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  1. Anyone have old Tigers radio broadcasts? I have dozens and dozens. I am looking mostly for games from the 1960s and 1970s.
  2. With the baseball season approaching, I am looking to trade for old Tiger radio broadcasts to listen to. I have over 100 games from 1934-1991 to trade.
  3. There are a bunch old of Tiger media guides in pdf form on the Tigers website (or at least they were last April). I downloaded a bunch from the 60s and 70s.
  4. I have the radio broadcast of Game 2 of the 1984 ALCS.
  5. I have numerous Tiger radio broadcasts on mp3 with Ernie Harwell. I am always interested in trading.
  6. I did pick up a few of those I was looking for above. 1934 WS game 4 6/21/60 vs NY 9/19/70 vs NY I have heard the 1935 WS game 6 was released recently.
  7. Cooperstownmusic.com released a few more Tigers games. One was from the 1934 WS game4 and two were from 1961. I picked up the games from 1961. I also picked up three more from the 70s(6-27-75,6-17-77 and 5-27-78) so I have dozens to trade as well. Here are some Tiger games on those sites I need if anyone has them or picks them up and would like to trade. 1934 WS game 4 Yanks-Tigers 6/21/60 Ford-Lary Yanks-Tigers 6/22/60 Art Ditmar-Paul Foytack Yanks-Tigers 7/15/60 Art Ditmar-Don Mossi Yanks-Tigers 8/1/60 Ralph Terry-Pete Burnside 9/19/70 Yanks-Tigers Stan Bahnsen-Chuck Hiller Yanks-Tigers 8/6/73 White Sox-Tigers 7/8/77 Harry Caray,Jim Pearsall,Lorne Brown Chris Knapp vs.Mark Fidrich Tigers-Angels 7/23/78 Ernie Harwell,Paul Carey Dave Rozcema vs.Don Aase
  8. There are quite a few available. A few radio broadcasts from the 1934, 35, 45 World Series are available. The entire 1968 World Series is also available. In addition to the 1934 Tigers-Yankees game, starting in 1959, there are on average a couple of regular season games a year that have been preserved. There are none from 64 and 66 but quite a few from 1968,72,76,77,and 78 that are available. I'd say I have about 70 regular season games from 1959 to 1978 on CD or mp3 (by 1979 the VCR became popular so interest in taping radio broadcasts waned) many of which are on the Yankee network but there are some broadcasted by Harwell. There are also a few by the Orioles, Red Sox, White Sox and Indians announcers. I can send you a list if you like.
  9. Cassette To CD Kit :: Convert Your Cassette Tapes To CD The one drawback is that they furnish an audio player with it and I've read it speeds up the voices a bit but you can hook up your own cassette player to the equipment. After you convert to CD, Windows media player can convert them to mp3.Once the CD is in the CD-drive in Windows Media Player click Rip Settings then click Format then click mp3. Then click rip settings/more options then take note of where the file is saved on your hard drive. Then all you do is click the rip CD icon and it is now backed up in mp3 format which is nice for backup, storage and trading.
  10. Yes, that was APBA Broadcast Blast.
  11. I never did join a league although I have thought about it. I didn't use the audio all the time though, just when a big series was coming up. It is a nice change of pace. Does your league play online? I've heard a few do.
  12. Two in 67 and 73. I wonder how often that happened?
  13. Yes, I agree. I grew up in the 70s and my Dad was always listenting to games on the radio and I would listen as well. When I was in 7th grade we had moved away to northern eastern Illinois and my Dad would try to pick up Tiger games whenever he could. Sometimes late at night if it was clear he could get Harwell on his transitor radio or in the car. It was really the only way you could find out the score when you were not in the area. No ESPN, no internet and local news didn't care. Other times he could get games from Milwaukee or even Minnesota. When I was young I used to play a lot of cards and dice baseball games (APBA). After I was out of college they came out with a computerized version with Ernie Harwell doing the announcing I immediately phoned in my order. I created cross era Tiger team with Freehan, Cash, Whitaker, Trammel, Fryman, Kaline, Horton, Gibson, LeFlore, with Parrish, Fielder, McAuliffe, Wert, Lemon and Northrup on the bench. Morris, McLain, Lolich, Perty and Wilcoc was my rotation with Hiller and Henneman, and Hernandez in the pen. Harwell would do the play by play and it was cool listening to him announce my all-time Tiger team. He had all his classic lines. He stood there like the house by the side of the road, and watch it go by etc. It was pretty cool as it reminded me of when I was growing up. Unfortunately, I never moved back so I didn't get to listen to Ernie much after that.
  14. I have that one as well from the 34 season and the game 7 of the 34 World Series. I know a guy who has all seven of the 45 World Series games on CD; I only have game 7. He says Games 1-6 are a recreation. Anyone heard about this? I wonder who announced those games and how they sound. The 45 Series was intersting as I just listend to game 7 last month. The Cubs went with Borrowy who had pitched in game 5 and 6. I can't imaginie anyone manager starting someone on one day rest these days. Of course it didn't work either!
  15. I read about that as a kid in I think it was Baseball's unforgetables or something like that. I thought that story wa pretty interesting.
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