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  1. This guy definitely had something had Gardenhire does not............Talent to put on the field.
  2. No because Lloyd doesn't believe in "hit it where they ain't"
  3. One of the most important questions of the day.........Did Lloyd make the plane ride to Baltimore? Sigh........................
  4. Look at his at bats total and then look at his strikeout totals. Today's Tigers have that amount of strikeouts in 10-12 games.
  5. I'm waiting for this picture in the "remember him" start up post in the game threads.
  6. A change in approach is an understatement. That will only come with a change in the hitting coach. The Tigers can't possibly do worse than McClendon. Granted the players with lesser talent need to be weeded out. But the change needs to be made. It seems that the coach is telling the players to swing at everything......in case you hit it. They have no discipline when it comes to the strike zone.
  7. The Tigers currently have 7 guys who are/were regular starters who are hitting near or below the Mendoza line. I thought it was bad when we had one here (Alex Avila), but now the Tigers have 7. Something has to change. Firing Legendary Lloyd would be where I start. Of course, finding better players is another option.
  8. Can't Shane Greene pitch more than one inning?
  9. Are the Tigers are poised to continue their assault on the all-time team strikeout record tonight? Or....did they get some better players and a new hitting coach? Oh how I long for the days that Alex Avila was on the team and could actually draw a walk for every two times he stuck out.
  10. The Tigers will continue their assault on the all time team strikeout record. That is until they either get a new hitting coach or a whole bunch of new players............
  11. I think the Tiger's leadoff hitter and centerfielder you are describing is currently in Toledo...............
  12. At some point you have to cut your losses............literally. I'm just not sure who goes next after Zimmerman.
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