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  1. NBA Info - October 2017

    I get that, but then its also like, Baynes or Morris starting for a title team?
  2. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I could see us being very good over the next 5 years though. Quinn is doing this right and this is a throw away year to me. Don't get Stafford killed is all
  3. 2017 Michigan Football

    I agree, but I hope his era is approaching
  4. 2017 Pistons Offseason Thread

    Moreland can be one dimensional and its fine, even being less dominant in his dimension?
  5. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    We did not play well, but man that comeback woulda been fun
  6. #17 Michigan vs Indiana - 10/14/17

    Don't you disrespect Nick Sheridan that way
  7. 2017 Movies

    The trailers make it look fun. I've been curious to hear about it. Nice.
  8. 2017 Pistons Offseason Thread

    and then everyone is eligible to be dealt
  9. 2017 Pistons Offseason Thread

    I'd love to see Cleveland go after one or both of Conley and Gasol
  10. If not Ausmus then who?

    Cora or Acta for me
  11. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Saints are 11th in scoring 13th in scoring D
  12. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Glasgow was bad next to Decker too
  13. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Swanson grades as bad as Robinson too. Those 3 and MJJ all rate lower than Ebron, who ranks poorly, but probably more in the functional backup range than true disaster. TJ Jones ranks as a functional starter fwiw. Just throwing some more info out there. The offense is in rough shape. Decker can help, but its not quite enough. They maybe shoulda kept a FB over a Tion Green
  14. Didn't realize Episodes was done forever. Good finish though.