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  1. Reasonable enough. I don't particularly agree, but I get it.
  2. RB battle will be interesting. As much as the fanbase gives Theo no respect, the numbers suggest pass catching RBs are valuable. I'm guessing they have significant plans for him, as he is a very specific style of player, his cap hit is significant and we have a new OC. We won't know for sure unless he makes it out of camp though of course. I've always said he can do anything James White can. I'm guessing if everyone is healthy, Zenner doesn't make it, Bawden and Johnson do and Johnson is the opening day KR.
  3. Feels like a guy falling apart too early because he hasn't had the necessary dedication, especially once his contract was signed. There's a reason a lot of the athletes who make it into their late 30s and early 40s don't do things like drink and eat fast food. I'm not here to micromanage anyone, but I'm guessing when it comes to MLB athletes, Cabrera isn't in the top 50 percentiles for amount of work he puts in behind the scenes.
  4. Was it Bleacher Report or Deadspin that gave you this edgy take, asking for a friend
  5. First thing I thought of, though at the same time you swing on enough of those guys you probably hit eventually.
  6. Shouldn't call anyone Gronk, but he did test exactly the same athletically as Gronk fwiw.
  7. While obviously I'll never get the need to put it on Atlanta's tier and the like... Barry's little girl episode was maybe not its best yet, but probably its most fun watch yet.
  8. I don' think any person, animal or mythical beast gets to die off screen in this show at this point, period.
  9. https://www.detroitlions.com/news/greg-cosell-analyzes-lions-2019-draft-picks Highly recommended read on our draft from a respected guy who took the time to actually analyze these picks.
  10. I'd rather have Decker than 2 Zekes. I'm with Buddha though overall, solid B for 3 starting caliber players but not all pro contenders and some functional depth pieces
  11. Her sneakiness and abilities in the dark are well established in the end and the knife trick has also been shown before. Silliness.
  12. I know right. Who wants the guy who dropped 40 burger in the SB when they could have that. Remember last time he had gunslinger...
  13. Teez aside, Robinson was a top 15 DT by PFF last year and Kerryon was a top 5 DVOA RB who the laughing his *** off belichick traded us for scraps. Let's not let Mayhew's record affect Quinn
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