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  1. I am going to guess that Epstein has discovered that Manfred and the owners have no interest in his ideas of how to fix the game. So, he wants to get back into a position where he can make a difference.
  2. Well, I can see that about half of them are relievers and I don't think WAR (or any summary stat) really works for relievers. It also doesn't work great for utility players who play multiple positions or partial seasons because the defensive numbers get messed up with small sample sizes. That covers most of the players listed.
  3. What's your methodology and why do you think WAR doesn't tell the story for these players? I hear a lot of people criticizing WAR, including some pretty smart people but I rarely see them give any good alternatives. I didn't look any of them up, but my gut feeling is that they all were reasonably successful. Most minor league players fail and a lot of fans get too optimistic about prospects.
  4. Sometimes, it does take this long, but it does not have to. I don't even think re-building should be an on/off process. Ideally, it's happening continually where a team consistently produces talent. Every team is going to have bad years, but they should not have to stop playing for five plus years to get good again.
  5. It's not in sight. They barely have any players worth watching. Baddoo was good for two weeks, but he needs to be in the minors. Mize has looked good at times, but has a ways to go. Skubal has been bad. None of their position players look like guys who will play significant roles on a playoff team. Maybe Candelario.
  6. I think there will be one more year plus the beginning of '23. Dropping washed up legends in the final year of their contracts seems like the standard (e.g. Pujols).
  7. Probably, but some people have said they enjoy watching him chase milestones. That is OK, but it's not for me. If he were hitting decently, it would be different.
  8. What difference does it make if they lose 98 or 100? Those are awful seasons and to have five seasons in a row like that is pathetic. This is the worse stretch I have seen them go through in 50+ years of being a fan and there is no end in sight and you guys are telling me that this is normal and even good? That is nuts. They have failed miserably. Now, let's get back discussing real minor leaguers.
  9. The Tigers averaged 103 losses from 2017-2019. They would have lost close to 100 games last year. They will probably lose 100 games this year. That is some historic craptitude and there is no end in sight.
  10. Every team in their own division recently went through re-builds without being epically bad for five years and now they are all way better than the Tigers.
  11. You can't be good every year. It's natural to go through a bad one or two year period while you rebuild, but teams that lose several years in a row are failures. It's not necessary or smart to string together a bunch of awful seasons. If the only way a team can re-build is getting #1 draft picks every year, then they are doing something wrong.
  12. No, He used to be one of the most entertaining players ever, but watching a sub-.200 hitter chase milestones doesn't excite me.
  13. Meanwhile, they lack fans in between winning seasons But really, I don't give a crap who much money they make. I want to be entertained
  14. So, it's got to be all or nothing just because the Astros did that? How many years do you think fans are going to buy into the big lie?
  15. I agree. It's best to just suck for five years, have no entertaining players and lose all your fans.
  16. Mine is worse than the Tigers player development team.
  17. Troy Stokes Jr sighting. Also, the Pirates might have a worse line-up than the Tigers.
  18. I am not sure whether this has been posted yet, but it's interesting. You enter in your address and it shows whether or not you live in a political bubble. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/07/learning/do-you-think-you-live-in-a-political-bubble.html It turns out that I don't live in a bubble. I live in an area which leans Democrat, but not enough to be a bubble. It's a boring extremely white middle class suburban neighborhood. It's Massachusetts though, so we lean Democrat. I think men in my neighborhood tend to be Republican and women tend to be Democrats. I don't think there are a lot of Trumpy Republicans, just old school Republicans who think it's still the 80s and don't realize the party is all Trump now.
  19. I used to love reading Plato/Socrates in college. I read everything I could find. I forgot most of it, but maybe something stuck!
  20. I long ago came to the conclusion that there is a very large proportion of the population that is unable to think beyond themselves. Not just unwilling but unable.
  21. Bad news is good news for the market and it has been for a while. The big investors know that as long as there is bad economic news, the Fed will keep propping up the market. If there is good economic news they might raise the interest rates.
  22. I assume Ramirez gets a Major League salary while on the IL. Smooth move.
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