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  1. If not Ausmus then who?

    Can you imagine a manager in Detroit that would take the chance in the playoffs to have Justin Verlander pitch in relief? Nope........neither can I. But.....Detroit needs a manager that is unpredictable and doesn't try to do everything by the book.
  2. Which Free Agents might the Tigers pursue in 2018?

    If you're gonna sign Hosmer, you might as well sign JD too. Neither however, is going to happen.
  3. If not Ausmus then who?

    Neither has Ausmus and he's been here 4 years.
  4. With this pitching staff, they may want to protect the fans beyond the outfield fence.
  5. Loser...............
  6. Pregame: Lions -v- Falcons Sunday 1:00pm on Fox

    Absolutely no doubt.
  7. Pregame: Lions -v- Falcons Sunday 1:00pm on Fox

    I don't think he caught the ball until he was on the ground and the ball was clearly over the goal line. Didn't matter that his knee was down, the ball wasn't there yet.
  8. Cleveland must have a pitching coach.....................................or talent.
  9. The Tigers have given up 315 more runs than the Cleveland Indians this year. This..........is hard to believe.
  10. I don't think I've ever seen a team that has had as much bad mojo as the Tigers have had this year.
  11. If not Ausmus then who?

    Since they probably won't hire me, Omar Vizquel gets my vote.......
  12. Clearly the Tigers can not compete with a pitching staff like they have now. As the auditions continue for next season's pitching staff, hopefully the coaching staff can sort out the haves and the have nots. While they throw most of their catches back in the water, hopefully they find a couple of keepers. In the meantime, this is just plain embarrassing.
  13. Cleveland going out in the first round of the playoffs would be do it for me.
  14. MNF Lions @ Giants 8:30pm on ESPN

    Are the Giant's DBs that good or are the Lions recievers that bad at getting open?
  15. MNF Lions @ Giants 8:30pm on ESPN

    I need at least 9........................