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  1. Don't think there's a love affair with slots as much as it being a need where as we have 2 top 40 WRs on the outside. The new guy is for returning and camp fodder IMO. He's not in place of something else. fwiw I think they'll draft a WR to challenge/potentially replace Marvin at some point in rounds 3-5.
  2. I can understand the Brown offer, he checks a lot of Quinn/Patriot boxes. ST stud, pass pro stud, very good 3 cone drill, physicality. Kerryon, Theo, Zenner, Brown is a very cheap, versatile and effective RB group IMO. Next year is a WAY better RB class so I think we wait a year to draft another one with a significant pick, unless insane value comes our way. They could also cut Theo though if Brown goes through and draft a RB this year to fill things out.
  3. I'm quite happy. We signed a bunch of dudes that are young, healthy and analytic studs. Good system fits and good character. GIve Ingram 3/20-25, create the league's best RB duo and head to the draft with only RG and corner to fill, the latter which could be internal.
  4. You don't want to end up as one of those teams where the DL is too good
  5. Im fully on board the Walker train. That kid is going to be special IMO. Devin Mccourty special.
  6. Needs going into the offseaon QB - Stafford didn't look quite himself, but I don't have any worries. Cooter called awful games and he lost all his weapons. He couldn't find a rhythm. RB - KErryon was top 5 in both ypc and DVOA. He's a legit stud. He probably should be a 12-15 touch guy though. Theo is a stud and needs more slot snaps. A second starting caliber RB is needed IMO. WR - Kenny G was our highest graded offensive player. Marvin got hurt, but I still believe in him, especially for the price. He should get a lot of play action deep balls and RZ targets in this offense. Bevell historically throws to his TE and sometimes #1RB more than his slot, but we need a decent slot receiver at least and depth outside. TE - Roberts shouldn't enter camp as more than the 3rd TE. If the backup isn't better than Toilolo or WIllson, the starter needs to be a legit pro bowl threat. James, Cook ,Eifert, Fant, Hockenson, Smith are probably the guys available with that upside fwiw. Or Gronk I guess. OL - Hopefully Lang just stays and we give it a go with the same group. I think Ragnow is gonna be a lot better. Wiggins was functional as Lang's fill in and Crosby is the future at either RT or RT IMHO. DL - All 3 starters set, no depth on the roster beyond uh, Atkins? Hyder or RJF could be back I guess. Need some pass rush here. Could even be a high pick like Gary or Tillery IMO. There are a lot of open snaps still. Edge - Kennard will play jack, Romeo will be the #3 edge. Harold probably the #4, or someone similar. They'll sign Ansah or a replacement but not any Clark, Clowney or Lawrence types. Whether DL or edge, we are probably about 50 QB pressures short of being good in that department. LB - I view Jones and Davis as the 2 starters. They'll try to get JRM healthy and draft depth in the mid to late rounds. They believe in Davis and Jones is a perfect system fit who will play fewer snaps hopefully because we have upgraded DB and play more nickel and dime. Jones was a top 10 graded LB down the stretch though too. CB - Slay is a starter of course, Lawson needs to go. Tabor comes to camp but shouldn't be counted on for anything at all. Agnew goes to camp as the backup slot corner, starter needed. Ford can be outside corner 3. So I'd say you need a starting outside corner, starting slot corner and one more rosterable outside corner. Walker/Diggs may take care of slot corner though. S - 3 safety is going to be a main package IMO, as alluded to above. They'll look for a single high so Walker can be the jack of all trades type. Earl Thomas is basically the best to ever do this role, just sayin... (a guy like Ed Reed and other similar comps had 3 strong years left at THomas' age). STs - Need return help. Cordarrelle Patterson could be a fit as a slot and KR after what he did for NE this year. I think Martin probably goes as he gets paid a lot and you can find a P. Prater and Don are gods. So the short list is FS, starting corner, starting edge, starting TE, starting caliber RB, slot receiver, backup TE, backup CB and maybe slot corner or coverage LB. 6 or so starters, 3 on each side. Ideally you have found 3 if not 4 in FA pre-draft and can find 2-4 more in the draft.
  7. I like Bevell. I also understand why some don't. While he isn't a Mcvay or Pedersen type new age offense, he's pretty damn good at what he does and fits our philosophy. I think when other teams are all trying to be the greatest show on turf, going the ball control route is a smart play. While Bevell can pound the rock and control the clock, he also is pretty creative and had Wilson throwing a lot of deep balls. He'll get Stafford out of the pocket a bit more too which is necessary IMO. Mark Ingram lead the league in yards after contact per carry last year. I think he'd be an incredible complement to Kerryon and Theo in this offense. Jesse James is my #1 FA target overall. I also really like Jared Cook,Adam Humphries, Earl Thomas, Adrian Amos, Jason Mccourty, Kareem Jackson and Preston Smith as fits for us. Another level down maybe Anthony Harris, Aaron Lynch, Arik Armstead, , Jason Verrett, Chris Hogan or Derrick Morgan. I don't think they'll go big time expenditure at edge. Smith is about the ceiling IMO. I don't think they'll go edge in the first either. Defense is going to be built around coverage, run D, tackling and schemed sacks. They will probably struggle with regular pressure, but I think its the smart play. Everyone is going for pass rush and overpaying for it probably. Coverage has been shown to be the most valuable piece to good defense and 9 of the top 10 run defenses in DVOA made the playoffs this year. THe one that didn't was 9-7 Pittsburgh. We were pretty solidly top 10 while having Snacks I believe, as we finished 13 after the putrid Sylvester WIlliams start. If you have a chance at Antonio Brown at a reasonable price you get it done and put him opposite Golladay and dominate ******** it
  8. Why must people say such things...
  9. I like it! They will have to do well this offseason, but I tend to agree9of course). They have 4 if not 5 starters signed on the OL, 3/3 on the DL as you mention, their top QB, MLB, CB and top 2 WRs,RBs and safeties all under contract. My goal is one of these two combos - Greedy and Earl Thomas or Deionte THompson and Jason Mccourty(or some sort of vet CB in the 8-10 mil range). I think coverage is our biggest issue by far. A top edge is obviously a major need too though and both FA and the draft have TE options. I'm guessing we sign someone better than Toilolo(though he could stay) in FA and use our 2nd on a TE, whoever is left of Hock,Fant,Smith. If all 3 are gone we look for one in the 3rd or 4th. We really need that WR that can get open and it may be the toughest get of the offseason. Humprhries is interesting, so is Hollywood and a few other draft types. I'm not opposed to a Marvin plus picks for Brown, Beckham or Julio if any of those guys go. Von Miller is a must get if he hits the market
  10. I'm cool with the deal. Thought we had enough to pay Tate and still get the defenders we need, but the value is nice and he is a slot in the end. Tomlinson and Tate for Hand and Snacks basically in the end. Kinda sums up Mayhew vs Quinn lol
  11. They should probably pay him. They don't need a lot. Probably an edge, a LB, a CB, WR and TE. They have 8 draft picks and 50 mil in cap space or so. Leaves you 40 or so mil after Tate
  12. The two highest rated SNF games of the last 5 years are Lions games
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