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  1. It doesn't matter really. I have no choice but to endorse homosexuallity because by the time im an adult it will be 100% normal in society and completely unapposed for the most part. I give up. I guess you've got to accept what you can't change. I can't force my oppinions on the general population.
  2. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Im coming out!
  3. Haha! I can take a joke, especially ones of good humor like this. But please all of you note that I have taken more crap on here than anyone else. Im not "butthurt", but rather amused that im considered a jerk and radical when im displaying a higher amount of intellectuallity than those who appose me seemly by insulting me personally. Also I find it quite perplexing how grown men and woman that dedicate a LOT of time on here are calling me a no life who just sits around and has nothing better to do than troll.
  4. I have a gay Uncle,cousin, and friends. I wasn't raised to think the way I do. I formulated my own oppinion from my own views on society. I come from a family that's very moderate. I was hiding behind gay jokes and trolling previously, but im expressing my honest oppinions right now.
  5. I found all of them to be nice people. I disagreed on their philosophical standpoints however. I love them, because they are human beings. Im not saying " kill the gays, for they are commiting the equivilant of murder! " I am only saying the act should be condemned as unmorale in the world and those who are gay should keep it to themselves. I want to apoligize for some of the things I've said in this thread. I started this thread as a serious intellectual topic and in part by me it turned into a joke of a conversation. Those of you who are gay, and im sure that there are quite a few who posted in this thread and on the bord, I love you. I will never agree with your way of life and will always condemn it. You will always be my brothers and sisters of mine under the juristiction of our father god.
  6. I must say im intrigued! Tell me how so if you would. And please go into specific, because I would like some justification of this statement.
  7. Im done with my research. I have studied homosexuallity over the last week or so and even talked to 5 gays. In the holy bible in which our ancestors believed in until radical secularism and communist athiesm swept across europe and the United States damaging their christian bases denounces the act as a sin. We have been swept away by the tsunami that is unmorality. I know there is a god! And I know he will punish those of you on judgement day who endorse this sin, and will punish those that practice it.
  8. Here's an idea! Why don't we put our tax levels at, oh I don't know, the levels they were at when our economy was thriving? Whenever the last time that was.... 90s probably. Slick Willy was alright.
  9. What did everyone expect? We have abused our power with the world reserve currency. Reckless spending has screwed our country. Im pondering whether I should move to Germany someday, because they actually have a decent economy. Bush and Obama even more so have failed to continue the american greatness that we have for so long enjoyed. FML
  10. I just felt like blasting socialized health care. So there
  11. How was that bigorty? Anyone with a small amount of intellectuality could reiderate what I just said. Its simple really.
  12. 1. Kill those monsters, no sense in tax payer money going to feed them! Sorry, im a realist. 2. No offense titus, but if I recall you work in the school system, and we all know teachers and other school employees are the biggest socialists in the country. Infact one of my teachers was preaching socialized health care in school! What if a conservative teacher did that? Socialized health care only takes from those who have led a hard working life and gives it to those who have been lazy and sat around doing nothing productive. Should I have to pay for someones healthcare in my tax money when they were too lazy to make something of themselves? Hell no I shouldn't! The only exceptions are the elderly and those truly disabled/challenged. Now the big billionairs need to pay higher taxes and that's without question. We can't keep acting like there's a way everyone can maintain there standard of living in this current state of our country because we can't!
  13. Homosexuals in the pre 20th century!? Impossible! Its a satanic disease implimented by the govorment. Of course there was homosexuality. Leonardo Davinchi was probably gay just to name one gay from back in the day.
  14. I've gained a great amount of personal amusement from this thread
  15. Im going to now ponder whether my case is strong enough or homosexuality is alright. I will report back tommorow at 9 o clock.
  16. Well let me first start off by saying I knew I would receive a considerable amount of criticism for this considering this is a generally liberal website. Generally a gay woman is injected with specimen from a straight man or a straight woman has a gay mans baby. I wasn't refering to a Gay man-Gay woman situation. A home for a child is better than no home, and 2 loving parents is better than none. I simply believe homosexuality shouldn't be endorsed and should be considered morally wrong by the general population. Is that a psychlogically disturbing view? Now that I think about it yea it is
  17. Velma, I was refering to two people of the same sex. Obviously a gay man or gay woman can have a child.
  18. Oh I know all of this. I've realized often little tommy growing up in the great ole 50s was also the G.I. smoking pot in nam. I know little susy from the 50s was a hippy in the 60s. And I have exercised the civil demons of the 50s many times and wouldn't want to go back to that. As I previously stated I have no thoughts of racial supremacy.
  19. They can have all the gay love in the world as long as they stay where they used to be, in the closet. Everyone man is created equal and I acknowledge that. But we shouldn't endorse homosexuality.
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