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  1. It's all right. The thread caretakers (deleterious and screwball) have disappeared anyway. I hope they are doing well.
  2. I still don't think the President has much affect on the stock market. It's been doing mostly great for about 12 years now under two (three?) very different presidents. Every time, it starts to slip, the Federal Reserve steps in and gives it an artificial boost.
  3. yup, I can see that. those would be the reasons. I am still not convinced he can read or write beyond an elementary school level.
  4. I once had an office in Boston which had a window that was just a few feet from an apartment window where college students were living. The conference room was right next to a dorm room window.
  5. The best thing about working at home is I don't waste time commuting to and from work. That saves me about an hour and a half. I also don't have to shave every day!
  6. So, Trump really won the election. It's not his fault that the Democrats cheated and his lawyers were dumb to prove it.
  7. Janet Yellen. Treasury Secretary. Biden goes with the safe moderate pick.
  8. Janet Yellen is coming back: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/biden-picks-yellen-for-treasury-secretary-wsj-2020-11-23?mod=home-page
  9. I was never very religious, but I used to think it was a good thing and that maybe I should be more faithful. Getting educated made me more agnostic. The growth of the Christian right sealed it.
  10. Who is going to be Sean Connery?
  11. Chachi says he is going to move to Utah, so he can unseat Romney.
  12. I don't think stuff can be fixed very easily, nor can mental preparation. I don't have much faith in either one of them, but both have shown enough at various times where I wouldn't give up just yet.
  13. Yup, they are all free for life. They are wealthy and their daddy played president for four years.
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