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  1. My mother played board games and cards with us frequently when we were young. I did a lot of reading on my own because I liked it. None of it was on a formal schedule. Having a formal learning schedule for kids in the summer is not wrong. It's just different from my experience.
  2. Is that how things are done today? We used to just have fun doing whatever we wanted all summer!
  3. I could not care less what's good for the owners. I am a customer and the customer is always right!
  4. I get the feeling he believes his disciples have gone too far in the other direction and he is being contrarian. There could be some jealousy too because because the modern sabers are better at math and more thorough than James.
  5. He has said a lot of funny and creative things. He was the best writer of any saber writer ever and a lot of it was humor. A lot of people have tried to imitate him as a writer and haven't been able to do it. He hasn't been as good in recent years. I think that's because he has been working in the game. Understanding the economic realities of the game can sap the humor out of anyone.
  6. I think the difficulty is probably more the students than the teachers. I think it's going to be really difficult to keep kids looking at teachers talk to them on a computer for five hours. It's not the same as in person.
  7. I am concerned about how to keep college students paying attention for a three-hour class. I can't imagine what it will like in primary school or even secondary school.
  8. Not every family is able to provide a decent home education.
  9. I'd like to still have Nicks's bat in the line-up. I understand that he would have been expensive to keep, so I can see why they moved him during a rebuild.
  10. Castellanos is the same age as Jacoby Jones.
  11. It wasn't the same video. It was another video with the same guy which was a little more subtle and they were unable to see that is was satire.
  12. I saw people in my facebook hiking group who took this guy seriously.
  13. Nick Castellanos. Good at hitting. Slugging .972.
  14. How did something this good get through our dysfunctional Congress and President? What am I missing? https://gearjunkie.com/great-american-outdoors-act-signed-passed-law?fbclid=IwAR0SXZbXzoUpfJk-iEI2JsnToKUw2YIV8yEIFT1hZmGhS2UAb4dI9ODHBZ8
  15. Manufacturing most of the generic drugs in the US would actually be a rare good move by Trump. However, this deal smells awfully bad. Why Kodak?
  16. I can only find 15: ME NH PA NC MN WI MI GA FL TX AZ OH NM NV IA
  17. I didn't miss it much when it was gone. I used to go nuts whenever there was a strike especially in 1981. Now, I just find other stuff to do. Maybe I am just old.
  18. A lot of runners like New Balance, but I have never in all my decades of running found a New Balance shoe that fit right.
  19. Hoka One One running shoes are the best!
  20. I am enjoying the games. I am less invested in wins and losses than I have been in past years, but am just as interested in individual performances.
  21. That's how capitalism works.
  22. I agree their shoes are not good. I rarely like any of their products.
  23. How is Nike worse than practically every huge corporation in the country? They are all corrupt. That's how they got to be so big.
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