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  1. I once had an office in Boston which had a window that was just a few feet from an apartment window where college students were living. The conference room was right next to a dorm room window.
  2. The best thing about working at home is I don't waste time commuting to and from work. That saves me about an hour and a half. I also don't have to shave every day!
  3. So, Trump really won the election. It's not his fault that the Democrats cheated and his lawyers were dumb to prove it.
  4. Janet Yellen. Treasury Secretary. Biden goes with the safe moderate pick.
  5. Janet Yellen is coming back: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/biden-picks-yellen-for-treasury-secretary-wsj-2020-11-23?mod=home-page
  6. I was never very religious, but I used to think it was a good thing and that maybe I should be more faithful. Getting educated made me more agnostic. The growth of the Christian right sealed it.
  7. Who is going to be Sean Connery?
  8. Chachi says he is going to move to Utah, so he can unseat Romney.
  9. I don't think stuff can be fixed very easily, nor can mental preparation. I don't have much faith in either one of them, but both have shown enough at various times where I wouldn't give up just yet.
  10. Yup, they are all free for life. They are wealthy and their daddy played president for four years.
  11. I doubt Norris gets non-tendered. I also don't think Farmer gets non-tendered, but I wouldn't care if he did. I think he gets too much love.
  12. That's a good point about this being a essential travel. I will travel with IdahoBert to make it look more respectable. If this doesn't work, I like the idea of the boat trip across the Niagara River.
  13. Liston, what's the best way to get into Canada for your Rule V party? I can either do a bushwhack and you can meet me behind the abandoned barn or you can drive across the border and I get in your trunk. How big is your trunk?
  14. I think you misunderstood. The way they adore Trump, they probably consider that to be a good thing.
  15. I can't help it if people make up stupid conspiracy theories. This was a actually a thing on twitter.
  16. So, now they have created a story that a mob Boss named Skinny Joey fixed the election in Philly. Don't they mean Fat Donny?
  17. He could do both at the same time, but he won't. He doesn't want peons at Mar-a-Lago.
  18. He'll find a way to delay those too. I don't think those are going to go the way people hope. The rich and powerful have a different set of laws than the rest of us.
  19. He is still president. If he refuses to leave on January 20, then you'll be right. It won't happen though because he is too cowardly to face that kind of personal confrontation.
  20. Yeah, I know he was good at one time, but he has apparently lost speed on his fastball and he is 25. I realize that he must have something or they wouldn't have added him. I am wondering whether it's just hope that he'll regain his fastball or they see something in him where he'll be a good reliever.
  21. I do not support paddling children at all. Paddling Trump would be fine though and if it's done publicly even better. He needs to leave his pants on though. None of us need to see his fat naked ***.
  22. The country was divided beyond repair before Trump started this election ****. Nothing has really changed.
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