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  1. Ready to fire that disaster of a hitting coach yet?
  2. No kidding. He needs to be gone before he wrecks all the young guys that come up.
  3. No need. I expect these guys to have major league at bats or at least show that they actually have good fundamentals. They are so inconsistent that it is pitiful. They keep doing the same thing over and over again.....expecting different results. They need a new teacher.
  4. These guys have reached the major league.. They are not what you claim they are. However, they are not doing things that a major league hitter does. For a team that has trouble scoring runs, they are bad at hitting behind the runner at first, getting the runners in from third, and their hitting with two strikes is atrocious. Please get rid of McClendon before they bring up more rookies. He'll ruin them too.
  5. How can a team with the lowest team batting average in the MLB 116 games into a dismal season NOT fire their hitting coach? Asking for a friend.
  6. While Mikie would help this team now, he will not be part of the future. Might as well see what the young guys can do.
  7. Does anyone know the major league record for the highest number of different players on a roster for a single season? Do the Tigers have a shot at that record this year?
  8. Please don't let Lloyd McClendon anywhere near Riley Greene.
  9. Kind of ironic that TD plays for the Tigers and not the Lions.
  10. 0-4 if he takes advice from McClendon..
  11. McClendon will end that progress.
  12. I think you are in luck. Someone posted that he is in the lineup as the DH today.
  13. Let’s hope it’s at least better than underwear.
  14. While I agree with you that the Tigers have limited talent, I blame him solely for this mess. The approach these Tiger hitters are using of swinging for the fences hasn't worked.........most of them are NOT power hitters. The strike outs are way too high. Their approach hitting with two strikes is unbearable to watch. Even I know what pitch is coming with two strikes and yet these guys can't lay off of a pitch that you know is going to be out of the strike zone. These guys need to put the ball in play and at least attempt to manufacture some runs. Any young guys that they bring up are going to be using Lloyd's approach and they are going to be no better than .220 hitters at this level with him as their coach.
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