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  1. Can someone edit the subject of this thread to read Damon claimed off waivers- Says, "I'm not going to hit today." 0 for 6. So glad he didn't go to Boston. Image deleted by moderator
  2. I wouldn't read too much into the Tigers at home beating up on a last place team that played 3 extra inning games over 24 hours the day before this series. Now if they go to town on Toronto @ Toronto and win that series...that would be a thing.
  3. The stuff about Damon strikes me as more Henning reading the tea leaves than the unexpected 180 he does on Inge. A month ago, Henning was basically lobbying for Inge to be re-upped during the season: Re-signing Brandon Inge could help Tigers focus on other needs | detnews.com | The Detroit News a few weeks later, and during a time in which Inge has actually exceeded his usual career 2nd half numbers at the plate, Henning is writing that the Tigers are gonna let Inge walk at the end of the season--if they don't trade him first. After years of being an Inge booster in the Detroit media, and taking all manner of flack for it from readers, Henning's column today reads like a white flag on Inge. Tho I don't think the Tigers are going to or should bring Peralta back either. Dombrowski has the biggest pile of off-season cash to spend in the history of the game (guessing), he can wheel-n-deal and put together a team ready to contend in 2011 via off-season trades and maybe even a free agent signing or two.
  4. If Inge has cleared waivers, as Henning suggests, that's kinda surprising. I thought maybe the Yanks would claim him off waivers to provide a regular season defensive fill-in for A-Rod (currently on the 15 day DL). With rosters expanding next week, it wouldn't be an issue in terms of roster space for Inge once A-Rod returns. Maybe the Yanks front office has internet access and knows how to google those superficial defensive stats and thought better of it for the price. Inge should be going to Dombrowksi and asking for a trade to a team that has a both a short and long term need at 3B (like the Cardinals). That way he has a chance to show the team what he is capable of with little risk to the team and maybe a shot at becoming their full-time 3B in 2011.
  5. Surprised to see Henning's name attached to such a realistic look at the Tigers future: On Damon: "Damon's contract is up at the end of this year. At age 37, with Scott Boras as his agent, and with the Tigers' need for power in their lineup, he will not fit into Detroit's 2011 picture." On Inge: "Why wouldn't the Tigers hang onto a man whose defense continues to make a difference more times than can be gleaned from superficial statistics? " "For the same reason Damon was offered to the Red Sox. Inge will be 34 next year. And, while his critics have too often glossed over his defense and what it has done for Tigers pitchers, they have it right in that he won't be the hitter the Tigers need at third base." I like the pre-emptive strike--"superficial stats"--against readers sending him links to fangraphs and Bill James demonstrating that Inge is a middle of the pack defensive 3B in 2010. From The Detroit News: Tigers' Jhonny Peralta emerges, so Brandon Inge still is on market | detnews.com | The Detroit News Just a month ago, Henning was calling for the Tigers to re-up Inge. Now he's saying they're gonna/they should let Inge walk. What the heck happened that changed his mind about Inge between the All-Star break and today?
  6. Yeah, as someone noted up thread, the Marlins aren't likely to carry three $10 mil+ guys on their roster (the pitcher Johnson already has a contract, i think). So how bout this, DD goes to the Fish and says, look, you guys might be in a position to compete this year, but you guys need some veteran presence in the clubhouse to keep the young guys focused or whatever. Tigers send a package to the Marlins for either Uggla (my pref) or Han-Ram (more likely, i think) which includes Carlos Guillen FULLY PAID FOR BY THE TIGERS along with a variety pack of prospects.
  7. Good call on Boesch. I didn't think of that in relation to Cabrera's 2010 stats. Imagine a hitter like Uggla on deck behind Cabrera in the Tigers lineup? and then instead of bringing back Maggs the Tigers get a speedster like Carl Crawford to get on base ahead of Cabrera, and mess with the pitcher's concentration a bit.
  8. Exactly, Hanley Ramirez is best known for NOT wanting to chase after batted balls while playing defense. You don't put a guy who only wants to run when he's running the base paths in the OF (tho how do you explain Manny Ramirez playing OF? He's terrible). The move from SS to 3B is probably the most common move players make in baseball. White Sox moved Beckham from a career shortstop to 3B last seaon. A-Rod was a career shortstop who now covers 3B. Heck, Miguel Cabrera started out as a shortstop! As did...Brandon Inge. Whether it's Han-Ram or Uggla, I'd think the Tigers would be best off moving them to 3B. Especially with pitchers like Galaragga and Porcello, who throw a lot of ground ball pitches. Tigers want to think "defense first" at SS and 2B and offense first at the corners.
  9. Pujols has struck out substantially less in his career than Cabrera. Pujols has never struck out 100 times in a season. His career high in K's was 93 his rookie year. Since that season, his season high has been 69. They are closer this season, tho that's more due to Pujols' K's spiking this season for whatever reason. (Tho not by much, he'll still finish with fewer than 80 K's). And Pujols, who bats 3rd, often ends up with more PA per season than Cabrera. Other than his rookie season, when he only K'd 84 times in 87 games, Cabrera has never had a season with fewer than 100 K's. Cabrera's high being 148 K's. but typically averaging around 120, which is nearly 2x's Pujols K's per season. The comparison to Vlad and Cabrera is solely their tendency and ability to hit pitches out of the strike zone (even well out of the strike zone) for power. Vlad doesn't stirke out nearly as much as Cabrera and even less than Pujols. BB are somehwat dependent on other factors outside the players control, namely, who the heck is batting behind them. I'd say at least as many IBB's Cabrera has been issued this season he has been walked via "let's not throw anything else even close to the plate" after getting a strike or two on Cabrera. And that's due to the weakness of Detroit's lineup after Cabrera. At the end of the day, I always think Cabrera could've walked a few more times than he does--and he could strike out less. But Cabrera's willingness to swing at pitches outside the zone encourages pitchers to pitch him that way, esp once they get ahead in the count. Whereas Pujols is less likely to go fishing and thus is less likely to see as many pitches outside the zone. If that all makes sense.
  10. You, sir, were correct: Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski, by the way, said the process with Damon never reached trade discussions with the Red Sox. "The first decision was did he want to go, would he be willing to go," Dombrowski said. "Then we were going to make up our mind if we were going to do something from there." Teammates thrilled Johnny Damon wants to remain a Tiger | detnews.com | The Detroit News
  11. Not sure what you're trying to say here. I actually kinda like Peralta--just not for the Tigers. Why? Check Peralta's splits at Comerica Park: .615 (career) .443 (2010) @ Comerica. V difficult to see the Tigers signing a guy to play for them when he has career numbers that low at their home park. Also, it's significant that Peralta (so far) hasn't been able to up those numbers when facing non-Tiger pitching at Comerica. I think Peralta: hits the ball harder than any Tiger other than Cabrera. and has the potential to have a break-out season next year when he'll be 29 (tradtionally when hitters have their best season (sans PEDs)). But I don't think the Tigers home park or the Tigers organization are the best place for Peralta to, um, realize his potential? For whatever reason, hitters who come into the Tigers organization often don't do well and then they go elsewhere and do much better (Sheffield with the Mets last season, Huff this season). I think a great landing spot for Peralta next season would be as 3B for the Cardinals--hitters who hit behind Pujols in the order often experience an improvement in their overall hitting. NOT JUST b/c of the sweet pitches, but also, and they've said this, watching Pujols bat 4 or 5 times a game improves their hitting. Not sure why, but the same doesn't seem to be true of Cabrera and hitters who hit behind him. I think it might be becuase Pujols has a lot more plate discipline than Cabrera; Cabrera often swings (and successfully hits) pitches outside the zone--he's similar to Vlad Guerrero in that respect. Peralta has the potential to be a consistent .800+ OPS hitter. I just don't think he'll fully realize that potential if he stays in Detroit next season and/or beyond.
  12. From what's been posted over at MLBTR, the Marlins and Uggla are very far apart on terms for a new contract. Uggla wants more $$ and more years than Florida's willing to offer. And I don't think the Marlins can keep both Han-Ram and Uggla if they give Uggla what he wants. The Marlins biz model is to keep their payroll within the parameters of the revenue-sharing amount. So the Tigers likely can strike a deal for one of those 2 and then 'Polanco' him to 3B. Han-Ram is a terrible shortstop, but often weak defensive shortstops make better 3B's. Uggla's major issue at 2B is his lack of the range required of a 2B. 3B doesn't require near the range 2B (or shortstop for that matter) does.
  13. Exactly. It's like Einstein observed: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Isn't 4 consecutive seasons of 2nd half offensive collapses enough to say "enough" and that it's time to move on to new, younger players. I think so. I hope so. Turn the page, Tigers. No better time than this off-season.
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