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  1. tiger337

    Projected lineup / Rotation 2019

    I don't want to make any projections until we find out what happens with Adrian Gonzalez. That would change everything.
  2. tiger337

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    They might be underestimating the under 30 group this cycle though (assuming we are talking likely voters). I think that number is finally going up and it might not be in the polling systems yet.
  3. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Baseball America Top 100 Mize 16 Manning 50 Paredes 94 Baseball Prospectus Top 101 Mize 36
  4. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    It's BobRob's family.
  5. tiger337

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Oh, I thought it was just something Cohen supposedly said.
  6. tiger337

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    The wall of Trump can go up his rump
  7. tiger337

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    This might turn out to be inaccurate, but it wouldn't surprise. Much has been written about how the Trump crime familiy bullies people.,
  8. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I think they will, although Hicks won't really be a catcher.
  9. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    You just judged judgmental people.
  10. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I think they are going to carry another catcher besides Hicks and Greiner. I don't think they want Hicks spending a lot of time behind the plate. I see him as a 1B/DH/third catcher. I also believe they will have a rotating DH, so they won't have too many games where both Stewart and Castellanos are in the outfield.
  11. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    When is Gordon Beckham going to be eligible for the Hall of Fame?
  12. tiger337

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    No lies, threats or bullying?
  13. tiger337

    Harold Baines is in the Hall of Fame?

    No, Need to start campaigning for Sweet Lou tomorrow.
  14. tiger337

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Gordon Beckham Some of Samara's best work.