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  1. Godspeed
  2. Which is a fail...
  3. Well ya...
  4. That man has some bad luck eh
  5. That man is something else.
  6. Yes, that is correct.
  7. If Ebron's only issue was his drop rate, we'd be fine with him. He doesn't drop any more than Travis Kelce.
  8. Yes
  9. Haha, fair enough. I expect Njoku to become the biggest matchup nightmare in the NFL, and could see him as high as 5. He'd be an awesome get to me. I think its a fool's errand to focus on his position too much.
  10. Though if its weed, that's probably coming off the banned list soon IMO
  11. Seeing Lebron be clutch and the Pacers lose is about as good as it gets
  12. I'm just talking legally, but I agree with the rest.
  13. If service time isn't most of it, they're idiots for not having him up here
  14. Why did they send him down then?
  15. Of course a doctor is obligated to his patients, just as he would be obligated to his patients over a hospital that paid him.