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  1. It doesn't matter what anybody asks Trump. He'll make goofy faces and give some BS answer. The debates will be a waste of time.
  2. A few gun happy militia types might act up, but I doubt it becomes a movement.
  3. I really doubt a Trump loss would result in much violence. It's not his style. He likes to lie, cheat, threaten and bully and loves to use theatrics to excite his base, but he has not shown much of a proclivity towards real violence. I am more concerned that the lying and cheating will result in re-election.
  4. Stephen Miller is a trust fund baby. He is not a God and guns white nationalist.
  5. I think they chose Gardenhire, in part, because fans would remember him as a manager that used to win with a successful Twins team that beat the Tigers. There is nothing about McClendon that impresses fans. I don't see him as the safe easy Avila/C. Ilitch pick.
  6. Players win and lose games. A manager can help put a team that's already good over the top, but he can't do anything without talent.
  7. That's where votes not being counted comes in to play, but I do think there is a good chance Trump wins outright. I think we underestimate how many people are stupid enough to have fallen for his lifeline con.
  8. I am also nervous. If people vote in large numbers and all votes are counted, Trump will get crushed. I am not confident those things will happen.
  9. It won't be McClendon for the reason KL mentioned: If they wanted him to be manager, they would have hired in the past. It won't be Hinch because of the cheating stigma which I don't think Avila will like. It will be one of the other guys listed.
  10. Come on man, I appreciate your disdain of anything Trump, but Buddah is one of the smartest policy people in this forum. He can hang in there just fine in any discussion.
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