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  1. But he wasn't spinning it, it was just flopping freely below his arm
  2. FTR we played zero snaps of prevent and stayed man til the end
  3. Frustrating game at times, definitely an exciting game, and I'll take the W in the end lol. Come out of the next 4 2-2
  4. We definitely need more from them, especially Flowers. That said, Hand is the best interior pass rusher in the PFF era(including Donald) and Davis lead the league in LB pressures last year. I think the pass rush will come along, as long as FLowers gets off
  5. Its not a terrible concept, but its probably a bit more dogmatic than you want to be in the end IMHO
  6. We all know I'm the eternal optimist and I'm definitely liking our roster. Running it down one last time QB - We all have our individual Stafford opinions, but in the end we all have him roughly somewhere from probably 8-15 or so and that's enough to win games if the team is good around him. RB - Kerryon looks like a stud, Anderson is enough if KJ goes down. Johnson and McKissick are cool options. Bawden seems like a potentially useful FB in this offense. Also this group costs less what Riddick was due to make combined. TE - Worst TE room in the NFL last year. James is better than all last year's guys, and I think its fair to call him a stud #2 at worst. How much Hock gives us year one is obviously huge, but this is probably a top ten TE room OL - Everyone hates on the OL, but its a damn good unit. PFF's 7th best pass blocking unit and 12th best run blocking unit. I think with Ragnow in year 2 , Dahl developing would be a nice bonus of course. People don't realize, from a statistical standpoint, Wiggins and Aboushi are average, not replacement and the drop from average to replacement is huge. The drop from pro bowler to average is not as significant however. Having 7 guys who can give you average at minimum is huge in a league thin on OL talent. Finished as the 11th overall OL last year, I think we're better this year, but I'll say we're safely top 15. They shouldn't sink us at worst. DL - If they're not one of the most dominant units in the NFL its a disappointment. Snacks is a game changer vs the run obviously. #1 PFF grade vs the run every year, our team run D improved drastically with him, #1 in DL tackles 3 years running. Hand had the best rookie pass rush grade in the PFF era, including Aaron Donald, we know what Flowers got paid and what's expected from him, Daniels was the luxury add, Robinson the rock solid run stuffer. Owkwara is nice depth. They will play a lot of sets with only 3 of these guys on the field, so they will all stay rested and hungry. LB - The teams biggest question mark. Tavai looks legit, JRM looks much improved. Jones proved he can be functional as long as Snacks is in front of him. The Davis injury sucks. The guy has his inconsistencies, but he's fast, made big hits, 100 tackles and 6 sacks and was #1 in the NFL in LB pressures last year(non edge of course). Kennard is fine for the joker role. He's the guy that can be just about average whether he's a 3'4 OLB, 4-3 SLB or 4-3 DE on a given down, allowing them to constantly change formations without necessarily ****ing personnel off the field. Not much behind him with Bryant dinged and a rookie. Tavai and Davis will both play some joker though too. S - A lot of guys that fit what Patricia wants. here, not necessarily proven guys though. PFF loved Walker in his limited role last year, and obviously the staff is in love with him. Diggs is the Kennard of the secondary. Harris looked better than expected this early in the preseason, but who knows. WIlson the reliable vet in the box. Was hoping Adams would make it and give us a few big plays off the bench but oh well. Moore could be a find or nothing. Middling group but with upside. CB - Slay was #3 for PFF at outside CB, Coleman was #3 in the slot over the last couple years. Even if CB2 isn't elite, I don't think they'll be Lawson/Teez bad. Should be a pretty good group, but they get thin fast. Agnew doesn't seem like he can cover and Amani needs a year of film work, foot work training and strength training to get right IMO(though still better than last year Teez already). Ford is a wild card I'll say. VIrgin is a damn good gunner, should never play a corner snap. IDK where to rank this group, but overall I think Patriicia has enough tools in his back 7 tool box to run the defense he wants to run. I don't know how many games we win, but I think there needs to be an expectation of success. These are Quinn and Patricia's guys and we don't have a particularly difficult schedule. I like this roster better than that final Suh year roster, as its deeper and more complete to me.
  7. I hate the Tabor news because now I have to listen to people who think 40s are gospel reference him for the next billion years in draft conversations and the like.
  8. Yah, the average hit rate in the second is around 50%. I want my GM to do better than average of course, but you also simply can't expect 100%. Here's hoping Tavai is a stud.
  9. I remember when 76er fans wanted to do that. Would have cost them both Embiid and Simmons. Isn't it ironic. Ya I really do think.
  10. You have to think Wall has some value to do this. I completely agree here. Durant kinda showed teams don't care about achilles as much any more.
  11. The Knicks feel like the team to take the Wall contract to get Beal.
  12. I think that's probably a little over the top, but I agree he's under mentioned. He's a damn good talent. Probably more Terry Rozier than Russell Westbrook if I had to guess though?
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