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  1. *edited by a moderator*. The original message is archived.

  2. Holy crap; learn to spell and to use proper grammar. Back to the topic, I am a bit worried that Boesch exceeded expectations last year, and the first half of his rookie year, and this is somewhat closer to what he'll really be. That being said, I think he'll pick it up and finish the year at something like .270/.320/.430
  3. Al Al moved to 40 day DL, clearing a roster spot. Hmmm.
  4. you're joking right? How is Prince the popsicle in this analogy? Prince is only 1 year older and way more proven. For all we know Cespedes could be a huge bust. We know Prince won't be. This thread is a joke.
  5. There's so many things wrong with this post. 1. Carlos Pena and Delmon Young are very different hitters and Pena is the much better one. But this doesn't matter, since V-Mart's injury and DY in LF are completely unrelated. 2. I agree that we need to upgrade our defense, especially in LF, but why are you backing that up saying we have groundball pitchers? Boesch and DY's defense don't come into play on a groundball....wtf. 3. Raburn will only be playing at 2nd vs lefties (maybe). So, about 40 games. Although I do agree that getting a good LF and moving DY to DH would be an alright move. But I still don't even like his offense at DH.
  6. With the Angels' signing of Albert, i'm all on the Callaspo wagon. Trumbo probably moves to third, which leaves callaspo as the odd man out. well, him or izturis, and i'd much rather have callaspo. A good fielding third baseman that can get on base and has decent speed and does not strike out much at all. Sounds like a great number 2 hitter to me. Sign Cespedes or even Coco for the leadoff and trade DY for whatever we can get, and we're all set.
  7. Anyone here know where to find baserunning stats? Such as going from first to third on a single, scoring from second, etc?
  8. ...which is why I have all 3 on my team next year. And by hate, i don't literally mean "hate", dont take it literally lol
  9. I don't understand all the hate on Will Rhymes. We've given him barely any shot at the big league level (yes, i know that's for a reason). But if we're looking for a second baseman with on-base skills and can defend his position relatively well with some speed, Will Rhymes fits all those categories. Granted, not to the extent that we would like, but who else is there that's cheap? Furcal? No thanks.
  10. Well, with the Laird signing, here's my newest offseason wishes haha. This one's more realistic and simple. Trade Delmon Young, pay $3-4 mill of his salary, Avisail Garcia, and Andy Oliver for Martin Prado and Peter Moylan. Sign David Dejesus for 2 years, $14 mill. (IF CBA rules change) sign Octavio Dotel 2 years, $7 mill. DFA Kelly, hope he accepts demotion to AAA Toledo, call up Will Rhymes. Sign Erik Bedard 1 year, $4 mill Sign Joel Zumaya to a minor league contract By my accounts, that's around a $120 mill payroll Lineup vs Righties: 1. Dejesus LF/RF 2. Prado 3B 3. Boesch LF/RF 4. Cabrera 1B 5. Martinez DH 6. Avila C 7. Peralta SS 8. Rhymes 2B 9. Jackson CF Lineup vs Lefties 1. Jackson CF 2. Prado 3B 3. Boesch RF 4. Cabrera 1B 5. Martinez DH 6. Peralta SS 7. Raburn LF 8. Avila C 9. Worth 2B 25 man roster to start the year: C: Avila, Laird 1B: Cabrera 2B: Rhymes, Worth 3B: Prado, Inge SS: Peralta LF: Dejesus, Raburn CF: Jackson RF: Boesch SP: Verlander, Fister, Scherzer, Porcello, Bedard RH RP: Valverde, Benoit, Al Al, Perry, Moylan, Dotel LH RP: Coke, Schlereth Waiting in case of emergence/injury in the minors: Turner, Smyly, Kelly, Dirks, Zumaya
  11. how about daniel murphy? In very limited playing time at third and second, he has put up an above average UZR at both spots and seems to be a solid hitter. I'd like to see him at third next year and maybe some at second.
  12. Please explain your reasoning behind this. Prado is only 2 years older than DY. Prado has a career .293/.341/.775 line. DY has a career .288/.321/.749 line. Not a huge difference, besides OBP, which is what we need right now. This, along with the fact that Prado is much more versatile and a much better defender at positions of need. This along with getting rid of DY's overpaid, overrated butt? If this trade went down with only a middling prospect sent to them as well, i would probably pee myself. EDIT: Also, depending on who else we can get a good deal for, we can throw prado at either 2B, 3B or left field. Helps the team tremendously.
  13. Was Maggs really worth 10 mill this year? And it's only for one year. After that, he goes back down to around 6 mill or so the year after, and then he hits free agency. Also, we get a solid 2B/3B and get rid of Delmon's overrated butt. Yes, please.
  14. Exactly what i was thinking. No way ATL would do it unless we picked up most of his contract. Heck, i'd be willing to pay all of it.
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