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  1. Have you met my friend chicken little?
  2. Nastradamus

    Giants Preseason game chat?

    Weird I think our depth is our strength
  3. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Yah, Ennis may replace Mmm bop, but Ariza is a monster loss for their style. Lakers o/u is 48.5 fwiw
  4. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Haha, fair enough. I'm not some huge fan expecting them to win multiple titles , but idk how much better you do for a third best Xmas day matchup
  5. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Its fair, but he may want home court in the west at least. LA's roster around Lebron is better than Portland's around Lillard. I have them down for 53
  6. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Last year's 3 and 5 seeds in the west is meh? Melo to Houston is just dumb
  7. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Couldn't be happier
  8. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Bet that Laker over.
  9. Nastradamus

    Local Sports radio

    god dammit
  10. Nastradamus

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    Curious to see how much Gene they give us. The Cab thing was interesting, but if it was anything, I can't imagine the guy would really leave an Albuquerque sign on his rearview
  11. Nastradamus

    Better Call Saul - Season 4

    Rewatching BB currently. Used to kinda defend Skylar as "right". She just sucks though and so does Chuck.
  12. Nastradamus

    Training Camp and Preseason

    I think the OL and run game will be a lot better than last year, the D will be a smidge better and the passing offense will be relatively the same, but maybe a slight uptick due to consistency. Stafford's in year 3 with Cooter, year 3 with MJJ, year 5 with Tate, year 4 with TJ, year 2 with Golladay, year 5 with Riddick and of course that left side of the OL should be largely better. IDK if that equates to more wins or not in the end. I do expect a better product though.
  13. I've liked the first couple Power episodes. Hasn't lost its steam
  14. Nastradamus

    The Godfather or Goodfellas?

    Godfather is tighter and just a little better overall IMO. Every scene is important if not iconic. Goodfellas is a little more fun early on, but ends with a sputter.
  15. Nastradamus

    Brandstatter out, Lomas Brown in

    I would say he is certainly a Lions legend fwiw.