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  1. Hey guys. This is a great board. I have had tons of fun. But the fact is that my run here is done. I loved debating you guys and agreeing with you. And most of you are smart. Not JoeGahona. He's a jerk. (sarcasm color for people who need it) But my run is done. Fact is I am OldTimey. I moved to Ohio and saw an opportunity to get involved here again. And I did it. I loved being back. LOVED. But I can't live a lie. I mean I can. I am a stupid jerk. But I know one day, I'll slip up and someone will figure it out. So....so long morons. I enjoyed being a part of it again. I am back in MI now. So hopefully we see each other at a game or two. ED
  2. Also...shabba. There is no overrating of Mila Kunis. She is adorable and cool. Check this out... Mila Kunis Plays Along With Awkward BBC Interview, Is The Best
  3. Ha. Every Mitch article is this: this is how things are now. it was better than when it wasn't like this, years ago.
  4. I will always like James Franco because of Freaks and Geeks. I will probably like this. I can love the complexity of a script that is fantastic and very well written. But I can also just love a movie cause it looks awesome. My boy, who is the best son ever wants to see it. So i will take him next week. In the end, here is a review I kind of think I might agree with... Oz the Great and Powerful review, by Vince Mancini for FilmDrunk.
  5. That's not how I do it. I say I said something stupid. I am not really here to save face.
  6. I'm only interested in the people who get it. But I see your point.
  7. It was a good time. I love craft beer but I do hate that type of person.
  8. Anyone else a fan? He is literally one of the top 5 pioneers of radio.
  9. Does it strike you as odd, at all, that someone would relentlessly keep using the same word over and over even though it was getting into the realm of ridiculous? And use fake words like "refinemanship?" I mean really think about this.
  10. I would be SHOCKED if that happens. CE thinks they are an elite agency that people are dying to get into. And they treat you like that. Like "hey we could get anyone to do your job and pay them less." I've worked at Campbell Ewald, Doner, McCann Erickson, Team Detroit and GSW in Columbus. I loved all of them and would recommend them to anyone except Campbell Ewald. If i know them (and i do) this new, hip, downtown Detroit location is considered a gift. I should note, that while they are big they are not considered a great creative shop. There are some very good people there btw. But it is a real high school environment. It's not enough to be good at your job. You have to fall in line with some sort of category out of central casting.
  11. I worked there for 5 years. This is the right decision for any hope of new clients and talent. However. this is not a good company. Pretty sick from the top down. And keep in mind I have worked at 5 agencies and love 4 of them. So I hope there has been a culture change that helps retain good clients and people. As far as city tax. It will absolutely hurt a lot of people. I know the general feeling is all ad people make six figures and live lavish lifestyles. But that is not true at all. There are many, many people making 25-50K. Advertising can pay well. But that is for a very elite few. I know this is a very disorganized rant. But I guess I would say that this is a step in the right direction. And I hope they have learned through 3 years of a lot of failure that they need to do things differently. Cause that is the only way this is a success.
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