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  1. Pick the stick has always been dumb. As someone pointed out on Twitter. It's like someone talking about his fantasy team in a league you're not in. Who cares?
  2. It's also very easy for them to get international talent because they are the most famous baseball team in the world and players dream of playing for the Yankees.
  3. He's dead, so he probably wouldn't hurt them.
  4. Look at the Tigers roster this year and that tells you why they can't hit. It's all AAAA players and re-treads from Pittsburgh. The best hitting coach in the world isn't going to get much out of this group.
  5. She allegedly signed the bill or she's allegedly a woman?
  6. I like to see the Tigers hitting in all situations.
  7. Why was he called Lady Baldwin? It's not what you're thinking.
  8. Except for one thing: That's a pretty big difference. It's an important one since college graduates are more likely to vote than others.
  9. Based on what I have heard from him, you are correct that I don't like his politics. However, I have noticed that he seems to have more integrity than most politicians.
  10. Yeah, I can see where a restaurant would have a need for very large dish washer.
  11. What does an $8,000 dish washer do? Does it put the dishes on shelves after they are cleaned?
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