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  1. This whole post is pretty silly. Your hero was a trust fund baby who has lived like a king his whole life and you are talking about football players getting advantages in life? That is ******* hilarious. Are you for real? And what the **** does "at some point you're a friggin American or you're not" mean? What makes you so entitled that you get to decide how a real American should act? Your hero Trump is certainly not a good example.
  2. why are you upset that these guys make millions? They have very unique skills that you can only dream about and have short careers because they get the crap beat out of them every week, Many even have short lives due to injuries sustained in football. I think it's pretty disrespectful to say they just run around like little kids. You wanna know who acts like a little kid? Your President.
  3. My father would probably call all of your vfw boys losers unless they fought in WWII, the last war we totally won. Is there a code about how football players should position themselves during the national anthem?
  4. I think it used to be considered disrespectful. Traditions change over time. Maybe some day nobody will care about kneeing either.
  5. You missed the point as usual. A civilian wearing the flag on his clothing is considered by many to be disrespectful. My father, a soldier in WWII, hates that.
  6. The issue being discussed is stupid and people are making too big of a deal out of it. There are so many more important things going on in the country and outside the country than what some football players do during the national anthem. The President shouldn't even be talking about it.
  7. This is good, because of lot of conservatives wear it and I think it's disrespectful.
  8. No doubt, but you guys treat Trump like he is the savoir. This is just another game show to him.
  9. Stan, Do you wear flag themed clothing?
  10. yeah, it is going to hurt when you finally realize your hero is a huge phony.
  11. There are millions of people who find your President's conduct to be outrageous.
  12. Great response by Mrs. Kaepernick. Weak response as usual from Trump's weak humorless son.
  13. Instant replay killed this sort of thing. Instead of watching a characters like Earl Weaver arguing with umps, we get to hear Allen and Impemba discussing replays for two minutes.
  14. It is also probably getting really difficult to measure ratings because people are following games in different ways. Does it count as watching a game if you check game day every few minutes? What if you are listening to the game on your iphone as you do something else? I see people in game threads who claim never to watch a a game on TV; yet they still seem to be able to folow it just fine.
  15. To me, he is just some guy holding the office until a legit President comes along. I respect the position, but not the person holding it.