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  1. The rumor was this they actually brought in an acting coach to help him out during those early shoots. I don't know the validity to that, but its been mentioned on a few of the podcasts I listen to.
  2. Marvel is already doing this with the newest run of the Darth Vader comic. Issue one starts off during the infamous "Noooooooo..." scene. They could definitely do other stories between 3 and 4 for a movie but, if that happens, I'd see it coming in way after this run of the comic is done.
  3. I've been a diehard all the way through but for some reason, this one is not grabbing me at all. I'm liking the way the story looks, but I just can't get into Ehrenreich's performance yet. It seems fake and no where close to what I would of expected to see from Han Solo as a character. Hopefully once the movie get's going I'll be able to put it out of my head but right now, I'm not really liking the acting in this one.
  4. I buy almost all of my movies digitally these days but the collector in me still wants to get the physical copies of the Star Wars movies. That is really the only reason I'm hesitating.
  5. Are any of you tempted to get The Last Jedi digital release now, and still pick up the Blu Ray later? I'm really fighting myself to not buy because I know i'm going to get the 4K version. I really don't like this two week time window but I guess this is exactly why they do it. Many of my friends are getting both.
  6. I trooped a kids comic con event over the weekend and seeing all those young ones dress up in Star Wars, and other costumes, did that for me as well. The good thing is that I can look back but in fondness and still enjoy the new series. My daughter is now twenty two but we still took the time to watch Rebels together every week just like when she was younger.
  7. I totally agree. He should be the Star Wars version of Kevin Feige . He knows Star Wars better than most anyone else, and has a knack for incorporating all aspects of the series together. He knows how the puzzle pieces can fit, and I think he'd do an awesome job of directing the entire story line.
  8. That Rebels ending was amazing! Filoni always does a great job but the way that series was scripted from beginning to end was incredible. It will be interesting to see when they announce the follow up because, as mentioned, the ending set up a new series perfectly.
  9. Can we ditch the two hour Russel Wilson interview please.
  10. I'm looking at the MLB app and it shows both the FSD and YES feeds available this afternoon.
  11. Looks like the Tigers just signed Liriano to a one year deal. https://www.mlb.com/tigers/news/tigers-agree-to-deal-with-francisco-liriano/c-267028864
  12. Sorry about that. Not really sure what the rules are here so I didn't realize were not supposed to talk about press releases.
  13. The missing front section is an escape pod or shuttle. It was confirmed at the New York Toy Show with both the Hasbro Kessel Run Falcon and the new Lego Kessel Run Falcon.
  14. Qi'ra??? Lando would definitely go for her.
  15. Potential Minor Spoiler There is a new article in Entertainment Weekly that basically says that Han made the Falcon dirty and grimy on purpose after he got it from Lando. Here is a quote from Alden Ehrenreich: “It’s safer in the galaxy to fly something that looks like a piece of junk. People underestimate you — especially if you’re up to no good,” the actor tells EW. “Kinda like how you’re more likely to get pulled over if you’re driving a Lamborghini.” Here is a link to the full article. http://ew.com/movies/2018/02/14/star-wars-solo-millennium-falcon/
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