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  1. They are likely to strike out either way.
  2. No rule 5 player is a recipe for success. They are all recipes for failure. However, when you have a 40-man roster with about 25 players who are pretty much worthless, why not take a shot at a high ceiling player even if he likely won't amount to anything?
  3. Stan, I thought we were't supposed to believe anything on CNN because it's fake news?
  4. Now that we are talking about gambling and baseball, I think MLBs recent partnerships with gambling organizations is a major concern. Not only is it incredibly hypocritical, it opens up the door for all kinds of problems. I am surprised more people are not talking about this.
  5. In 2020, the rosters increase to 26 with a 13 pitcher max.
  6. I will not read that book, but I will guess that it's one of the worst books ever written.
  7. Shelton didn't get an invitation to the Rule V party.
  8. George Kell's sign stealing system: https://www.vintagedetroit.com/blog/2019/11/20/george-kell-comiskey-park-sign-stealing/?fbclid=IwAR0g6zxeu6_WUNydW1ujzu4IHakfGwdPH2CyhNc94QZD288ZQFAbYclwFqQ
  9. This is not a big story, but I am posting it because he's the most Trump associate ever. He even looks like a Trump.
  10. I always go to Reuters whenever something major is being reported. If they are also treating it as a major event, then I take it more seriously.
  11. It wouldn't take much to be better than those guys. If somebody is young and has some upside, then you take a chance on them. If it turns out they are not better, then nothing is lost. That is just a general statement though. I have not researched the players that 84lives mentioned.
  12. TSN did not have to be timely, because it was the only news available in the 70s. I lived for TSN and would get upset when it didn't arrive on Friday. At the time BW was around, TSN was garbage.
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