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  1. I lived through the 80s. Those were my baseball glory days! I am not from the Detroit area though, so that may be why I didn't care for the intro.
  2. I would skip over the ten-minute intro, but It's always good to hear Sparky. It's mostly BS, but Sparky's BS is the best BS.
  3. Saved another $1,000 or so today with my latest trade. It will probably be a wash at the end, but it's nice to time something right for a change.
  4. After a month of appointments, complaining and cancellations, my dad finally got his shot today at the VA. He forgot his ID (even though I gave it to him), but I told them he was 97, so they let him in anyway. He complained to me that they government is too slow and makes a big deal out of everything and he doesn't know why they made him wait 15 mins after the shot before he could leave. Other than that, he was fine. He doesn't want to get the second one, so that will be some more work!
  5. Buck Farmer still sucks... Drew Carlton has some impressive stats. He doesn't allow base runners.
  6. I have trouble with that too. It would be dangerous to wear a mask running or hiking. I always wear one indoors.
  7. I tried contacts and they didn't work for me. They were uncomfortable. I could feel them in there all the time and I was always afraid of losing them which I eventually did.
  8. Some won't, but I would think most people will still wear masks if the store requires it and has clear signs at the store entrance. Texas is not Massachusetts though, so I might be naive.
  9. Saved about $1,000 on day one. I kind of expected that it would comeback to earth after going nuts yesterday. Of course, this is all retirement money so nothing means anything until I retire.
  10. 1 out of 468 people in South Dakota died from Covid. That is nowhere close to one sixth.
  11. You know you've made it when Buddha looks forward to your thread.
  12. It is time for the annual bold prediction thread. This is not a thread where you take the medians of Baseball Prospectus simulations and use those for your predictions. This is a thread where you put down your spreadsheets and make predictions from your gut like a real man.
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