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  1. roarintiger1

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    I really don't care who they hire to replace Mario & Rod. But I would make a suggestion that Fox do a pregame song before every game featuring Carrie Underwood. Many guys would not miss the pregame show!
  2. roarintiger1


    Never could understand why a $5 Hot & Ready pizza cost $17 at the ball park. That is until the Tigers wasted all that money on Prince Fielder.
  3. roarintiger1

    Thanks Victor

    Well, duh........."He was paid to produce on offense" .......that would be the definition of a player signed to protect the best hitter in baseball. The new guy hits well enough that other teams can't pitch around your best hitter all the time. Victor fit that mold very well.
  4. roarintiger1

    Thanks Victor

    Victor was signed to protect Cabrera in the batting order. I would say that he did that very well. It's too bad in the prime of his time in Detroit, he could not play in 2012. His injury was a devastating blow to the Tigers. It led to the signing of Fielder, which led to the trade for Kinsler. You just have to wonder what would've happened had Victor not gotten hurt. His 2014 season was truly amazing. over 630 plate appearances and ONLY 42 strikeouts. We will never see that again.
  5. roarintiger1

    You gotta love this game.

    The hit by Victor looks like a line drive in the scorebook..................
  6. roarintiger1

    9/16 @1:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    Sometimes the truth hurts.
  7. roarintiger1

    9/16 @1:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    If you can't beat a bunch of hung over Indians.............oh well, forget it.
  8. roarintiger1

    9/14 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    George Kell is in the Hall of Fame. You would also want to replace Mickey Cochrane with Alex Avila.
  9. roarintiger1

    9/8 @6:10 St. Louis Cardinals vs Detroit Tigers

    What a nice job by the Tigers to honor the surviving guys. There was a moment of silence to honor those teammates that have passed. It's too bad that there weren't more people there in the stands.
  10. roarintiger1

    9/8 @6:10 St. Louis Cardinals vs Detroit Tigers

    Without that bunt, the winning run may OR may not have been on third base. Thank God there is someone on this team that can bunt.
  11. roarintiger1

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    As long as they don't replace Mario with Joe Buck.
  12. roarintiger1

    The Tigers should try and sign Manny Machado

    Why.........would Manny Machado want to play in Detroit?
  13. roarintiger1

    How much longer do we wait for Castellanos?

    Remember back when everyone was concerned that the Tigers had no one to bat behind Cabrera to protect him in the order? Well, Nick has done pretty well for not having anyone protecting him for most of this year. Nor sure what this means....just an observation.
  14. roarintiger1

    8/29 @2:15 Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals

    This team can still lose 100 games.
  15. roarintiger1

    8/28 @8:15 Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals

    This team could still lose 100 games................