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  1. The movie is going to be amazing. It's going to be a love story. You will be surprised to see the female co-star. There are negotiations between the producer and her agent IdahoBert going on right now.
  2. Liberals may lose some battles, but they always win the culture war in the United States. It will happen again. Economics is a different story. The same small percentage of people win that every time.
  3. I think punishing people for their addictions absolutely does not work. Treatment and helping people work through their problems which contributed to their hopelessness is the way to go. Just "legalizing heroin" wouldn't work, but legalizing it as part of a formal treatment which I think is what he was talking about makes sense. Medication Assisted Treatment (not heroin) has already helped a lot of people in the United States. They key though is helping people work through the problems which led to the addiction. None of this is easy of course because there is a strong physical component of addiction too.
  4. Yup, I don't think Greene's value will ever be this high again.
  5. People thinking that Trump has been a victim at any point in his life is one of the funniest things ever.
  6. I agree that Obama was fairly moderate. His funny name and his dark skin just made him seem lefty. There was also the community organizer thing, but he did nothing in his presidency that even approached socialism. You could argue that That with his farm bailout and anti-free trade stance is more socialist.
  7. Maybe not. He would get a better chance to play in the Majors with the Tigers.
  8. This is old, but I think it still applies (except for the home mortgage deduction):
  9. Not that much aggressive racism, but a lot of passive racism and Trump is tapping into that.
  10. I doubt it. There is lots of racism in this country and lots of people scared of socialism...the oligarchy laughs.
  11. He is not far behind Obama though. It's going to be all about turn out.
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