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  1. I don't agree that Drummond doesn't fit in Boston, but I do think it would be tough to put together a trade package that helped both teams.
  2. We ain't **** without Miggy performing and to a lesser degree Zimmerman
  3. Haha, for sure. Looks like Wagner out, Wilson in
  4. It was petty, but it was also what Chuck has consistently tried to do to him, so no sorrow from me
  5. Darius? Good for Bosh though.
  6. Bradford is just tragically underrated due to the absurd circumstances that have surrounded his career. He's got every bit of talent a Matt Ryan does.
  7. Just had that conversation about Hammond with someone. Very strange to me. Good get for Orlando.
  8. One of the only chances left to be a super team? Maybe them and Boston?
  9. I like how he asks if its too much at some point.
  10. but it does beg the question, why forgive 90% and come for such a paltry amount? I don't feel bad for Calvin, but its a confusing request.
  11. agreed MCS. Ativan is not even very strong
  12. WHy doesn't he get 5 years like George was going to?
  13. surprised he managed to not throw in a Westbrook jab
  14. Its going to be interesting. If I had to guess they'll keep Ball and sign Geoge for sure. Russell, Ingram, Randle, Clarkson and Nance all have potential to be long term pieces for them, but all could be moved in the right deal IMO.
  15. Not sure what we will do from here on out, but we're a game over .500 with, IMO, pretty solid potential for improvement. At the least, we have more guys in the "likely to improve as the season goes on" column than the opposite column.