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  1. I hate meetings. Zoom meetings are less bad because it's easy to do other stuff while pretending to pay attention.
  2. Clark never did anything when it counted. The Tigers were always out of the race by June, so the pressure was off. That's when Clark would start padding his stats with meaningless three-run homers in blow outs.
  3. It's unacceptable. I am so sick of Gartenhire.
  4. I like that it is on every night in the summer, has meaningful stats and a rich history. Because of the discrete event stats, I feel like I can keep good track of what's going on without watching all the games. I can also go back 50 years and look at a player's stats and get a strong sense of exactly what kind of player he was. I know that other sports have a lot of stats, especially the NBA, but I don't think you can just look at stats in other sports and get a real feel for the game because players are so connected and events are not so discrete. I think the allure of basketball and hockey for most fans is the speed and non-stop action.
  5. Those are the rules that Biggs knows about.
  6. Everything is going to be fine. It's almost June. That's when Tony Clark gets productive.
  7. Biden will have no problem getting white women to vote for him. It's one sexual assault allegation versus dozens against Trump. The problem is getting white men to vote for him.
  8. I hope they run Jr. He's dumber than his dad and without the charisma.
  9. It's 100% here because we are not allowed to enter stores without masks. Not many wear them outside and people are complaining about it. I am now wearing a neck gaiter on my runs and hikes. If I am about to pass someone and I can't get to the other side of the street, I pull up my gaiter momentarily. It rarely happens though.
  10. It's not a name for a power hitter. Sounds more like a speedy center fielder.
  11. You should have gone in there naked because that's how God made us.
  12. I don't doubt it at all. I am stunned by the number of people who believe everything Trump says and not all of them are stupid people.
  13. Chinese Students were wearing masks on the Brandeis University campus back in February before the virus was in the news much. At first, I didn't even make the connection between the masks and the virus.
  14. He looks better with a mask. He should wear one all the time.
  15. You could find a gloom and doom article every day for the past ten years. The fact is nobody can predict ten years out. That being said, I doubt we are getting back to normal soon. There are going to be a lot of new ways of doing things and some may be permanent. That is not necessarily a bad thing long term though.
  16. Now that MLB has four wildcards in each league, the Tigers are just two games out in that race.
  17. Who are the young writers that replaced Henning? On another note, I just read for the first time that Barney McCosky was Chris McCosky's great uncle.
  18. It was, but it sounds so much like them nobody will remember.
  19. Baseball is the only sport I follow closely, so I wouldn't have a replacement for it. I am surprisingly not missing it as much as I though this year. In 2022 when their potential young stars are up, I think I'd miss it more.
  20. I just saw this. Can somewhat explain the benefit of buying bonds with a negative interest rate?
  21. You should try to enjoy 2021 because there is a good chance of a strike in 2022.
  22. I still see him on Twitter once in a while. I think he got a life and doesn't like being on here all the time.
  23. I have been here since late 2002. My first post involved telling somebody they were wrong about how they were evaluating Tigers players. I haven't changed much.
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