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  1. I need this. Then i won't feel as bad when I do things like see Baby Driver twice in theaters
  2. a buddy sent me this a while back. Hilarious
  3. Nobody pays attention to time and its passing on this show, ugh...
  4. clearly
  5. Nobody said it takes analytics to know that Lebron or Durant is great. ITs a stupid straw man. The Warriors are a leader in analytics as Del posted above, its not a controversial statement. THey in large part have the best players because analytics identified them. Spurs are another great example.
  6. and they identified them to be acquired due to analytics. THat's why GS built an elite squad with no top 5 picks
  7. I think people who embrace stats think like this much less than people who don't like stats think they do. The problem is that people who don't like these new stats will then try to use stuff like per game stats and the like as a counter point. If you keep an eye on it, teams usually play to their analytics, and the teams that are winning are using analytics the best(or have Lebron). Take that for what its worth.
  8. I don't believe that's true, but I guess I could be mistaken. Either way, he's usually guarding a stud and still putting up strong defensive analytics.
  9. No
  10. To be fair, I have to make the counter point that guys like Beverly don't seem to suffer from this.
  11. I think the idea is that Dany controls the target otherwise why risk her
  12. Random thought of the day. Does GOT have the most Christ figures of any show ever? Lol
  13. Very well said
  14. Lol, I think you over thought it my brother.