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  1. Baseball Reference is doing this too, but the Tigers are 1-5 over there. Mize and Manning are up and Russell Martin is on the team.
  2. LaRussa had his arm around Lance Parrish and Parrish just ignored him. Did he really think he could hold back Parrish?
  3. I think they like the cuts in oil supply.
  4. The great thing was that he got that money plus he made more money in his businesses than he would have made if he had been playing.
  5. yeah, but he was just kidding. Can't you lefties take a joke?
  6. This brings to mind the Farmer/Cowens incident:
  7. He kind of brownish too. They need to find someone a little more white next time.
  8. It's going to be something along the lines of experts said there would be one million deaths, but Trump saved the country and only allowed 100,000 deaths. That is going to be repeated from now until November.
  9. Are investors selling today on the dour COVID news of yesterday and today? If so, they are just as ignorant as everyone else. This has been known for a long time.
  10. yes, I have seen so many studies that result in effects that are real but marginal. Marginal is better than nothing, but it should not be overstated. It's actually unusual, at least in my field, to find an effect that is not marginal.
  11. Are the positive results anecdotal or is there data on it? There are lots of claims about thousands of drugs out there and many of them are not true. Repeating them over and over doesn't make them true.
  12. That sounds really optimistic to me. There will be treatment eventually, but even accelerated clinical trials take time. I am hoping reliable treatment is found before a second wave occurs.
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