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  1. tiger337

    Political Pot-pourri

    I agree. Pfife is tribal and he admits it, but most of the rest of us have criticized both parties. We just happen to dislike Trump the most.
  2. tiger337

    Political Pot-pourri

    yes, that is the best approach. I have been stopped several times but have never gotten a ticket. I was once treated somewhat harshly by a cop after an accident, but even he calmed down when I gave him a favorable response. It is irritating to have to tolerate their tough guy routine, but I think it's just how they are trained.
  3. tiger337

    Political Pot-pourri

    I didn't even consider party for a couple of reasons: (1) Both parties are filled with douchebags. (2) I don't like or belong to either party. I am more in line with the stuff that democrats pretend to care about than the stuff the Trumpublicans pretend to care about, but I really don't like either one of them. It was a funny video because she was a self important idiot. There are plenty of those in both parties.
  4. George was not actually a player. He was a saber nerd who thought it would be cute to put his face on a baseball card for his blog cover page.
  5. tiger337

    4/25 @~7:05 Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

    The Toledo game at Pawtucket got rained out tonight, so there really was no stress at all. He's now ready for a night on the town. There once was a girl from Pawtucket...
  6. tiger337

    4/25 @~7:05 Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Adduci barely broke even playing poker tonight. He told Artie not to go to Detroit, but he didn't listen. He didn't help himself or his buddy with this move. What is Deuce going to do with that guy?
  7. tiger337

    4/25 @~7:05 Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

    They should get rid of ERA and just use RA. Errors are too arbitrary. I also think reaching first on an error should count positively towards OBP
  8. tiger337

    4/25 @~7:05 Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

    It's hard to play two games in one day. Stupid millennials have no attention span.
  9. tiger337

    4/25 @~7:05 Detroit Tigers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Speed never slumps.
  10. tiger337

    POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    I love having a president whose signature move is to try to humiliate everybody around him. Everything is an amateur power move with him. If he truly had any self esteem, he could just play it straight.
  11. tiger337

    Political Pot-pourri

    I have worked with people like her in past jobs. They are such pains.
  12. tiger337

    4/25 @4:05 Detroit Tigers vs Pittsburgh Pirates

    Artie Lewicki recalled for the doubleheader. You can expect a hot foot in the dugout tonight. And a poker game tomorrow morning.
  13. Bigglesworth is equanimous until he sees McCann at the plate.
  14. tiger337

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    The candy man? Ronny Jackson is Jeimer Candelario?