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  1. That is what I would expect from accident injury attorneys. Those are the kind of assholes I imagine ending up in gated communities.
  2. We know that his mom and dad have their own consulting firm. His dad's dream was for his kid to take over the business some day and didn't like that he was wasting his time playing a silly game. There has been a little trouble between the two over this and they haven't been on speaking terms for a while. Don't be fooled by the photo op the family took on draft day now that dad sees the kid will make millions.
  3. I am with Yoda. You guys are all right that it is not important if Torkelson knows Tigers history, but that wasn't Yoda's point.
  4. These are only phone photos, but they are a couple of my favorites. The first one is in Rocky Mountain National Park. The second one is in La Jolla, CA
  5. We aren't going back either. Research can just as easily be done at home, but teaching is another story. Online teaching is not same as in-person teaching.
  6. The only difference that matters to him is that absentee ballots are OK because it's largely military and they'll vote for him. The mail-in voters might vote for the other guy, so it's wrong.
  7. I thought it was strange that they named one of the teams Stews like Stewart has seniority. Then I realized he kind of does. They didn't want to name them the Goodies or the Candies.
  8. Did she know that you are a famous SABR historian?
  9. Dickerson knows the difference between inter and intra.
  10. That is about the best combo possible.
  11. Sportz is going to be the announcer.
  12. Tony Clark used to go 5 for 7 in scrimmages too.
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