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  1. I remember when 76er fans wanted to do that. Would have cost them both Embiid and Simmons. Isn't it ironic. Ya I really do think.
  2. You have to think Wall has some value to do this. I completely agree here. Durant kinda showed teams don't care about achilles as much any more.
  3. The Knicks feel like the team to take the Wall contract to get Beal.
  4. I think that's probably a little over the top, but I agree he's under mentioned. He's a damn good talent. Probably more Terry Rozier than Russell Westbrook if I had to guess though?
  5. I believe Paul(10) and Westbrook(22) are the only top 25 all time VORP guys ever traded for each other.
  6. 538 projects him to be worth more than Kawhi over the next 5 years.
  7. How many players on that list do you have as more valuable than Russ? How many of those might sign here? The Russ slander is absurd.
  8. Hinkie level rebuild
  9. Damn, maybe getting Russ was as excited as I've let myself get about an unlikely acquisition in a while.
  10. I love these responses. Clearly our cap space will become Giannis as will Sekou. GIve me better Mamba all day. You go get stars in the NBA or you tank out. If they wanna do the latter, so be it, if they aren't though I'd rather see the best possible product on TV and in LCA every game and I think Russ and BLake is legit in the East.
  11. I think they already chose Melvin over Claiborne. I roll with the guys we got for now myself. Melvin allowed bout an 80 passer rating last time he played a man heavy scheme. Big Amani O fan too.
  12. Man I didn't think you could lose a trade where you landed Brow, but that is one helluva package. Cheers Mr.Griffin, cheers. That squad will be a top 4 seed one day in the not too distant future at worst. Now, in terms of losing the trade, the Lakers have a good shot at a title now, and banners fly forever, so I get it of course. That's some serious value though.
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