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  1. I do care, but I like your thing more. Lol
  2. Well in that case they're just ******** morons
  3. That man would have loved playing today
  4. Lol, I knew that was coming when I brought up an 80s player Fwiw, his TO% would also be lower than any Magic ever posted But hey, continue to be unimpressed!
  5. I can't wait until Pop starts playing guys for one minute
  6. KCP and Morris can't be the only good defenders on the team. There has to be some reason for us being good defensively. Its not Andre, Reggie or Tobias. Smith, Baynes,Leuer and Johnson are the other guys who rate reasonably well defensively and I've heard all of them discredited as team products on this board at some point other than Leuer. When I watch Johnson, I feel like I usually see strong D and strong effort on D, and usually a tough matchup. Maybe its too anecdotal though.
  7. So, honest question. You're just talking eye test here? I think Winslow and Johnson have similar plusses and minuses on D. Winslow is a more intensive effort guy maybe, but also gets burned on team stuff and typical rookie not knowing the tricks of the trade stuff. I think he's likely to be an elite defender, but I don't see how he was one the moment he walked on the court. Like any of the box score stats, it starts with what is in the box score and attempts to adjust for it. I'm not sure your point. Raw BPM = a*ReMPG + b*ORB% + c*DRB% + d*STL% + e*BLK% + f*AST% - g*USG%*TO% + h*USG%*(1-TO%)*[2*(TS% - TmTS%) + i*AST% + j*(3PAr - Lg3PAr) - k] + l*sqrt(AST%*TRB%)
  8. I'm sure he's expensive, but dammit at least give us more Negan so we can care who we are trying to defeat
  9. Are we talking about the same guy? Also the entire point of BPM is not to be influenced by team but ok
  10. Would be a tough one to lose
  11. Haha, man I loved the Eugene episode. #teamEugene
  12. Well that's an angle..
  13. I'm borderline amazed how bad Johnson has shot this year. Its impressive even for him. I think his D is right there with Winslow though. Slightly better in both Drtg and DBPM
  14. Interesting
  15. I like hill. He's another cheap gamble. Had a nice run for half a season in 2015 with Seattle where he looked rather dominant