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  1. idk what to make of him, but he's damn interesting.
  2. Agreed all around. Kennard doesn't get me super excited over all, but I simply couldn't complain about the Pistons taking the purported best shooter in the draft. Definitely have Monk over him though.
  3. Jackson scares the crap out of me. Pelton has him projected to a TS% of .489 next year with a league average around .550
  4. Are you better off in Chicago? Plus its only one year. I'd lov to see Butler go somewhere just because he seems criminally underrated at this point. Max Kellerman, who I normally like more than most on ESPN, keeps calling Paul freakin' George better than him and my head's about to explode.
  5. Very wild offseason Nice call on Marbury Mick
  6. Wow. Seems to still have value as a 25 minute rim defender at worst.
  7. Something like that is fair, but he at least has time to see Ball and Ingram more than Wiggins
  8. 5 is a lot and you do have Ingram. He sucked last year, but he could show something this year. THe best way to build a super team is to get in with guys on rookie deals. Plus if his wife wants to live out there haha
  9. No incentive for Lakers to do that unless we were taking Deng.
  10. gotcha. Not a fan of any but Nance. He's kind of a more developed Stanley, so idk if I bother
  11. Little better I guess. Best I could do lol
  12. How many wins did the Knicks have when they got Melo?
  13. I do think we are seeing an effect from GS. Everyone is either all in or all out
  14. I don't want a single player they have. I'd take Ball of course.
  15. Great move for LA