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  1. Florida, I can see. There are lots of retired northern transplants in that area. I don't understand the California region.
  2. 1927-1928? Did DeSilva go into a time machine?
  3. Even if the whistle blower thing comes out, Trump and all his protectors will just deny it. It will be big news for a few days. Then Trump will say something racist or just dumb in general. And everybody will talk about that and forget the whistle blower thing.
  4. Clinton kicked Trump's *** in all the economic stats Stan talks about. He stole Trump's lunch money too.
  5. People elect a President for any reasons they choose. Having a moral compass, having good judgement working for the whole country, understanding how the government works, having a good knowledge of important domestic and international issues are all parts of President's job, probably more important than the stuff you talk about. The United States is not a big real estate company.
  6. There's your hard-throwing right-hander with control problems!
  7. Why is everybody talking about Corey Lewandowski? He is a low class thug, nothing more. He contributes nothing.
  8. People are outraged at Donald Trump for different reasons than they are outraged at other politicians. Much of the outrage at Trump isn't even political.
  9. Many good players struggle at the beginning of their careers. Bad players do too.
  10. I am surprised that Harris has not done better, but that's just more proof that I know nothing about politics.
  11. While I dislike this administration's policies very much, I can't say that I would have liked another Republican's policies any better. I probably would not have on the the whole. Maybe the foreign policy stuff is worse. I don't know enough about that to have a strong opinion. What sets Trump apart for me is his complete lack of moral judgement and his mental health problems and the fact that so many people accept it as normal.
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