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  1. So.......the Tigers swung and missed with Suarez. The Astros also swung and missed with J.D. Martinez. Which one was worse? There have been stories like this through out baseball history. It really makes no difference now does it? You also have to remember that the Tigers at that time, had a "ready to make the playoffs" team and seemed to not need any extra middle infielders. But everyone can always use more pitching. Suarez turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Simon turned out to be just one of those things that float in the toilet. Some trades you win.......some trades you lose.
  2. Certainly my favorite all time Tiger. Rest In Peace number 6.
  3. Anybody watching the "Tiger King" on Netflix? For those that don't know beware, this is not a story about Al Kaline. Nor is it a story for those with a weak stomach.
  4. Could he be related to Ivan Rodriguez?
  5. Use expanded rosters for more pitching and add doubleheader’s to get all 162 games in. Boy, wouldn’t that make things interesting?
  6. Why don't the players and owners work on and complete their new deal now? This way, if the players strike, nobody will miss any games anyways. But oops........there goes their leverage.
  7. Just read that Fox Sports Detroit is carrying all but one Tiger game this season. Now......if Fox Sports and Dish Network could just get their act together and not be so greedy. ......sigh.
  8. I will predict that at least one of those young gun pitchers will make a start or two with the big club this year. The Tigers have nothing to lose bringing those guys up to get their feet wet. Let's see what they've got at the big league level. Besides that, the Tiger' hitting stats can't possibly be worse than last year. Gotta cut down on the strikeouts and take more walks. And please, please, please, quit listening to Lloyd. BTW, why does he still have a job after the dismal hitting last year?
  9. Not for us Dish customers.................sigh
  10. If he gets called up quickly, it means someone ahead of him has failed...........sigh.
  11. Ha......just glanced at the box score.........Mahtook playing for the Phillies? And 0-2 with 2 strikeouts. Yep sounds about right. It appears that leaving Lloyd hasn't helped.
  12. Are you sure that there isn't another team that this could happen to?
  13. Of course, last summer Dish and Fox sports failed to get an agreement resulting in losing Tiger baseball on TV for Dish subscribers. This turned out to be ok because the Tigers were in the middle of a terrible season. However, with a new season comes optimism although it's a subdued optimism and I would like the opportunity to watch the games. Is there anyone out there that could help me out with information on how to watch the Tigers this season? I might add that I really don't want to watch the game on my computer. Thank you for any help you can give.
  14. No bullpen phones either.........they either have to send the batboy running to the bullpen to deliver a message or just yell from the dugout.
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