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  1. Great Kings sign lol. Draymond is insane, but I also don't care
  2. Yah, pay up and don't look back. Great win though.
  3. Because everyone wanted the moon for stars and they don't need role players really. Though they supposedly offered a real first for Noel and still didn't get him over Dallas' first lol.
  4. Philly and CHicago the clear deadline losers. Yeesh.
  5. I would never not do a trade because of something like this.
  6. GOod rule
  7. Very doubtful this is an option.
  8. Man this board crashes like every day now eh
  9. Perfect handling of it
  10. Yup, exactly. TIgers kinda just did the same thing and I respect it
  11. Its interesting leverage
  12. Can't imagine you give a first. I was thinking Zeller and a second
  13. so much agreement
  14. Interesting haha. Boston and CLeveland too if not them of course. Is Bogut eligible to be a Warrior?
  15. I'd guess BOgut is waived ESPN's trade idea for us Suns get: Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, Reggie Bullock Pistons get: Phoenix's 2017 first-round pick, Brandon Knight, Alex Len, TJ Warren, P.J. Tucker, Tyler Ulis, Leandro Barbosa I'd consider it