder ornament arrived in the mail. We put it on the front of the tree. This was our 9th ornament. My wife actually looks forward to hanging the season ticket holder ornaments on the tree each year. For a couple of years they didn't put the year on the ornament (they did this year). I guess it helps that I got a seat location upgrade this year to...leaving me quite happy. o
  13. No one has any tickets in hand yet (that I'm aware of). Season ticket holders will not receive the actual tickets until March. The on-line version may be slightly sooner. That said, anyone listing tickets is likely a season ticket holder, waiting for their tickets to come. The official ticket reselling site for the Tigers Stubhub. However motownsports has a page for this as well. motownsportstickets.com.
  14. Sorry but this isn't really a discussion. Back to the Future already told us the Cubs win in 2015.
  15. Skimming through most of the posts on this thread, it seems mostly related to the offensive category. I recently a read an article suggesting that McCann is at the bottom of the league in pitch framing, where Avila was better at framing. Is this something we hope McCann to learn as a MLB catcher, or is it purely a skill based and not generally improved upon?
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