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  1. But.... Legendary Lloyd is still employed? Yes, a poet and don’t know it.
  2. So........just read the article about bringing old Tiger alumni back to help the team next year. Sorry, but the only two alumni that could help the Tigers are Verlander and Scherzer.........oh, and Mickey Lolich. Geez, what a terrible idea. Let's ride with the new guys.
  3. They needed far more changes than this. These changes mean nothing. You can bank on 100+ losses next season as well. It's pitiful.
  4. Why? Can he make chicken salad out of chicken ****? sorry, somebody had to say it.
  5. It's very simple. This is exactly what Dave Dombroski did when he was with the Tigers and what he did with the RedSox. Yes, both teams had contenders when he was in charge, but he devastated the farm systems in doing so.
  6. When you have the money, you don't have to develop players.........you just buy the talent. And.......when the money runs out, you get what we've got.
  7. I don't really care if Gardy is around for a while or not. However, whoever is currently in charge of the Tiger's hitting, pitching, & defense should be fired.
  8. I see absolutely no reason that the Tigers can't extend their #1 draft choice lead today.
  9. Let’s send out the “B” team for this series to assure that first pick in the draft. Oh, wait........
  10. The Tiger's hitting has been a total embarrassment this season. There is only one way to go. New coaching may not help, but it's necessary unless they want the same results. Something has to change.
  11. When he first came here, he had an owner willing to spend "whatever it takes". I don't think that's the case now. Good old Dave wouldn't know how to do his job in Detroit now.
  12. I'm right there with you. Losing Fox Detroit and the ability to watch the Tigers due to the Dish network dispute hasn't bothered me at all.
  13. And.......when McClendon gets them in Detroit, they'll hit about .220 .
  14. This team will go nowhere as long as Lloyd is here. I can't believe that the owners have put up with this for this long.
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