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  1. I vote for Tyrus. His one redeeming quality though is that he loves Tigers history. 777 was hilarious.
  2. How about an ******* who thinks people like him?
  3. FIGURES STUPID AVILA WOULD DRAFT A FOOTBALL PLAYER !!! Actually, I remember his father but not him.
  4. This is how I see it. I get why people don't like him, but I get along with him. He is pretty knowledgeable, although no more so than a lot of others I follow. Like you said, he is too negative, but entertaining. He is kind like an obnoxious talk radio guy, except a little smarter.
  5. He could just pay Trump $2 billion to drop out of the race.
  6. I do't think the Ron Paul type voters are dumb. Many of them are smart, but often too idealistic. I don't see Libertarianism to be any more realistic than socialism.
  7. I agree with this. People can vote for whoever they want. If sanders is the only one they want and they don't see a difference between Trump and Biden, then I don't expect them to vote for Biden. I think they'd be wrong, but they can do what they want. But it's also not wrong to vote for anyone but Trump if you think Trump is uniquely horrible. It doesn't make you the problem if you vote that way.
  8. So, you are suggesting we should just vote for nobody and let a sociopath lead the country? Believe me, I have voted for multiple third party candidates over the years because I thought the choices sucked. I can't do that here.
  9. I feel as if he is somewhat of a threat due to his amorality and mental health problems. We are a strong country and I expect us to survive intact, but there is a huge problem when as much as half the country feels threatened by the president. Even he is not a threat, that is really ****ty leadership. Honestly, I don't see how any intelligent person can look at him and conclude that he is mentally healthy enough to be a leader of anything.
  10. I am a mouth breather. I don't like any of them, but Trump is intolerable on so many levels so it's anyone but Trump. Once Trump is gone, I will go back to not caring about politics anymore.
  11. Do catchers need to be big anymore when home plate collisions are not allowed? I think there could be some advantage defensively to having a small agile catcher. It's also less wear and tear on the knees being small. I know he's not good anyway, but I don't think it's because he is small.
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