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  1. I've liked the first couple Power episodes. Hasn't lost its steam
  2. Nastradamus

    The Godfather or Goodfellas?

    Godfather is tighter and just a little better overall IMO. Every scene is important if not iconic. Goodfellas is a little more fun early on, but ends with a sputter.
  3. Nastradamus

    Brandstatter out, Lomas Brown in

    I would say he is certainly a Lions legend fwiw.
  4. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Just do that in the first round I say
  5. Nastradamus

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    something very funky going on for sure. Wonder why
  6. Nastradamus

    The 2020 Rotation

    Yah, product of his early call up IMO, both in terms of conditioning and developing a third pitch.
  7. I agree that it wasn't a strong singular narrative and played more like individual movies, with the robbin' season theme. Kinda curious if you had any insight on Barry that might make me see it differently as well
  8. Nastradamus

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Ah, blaming him for DD and co, gotcha
  9. Nastradamus

    The 2020 Rotation

    Sort of. His FIP went down every year though IIRC. I had a thread about it for years haha
  10. Nice, wondered if anyone was watching. I loved the ending as well. Perfectly done. Both surprising and inevitable, as a great ending is supposed to be.
  11. Not what I meant at all. But I just see Atlanta as the type of show that should win awards and Barry as the kind that shouldn't be nominated. JMO though.
  12. Your comment seemed disappointed by season 2 when I read it, but I just felt like stanning out on Atlanta. Definitely surprised you'd have them close, but not something we need to argue haha
  13. Fair enough, . I didn't see it as Emmy worthy but I get ya
  14. Nastradamus

    The 2020 Rotation

    No love for RIcky P?
  15. Nastradamus

    The 2020 Rotation

    FUlmer has always been young enough to keep, but you are seeing that you may have missed out on selling high.