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  1. Nothing we don't know, but here is an accurate analysis of our psychopath President: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/08/hes-empty-psychiatrist-warns-trump-is-in-a-psychotic-like-state/
  2. We will be talking about for weeks though. What else are we going to talk about?
  3. That's when real men played the game. They weren't like the ***** ballplayers of today that need travel days and innings pitched limits.
  4. No, the outfield fences are his favorite dead horse.
  5. If you just look at Verlander's time with the Tigers, you can make a case for Verlander, Newhouser and Bridges. Newhouser had the best years, but he had a couple of them during the WWII when the league was depleted. Bridges was like the Lou Whitaker of pitchers. He had the most good years, but never any elite seasons. I think I would go with Verlander.
  6. I do too. The stupid part is Trump presuming it's for sale because he wants it.
  7. This guy looks like a cross between Verlander and Fenech:
  8. Oops, can't keep my cartoon Tigers straight.
  9. I think it's by design. The Free Press is looking for clicks and they want Fenech to stir up controversy.
  10. I didn't see that, but it really is a joke how many home runs are being hit.
  11. It could also lead to fewer doubles and singles, so it's hard to know exactly how much it would affect his OPS.
  12. Is Jason Beck still working for MLB.COM? He has been doing that for like 20 years now? And he still looks 20 years old. How come he never says controversial or stupid stuff or have twitter fights? He is like a machine cranking out one boring but professional story after another
  13. He was playing below his ability in Detroit this year and now he is playing way over his head. I think .850 OPS is about his level.
  14. I agree. The more competitive seasons, the better. It would be nice to win a championship too, but I don't think teams have much control over that.
  15. Those was very entertaining seasons. I miss them. I just think 2006 stands out as special. I kind of have a hard time distinguishing between years from 2011-2014. I just remember them being competitive all the time which is great.
  16. Winning the championship is what counts. Isn't it? If you are going to say the playoffs are all that matters and the Tigers never won a championship, that makes the Tigers a loser franchise. How many division titles did the Athletics win versus the Tigers? You don't win division titles on paper.
  17. So, in mathematical terms, is +400 equivalent to 4 to 1 odds?
  18. I agree. 2006 was easily the funnest season this century.
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